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Terri Young
Iron Ridge, WI

$165 for a 50-Minute Session

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Meet Terri


Terri Young has been a lifelong seeker of knowledge and wisdom. She is overjoyed to capstone a fulfilling and interesting journey, with the privilege of experiencing the loving presence of the Akashic Record Keepers and Guides.

Terri became a Certified Akashic Records Guide 10 years ago, under the mentorship of Maureen St. Germain. One of Terri’s greatest pleasures is providing enriching experiences to those who seek answers about their own journeys and soul growth. As a conduit of this information, Terri offers a perspective of loving kindness and integrity.

Recently she asked her own Record Keepers, “What may I know regarding opening the records for others. Is there a place that I cannot cross?”

The Record Keepers responded, “Understand your place/space that you hold for another is vastly different from your own. Each energy signature is a signal vibration, attracting their own Akashic Record vibration. You have learned how to hear us through your conduit, as you call it. This is a limited word or description. You are an enormous gathering vibratory energy field able to discern our information to your client.”

Terri would be honored to help you find your own loving guidance from the Record Keepers. Together, you will explore the highest vibrational information available to you. You will feel empowered along your spiritual journey and experience an expansion of soul growth.

Terri, herself, finds a spaciousness and peacefulness in the Records that she has never found before. She describes her experience in her own records as an expansive feeling of being home again. Terri attests that the beautiful connection she has created with the Akashic Records Keepers and Guides has changed her life in many ways. 

Terri is also certified to teach others to open their own Akashic Records. 

She had the great pleasure of accompanying Maureen to China. This rewarding and fortuitous experience allowed Terri to offer her knowledge and services to the Chinese students – including certifying them as Akashic Records Guides, and providing Quantum Matrix Healing sessions.

Along her journey, Terri developed a very strong connection with Archangel Michael. Her connection with the Angels started back in the early eighties. Terri and a business partner opened an angel store in a tiny village and called it “On the Wings of Angels.” Since then, her Angels have guided her to see “Angel Auras” around people, and bestowed upon her the title of Angel Whisperer.

Terri’s Quantum Matrix Healing sessions are available on Maureen’s site. She is also a Creative Coach – helping her clients create new thoughts for their future.

“I am honored and excited that you are considering me as your guide to access your Akashic Records. It would be my privilege to assist in guiding you along your path, and helping you find the answers you seek.”
~ Terri Young

What People Are Saying

“Recently, at a crossroads about a physically debilitating situation where I could “see” an energetic sword entering me, Terri (through the Record Keepers) told us (to pretend) to “pull the sword out!” The next time I was in pain, we did exactly that and the pain instantly stopped! This work in the Akashic Records is amazing.”