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Berna Chee


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Meet Berna


Berna’s grandmother introduced her to tarot, reiki and astrology in her youth. Berna built upon those early foundations and began practicing the Kwan Yin Oracle (non-traditional) in 1999 and channeling higher guidance in 2012.

Berna will be overjoyed to provide you an Akashic Records reading because she has seen its tremendous potential to bring people inspiration, upliftment, new insights and understanding about situations in life.

While pursuing a doctorate at Harvard University, Berna took on a faith in science to the extent that she doubted forces that could not be seen or quantified. During field research, she was stopped in her tracks due to a rare, crippling fatigue that specialist after specialist could not remedy. This medical condition affected her life and career path for 10 years.

When Berna’s parents asked her to consult a Buddhist priest about the illness, he gave her Kwan Yin Oracle readings that accurately predicted the date by which she would receive a diagnosis. Berna knew intuitively that this was not a coincidence. She started to become much more receptive to the idea of unseen sources of information and even practiced her own method of non-traditional Kwan Yin Oracle readings in addition to obtaining reiki certification on the path toward health and wellness. However, she continued to harbor doubts and so conducted an unscientific, personal study of the Oracle readings for an entire year. After this, she finally recognized the existence of Divine influence.

Berna later became friends with a kind mentor who gave her a channeled reading. After a single session, Berna realized the power of channeled readings to provide information tailored to the individual person in all of her or his uniqueness as opposed to conventional counseling with approaches based upon broad categorizations of people, such as physical, mental, emotional, financial, etc. characteristics. So she changed her post-Ph.D. life purpose with the new aim of one day providing this service to others.

Whenever Berna has consulted the Akashic Records for herself and others, she has discovered a much higher perspective, tremendous compassion and very useful recommendations.

She bears in mind that listening to the guidance is not in itself an obligation to follow it. She has also read that when people do their life review, they become aware that there was a lot more help available in life that they could have sought. So her hope for you is that whether it’s with her or someone else, you will open yourself to resources such as the Akashic Records that will help you to remember who you are, your inner truth and soul-level aspects. You may achieve a change in perspective that becomes a catalyst for growth and healing. Berna would be honored and humbled to be a conduit of these messages for you.

Berna holds a vision for you of positive, beneficial experiences. She extends wishes for peace, health, abundance, joy and many blessings of love and divine light to you!

Berna is a 4th-generation Chinese-American and graduate of Stanford University (A.B. with Honors) and Harvard University (M.A., Ph.D.). 

Please note that Berna’s hours of availability vary between 10 AM and 2 PM HST (Hawaii Standard Time) (e.g., 10 AM – 12 PM, 12 PM – 2 PM, etc.) on different days of the week. 

What clients are saying about Berna Chee’s readings

Each time I listen back to our session, I feel more joy and calm! What blessings to behold! I am so very grateful and appreciative of Berna and her amazing abilities!!! For anyone who is seeking clarity and calm, I would highly recommend a session with Berna! It’s life changing (in an exceptional way)! !
~ Liane, HI, USA

With Berna’s keen intellect and deep spiritual grounding, I always find her readings to be a helpful balance between practical advice and trusting in the Divine. Her decades of experience with spiritual interpretation and readings makes her the most trustworthy source of meaningful guidance.
~ Liann, HI, USA

I am happy for the confirmations and guidance received from my Akashic Records session with Berna. It’s always good to confirm if my thinking and actions are “on the right track” but more so to receive understanding and guidance on straightening my path in other areas of my Life and personality… that I avoid! My session with Berna offered me happy and constructive conclusions and confirmations to continue forward with Trust in Self and with Trust in the guidance I received. Thank you, Berna!

I was able to know everything I wanted to know through Berna’s session! I highly recommend it!
~ Miki, HI, USA

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