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Colleen Nilsen has a way of communicating the messages from the Akashic Record Keepers and Guides that will help you understand and awaken your true potential, find your path, and help you decide for yourself what you need to do.  She can also guide you in seeing your path a little more clearly.

Her clients say that when she reads their Akashic Records, the information that flows is direct, informative, and specific to their needs and questions at the time of the reading.  It is not general information, but life changing and life guiding information that comes through.

Colleen is gifted in her abilities to connect with Guides and Angels that provide messages from beyond this Earth realm for her clients. And as a Certified Akashic Record Reader she has enhanced her ability to connect deeper and in a more specific informative way. She will connect with your guides to assist with communicating new information, answering your direct questions, or possibly enhancing the messages that you are already receiving.

A reading consists of you asking questions and the guides giving feedback from “YOUR” records.  It is an open discussion format.  The Akashic Records Keepers and Guides may provide information that they want you to know on top of your own questions being addressed.   And as you connect, often the messages become deeper and clearer the more you ask, act, and grow the better they guide you.

Colleen knew as a child that she was here to help people.  As she expanded in her career choices along the way she learned to trust her intuition, connect with her Higher-Self, and truly communicate from another realm and help people. She works with a true “knowing” and “visual” sense and has assisted thousands of clients to wake up to their true inner power and potential in this life.

Some of her background and certifications include The Akashic Records, Angel Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Energy Balancing, Guided Meditations, Inner Child Healing, LBL, Life Guide, Life Regression Therapy,  Metaphysical Counseling and Psychology, Messages from Heaven, Past Life Regression, Pet Centric Energy Therapy, Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval, Reiki Master and Teacher in several different lineages.

The Akashic Records readings can assist with providing answers to your questions, confirmation, or clarity on what you already may know or perhaps shed light on deeper information that they want you to be aware of for your true SOUL growth.  I would be honored to assist you when you are ready for your Akashic Record Readings.

What clients have said about Colleen Nilsen’s readings

My reading was amazing; it was honestly an extraordinary experience that is hard to describe in words. The questions I was asking were simple and the answers I was receiving were very detailed and specific to a situation. Something that stood out during this reading was when I was discussing an old friend of mine. I asked about my relationship with her in the future and whether there would be one at all. My answer was that my friend would experience similar things that she put me through and that would make her feel sorry for the way she treated me, and it could bring her back into my life. Two weeks after my reading I got the phone call from this friend and she apologized to me, she explained to me what had recently happened to her, and it was a situation almost identical to what she did to me. I was in shock because of the accuracy from the reading. I was advised to be careful in the relationship and I think that advice is continuing to protect me. And I knew how to handle this call from the reading with Colleen.
~ M.M.

I was amazed at the information she gave me for my soul growth. Colleen confirmed what I already knew and provided detailed insight into some very high soul vibration information that I was not aware of yet. I look forward to our next session and I love hearing back from all my friends and clients that I refer to her.
~ H.B.

The direct connection Colleen has with Heaven; my Guides and The Akashic Records is incredible. She has helped me navigate through my divorce, my career and relationships with clients and family. Her Akashic Record Readings are accurate, direct, and meaningful for my life path. I reconnect with her for life guidance often and have hired her as my Life Guide.
~ H.F.

Colleen is very direct and informative on her messages that she channeled for me. Colleen gave me messages from my guides that were important for me to know now, and she answered all my questions in detail. The session was like 10 Therapy sessions all wrapped up in one 50-minute session and it gave me a lot to think about in several different areas of my life. I loved my reading with her.
~ K.B.

This was incredible! I had never had a reading like this from a stranger. She knew nothing about me or my life and from the beginning she was explaining health stuff going on with me, my husband who had passed and what was going on with him and the reading began with something so personal that it made me laugh. Colleen is a gifted Guide, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking knowledge and information about their life and path.
~ K.F.

My first reading was amazing. I laughed, cried tears of joy, and felt reassurance from my team. I felt I was given wisdom that I needed and received additional clarification on some stuff that I already knew. I have come back for more readings and the guides answered new questions and went deeper into a couple areas from my prior session. Thank you so much Colleen. I value the years of experience you have and truly tell anyone I know that feels stuck or needing answers to call you.
~ L.D.

This was a great reading. I was referred to Colleen by a close friend of mine and I had no idea what to expect from a reading or from Colleen. Colleen explained how the session would go and made me feel very comfortable. I loved being able to ask direct questions and get answers. We had my session scheduled and my guides were already coming in strong prior to the start of the session and they were talking to Colleen. She connected my Past Lives with some of my current relationships and how they are affecting me now. I was very grateful for this session, and I have referred my friends to her for Akashic Record Readings and past life regression sessions. She has quite the experience to help people.
~ L.W. 

Colleen Nilsen has literally been heaven sent to me. She is the most amazing spiritual advisor and has even become more of a life coach for me. I do not make any big decisions without consulting her and she is always there for me! Her Akashic Record Readings are so spot on and have helped me and all the people I have referred to Colleen. My dad, who left earth in 1989 uses Colleen to send me the most incredible messages. I love the random text messages that Colleen will send me from my dad. It is like she has a direct line to heaven! She is an incredible healer and true gift to this world. If you get the chance to meet with her online or in person do not hesitate! Take advantage of her special gift and your life will be forever changed for the better.
~ S.S.

This was a very interesting reading. I was unable to keep my connecting during the zoom meeting with Colleen and I had never had this happen. Colleen Nilsen kept the reading going with the information that she was channeling for me from my Guides and Team, and she recorded the entire session even when I was not able to connect. The reading that happened without me there most of the time was very direct and precise. The reading was fantastic, and the information was very highly directed for my soul growth and my business path. Colleen is highly gifted and an incredible Akashic Record Reader. I recommend her for a reading to all my friends.
~ S.W.

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