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You might be wondering – am I REALLY going to see benefits from an Akashic  Records reading?  And if so, why would I want to do this reading, with Cristiane as my guide?
In your Akashic Records reading, Cristiane encourages you to ask all those questions that you NEED answers to, but just aren’t coming to you.  If you feel stuck or blocked, or just lack clarity in what to do next. You’ll be able to know:

  • What is my soul’s purpose?
  • In what career would I be most fulfilled?
  • Why can’t I get along with my mother/father/brother/sister?
  • Why do I keep choosing the wrong life partners/mates?
  • What can I know about my friend’s death?

You can ask about the past, present, or possible futures.  It only matters that a question’s answer matters to YOU.  And an Akashic Records reading allows you to receive personalized answers — answers available only to YOUR soul’s past, present, and future.  So the responses you get will resonate deeply within you.  You’ll know, with certainty, that these are the answers you’ve been looking for.  You get to see your life through the lens of infinite possibility and love.  You’ll be left with a feeling of confidence and an appreciation of yourself that wasn’t present before your reading.  

Cristiane considers herself very relatable.  “You’ll probably like me, because you’ll sense that I like myself.  I’ve done a lot of inner work so that I’ve cleared out a lot of past traumas, emotions, and beliefs that no longer represent the person I’ve grown to be.”  

If you’ve got health issues, Cristiane can relate. She was very sick with respiratory issues until age 22.  It was then she decided that she didn’t have to continue to experience declining health.  She hasn’t been to the doctor since that point, and she says, “I’m probably the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life.”

If you’ve got relationship issues, Cristiane can relate.  “I’d stay in long-term relationships, knowing that I wasn’t happy, but afraid to leave because I was afraid the future might be worse that what I already had.   It wasn’t until I finally left an abusive boyfriend that I claimed victory for myself.  I decided to create the life I’d always dreamed of, but never really believed I could have.”

If you’ve got money issues, Cristiane can relate.  She was raised in a family that was living an Upper Middle Class lifestyle, on a Lower Middle Class paycheck.  Monthly screaming matches made it clear that there was never enough.  As a young child, she vowed she would always make sure to have plenty of money.  “As you can imagine, life has thrown me more than a few curveballs, having that vow.  I’ve had to come back, after I lost it all.  I’ve learned that the only certainty I can count on is that Universe will provide for whatever I need, as long as I ASK.” 

Cristiane has found that she has the most success when she incorporates tools and skills from the logical left-brain skills (corporate MBA and Project Management background), with her intuitive right-brain skills (Reiki Master Teacher, Accupressure, Reflexology, Matrix Energetics, Akashic Records).   It’s that bringing together of the left-brain mind with the right-brain heart that results in balance.  “Like you, I’m not perfect.  But I keep learning and implementing better strategies.” 

Cristiane considers it a privilege and an honor to guide you in using the Akashic Records in finding your own answers, to your most important questions.  “This is a sacred journey, and I treat it as such.”  You’ll come to see the blessings of your own unique skills and gifts.  You’ll have much more clarity about how and where to use those skills and gifts.  You’ll see why life has challenged you the ways it has, and you’ll find value in those challenges.  You’ll discover who you really are – truly a part of God, who continues to expand and grow.

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