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Cynthia Wilson is a perpetual learner.  She began the self-study of tarot cards as a teenager and has now been reading for over 25 years. Additionally, she has studied Shamanism as an avenue to connect with guides and help others with balancing energy and removing negativity. She is constantly inspired by what we can learn from nature and the animal world. Cynthia also has studied intuition to help interpret messages received daily. She believes that we all receive messages constantly, but the important part is to act on what is received.

As Cynthia shifted focus to reading the Akashic Records, this became a natural culmination of the aforementioned lifelong skills, but it’s not interpretation for clients as it is simply sharing the unbiased messages from the Record Keepers. The interpretation and incorporation of the messages into one’s life become the responsibility of the person who is getting the reading.

The Akashic Records are often referred to as the Book of Life. It’s no coincidence that Cynthia is drawn to this “book” as she is with so many others in her work as a librarian.

As an Akashic Record Guide, Cynthia will use all of her senses to convey the messages received from the Record Keepers.  Cynthia will guide you towards bringing positivity into your life.

In a reading with Cynthia, you can expect clarity towards soul growth. You can also expect clear steps to take to move you to your goals. Cynthia’s naturally positive energy will put anyone at ease.

In all aspects of life, my goal is to help people. I love that I can do that through guidance in life’s purpose with the Akashic Records. It is an honor to work with the Record Keepers to provide practical tasks, direction, and love to those seeking their wisdom.” – Cynthia Wilson

What clients have said about Cynthia Wilson’s readings

I cannot thank you enough for the insightful reading last night.  I had an epiphany of sorts or rather a gentle nudging from my guides that I needed to do a special forgiveness exercise.  Which was to write my feelings down and express myself on paper.  Realizing that this is the only way for me to proceed with forgiving I followed the instructions.  After which, I burned them and released the pages and feelings to the heavens.  I woke up this morning PAIN FREE.  I realize this is a process but WoW what a start.  Thank you again.  I feel as if your message from the guides has pulled me back toward a path.
~ Stacia, Indiana

My reading with Cynthia was my first introduction to Akashic Records and it was wonderful! Cynthia was patient and thoughtful as she walked me through the process and explained everything during our session. The messages she shared were enlightening and surprising and came from an honest place of compassion and curiosity for the human spirit. I would highly recommend Cynthia for a reading regardless if you’re new to the Akashic Records or very familiar with this practice.
~ Meghan, Pennsylvania

Cynthia’s reading was quite impactful and affirming to me. Since the reading, I’ve incorporated the guidance and information I received into my daily routine, with steadily increasing results of confidence and positivity. I think of the reading as a path for growth, a way to work through my inner obstacles. Whether you are familiar with Akashic Records or not (I was not very knowledgeable about it), I can enthusiastically recommend working with Cynthia; it was a wonderful, eye-opening experience.
~ Kathy, Pennsylvania

I would highly recommend Cynthia Wilson as a wonderful Akashic Records Reader! I was going through an extremely difficult time due to some personal issues coupled with the whole COVID situation. From the moment when Cynthia read the opening remarks of the record keepers, I felt the authenticity of the words. There were things mentioned that Cynthia could not have known. The Record Keepers offered me wise and practical advice in response to my questions. I felt reassured about recent decisions I had made. Cynthia brought a warm wonderful energy to the reading and the whole experience was extremely positive!
~ Winnie, Pennsylvania

My reading with Cynthia was really helpful, and gave me a lot of food for thought regarding my goals and long-term plans. The messages she received were harmonious with information I’d received at different points from my own guides, and provided me with validation about the path I’ve been on. Cynthia has a very friendly and open manner that should put any questioner at ease, and is very clear about what readings do and don’t provide for the client. Anyone who receives a reading from Cynthia can count on receiving advice and insight that should be helpful on their own journeys.
~ Brigid, New Jersey

Cynthia, through an almost hour-long session, gently guided me through expectations and expertly went through the process of opening the Akashic records and communing with the record keepers. She encouraged me to bring questions of personal significance to me, but also gave me several suggested questions, which I found very helpful. Overall, it was an eye-opening experience, and I encourage anyone who is interested in their Akashic records to let Cynthia be your guide through the process.
~ Oliver, Pennsylvania

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