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Maureen St.Germain

To say thank you, I am offering you these additional downloads to further enhance your growth.  Enjoy!

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Your Bonus MP3 Downloads


Divine Government Meditation

I believe we CAN affect the reality in a way that is above board, doesn’t stoop to their methods, and in fact raises us to our methods!

Meditation to the Crystal Elohim

The Crystal Elohim Meditation will take you to many realms, both past and present, and even to the beginnings of creation.

Wheel Within the Wheel (Seven Archangels) Meditation

Wheel within the Wheel Angel Meditation that takes you through the Seven Archangels in a powerful and unique way.

Triple Mantra

A live recording from a ceremony in Tonga.

Make Your Year a Good One! – Part 1

Make Your Year a Good One!  – Part 2