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Access the Fifth Dimension ǀ Modern-day Mysticism

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For people yearning to access the fifth dimension, Maureen St. Germain—a worldwide authority on spiritual transformation—can help them achieve this unparalleled state of being. Tapping into one’s sixth sense begins this spiritual journey. With practical tools, such as classic 17-breath meditation, a person can find balance in mind, body and soul and depart from a 3-D body into a light body, or 5-D realm. It is possible to achieve this harmonious state by operating MerKaBa, a moving, crystalline shield that surrounds a body by up to 55 feet. Its electromagnetic force—a different time-space continuum—is the entre to 5-D. Ancient Tibetan monks inspired this practice, which has been used by civilizations for more than 16,000 years. With proper guidance and coaching, whether online, in person or via tele-classes and workshops, deep inner peace and harmony can be possible.

Because Maureen St. Germain has been teaching and sharing her research and practical knowledge of spiritual transformation for 25 years, she and her staff are able to work with people carefully and patiently to help them access the fifth dimension. As a result, clients can open their personal Akashic records, which reveal their own signature history of thoughts, dreams and visions for personal growth, understanding and future decision-making. These consultations expand people’s spiritual toolbox and go hand in hand with other services, such as negative energy clearing and four-prong focus retreats—specializing in etheric, mental, physical and emotional facets. Moreover, St. Germain’s vast array of fine essential oils are soothing conduits. And her Amazon best-selling books have been translated into six languages, including Waking Up in 5D. You can trust Maureen St. Germain to help you access the fifth dimension. She is a highly respected leader in new-age training and development and has served as a keynote speaker on spiritual transformation at conferences in 24 countries. Practicing what she preaches, she offers periodic free downloads of her teachings for all to experience. Get started on your personal reawakening.
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