Happy Birthday to you …. born in May or ANYTIME!

Happy Birthday!

It’s my birthday month and I’m always sharing information about birthdays, how important they are, and how to maximize them– when I hear you have one coming. This year, I’m sharing it with all my followers on MY birthday month. This blog post is dedicated to Larry – my first Webmaster, First Treasures, having been with me for almost 15 years! He’s mostly retired now, but we do get his expertise for little projects here and there… Happy Birthday Larry, you are the best.

Larry with ONE of the twins!!!

Larry with ONE of the twins!!!

Next I want to wish a most blessed birthday – to my dear friend and former Office manager for two years, Kim. What an angel she is to everyone around her!


Why am I sharing this? Almost 40 years ago I was taught by one of my spiritual teachers, that your birthday is a most sacred day. This is because it is the anniversary of your soul moving into physical form. The most important message about this is that all of the ascended masters, your angels and guides celebrate your birthday with you. They have gifts for you, that you must claim. Like the winning lottery ticket, if you don’t claim it you can’t collect.

As I advanced in my spiritual work, using this tool on my birthday year after year after year until I hit upon an idea. I noticed, that I would begin to mention my birthday, beginning about six weeks before my birthday and concluding about six weeks after my birthday. This means that I could be talking about my birthday for a total of two months.

Magical idea to amp it up!

I decided that if I had such a great imagination, that I could imagine so many presents coming to me on my birthday, why couldn’t I imagine that I had more presents that could possibly open coming from my unseen helpers? It was at this point that I decided I would start asking for my gifts, every single time my birthday came up in conversation. This meant I was talking about my birthday (and then using it as a mental cue, to ask my Angels, and Ascended Master Guides for some of my presents.) This led to some very interesting results.

I’ve been doing this for over 20 years. You can too!

Crossing over and back

One year, at a large gathering, with a group of teachers who met each year, we were sharing stories of our experiences teaching. I asked two women named Angelique and Christiana to tell me how they came to work together. Christiana I was about 10 years younger than Angelique. Christiana was getting a massage from Angelique when Christiana passed away. Yes, she died on the table! Angelique was pretty shocked and checked in with her guidance to find out what she should do. Her Guides reassured her, and told her to just sit there, which she did.

Meanwhile, Christiana was experiencing some very intense deaths. First she was being hung, then drawn and quartered, shot, and finally burned at the stake. At this point Angelique can smell smoke! She got up from her post, ran through her house wondering what was on fire! She came back, checked in again, and realized that it was an out-of-body experience of Christina’s.

While Christina is still “out” her guide appears to her, and she has a conversation with him. He tells her, “Your life as you know it has ended. We have been reviewing some of the more difficult past lives, to clean up your discordant energy. By showing them to you – you’ve resolved the outstanding energy.” She said, “I figured that.” He went on, “We would like you to go back and work with Angelique. She has important work to do and needs a partner, and you are a perfect fit.” Angelique wasn’t excited about that idea at all and began to balk. “Well I don’t know,…, I’m overweight, I’ve got back problems I’ve got kidney problems….” and he interrupted her. “Well we can put you into someone else’s body – but there are integration issues, or we can fix what’s wrong and make it right and the weight will come over the next 10 years.” “Well I’m still not sure.”

Listening with avid attention,  I’m thinking, “She’s dead, and she’s negotiating? I want to learn how to do that.” I thought once your dead you’d be told what’s next, not negotiate! (Remember this was 20 years ago.)

She continued, “Well, one of the things I didn’t like about being a body, was that I never knew for sure what I’m supposed to do next.” Instantly, he announced, “Done!”

I laughed to myself, and remembered my pattern for birthdays and thought to myself, my birthday is next week, “I want what she got.” Every time I asked my Higher Self about it, over the following year, the answer would always come flooding in some times before I could even complete a full question in my thoughts.

The following year this group met again. At this gathering with the same people, we were talking again about her experiences teaching and sharing how we were getting advanced information. One person stated that she was getting information about six weeks in advance. Without skipping a beat, both Christiana and I announced, in unison “Oh, I get my information on a need to know basis.” I burst out laughing! The only way we would’ve answered in an identical fashion if indeed I have been given that same gift, the gift of knowing in advance what I was to do next.

How can you use this?

So even though I tell you to ask for your gifts for your birthday in multiples., and even though I encourage you to ask for what your Angels and Ascended Masters think you need, it’s okay to make a special request, and watch the magic.

When I start asking each year, I now I also ask for the operating manual of any new gifts that I get so that I instantly know and understand how to use tools the gifts along with the grace that is bestowed upon me for my birthday. You my friends, are one of them. I’m so grateful for you. And remember to share this blog your family and friends whenever they have a birthday.

Here’s my edited version. Original by Kuthumi, through Elizabeth Claire Prophet

Your Birthday

Your Birthday is an auspicious day because it is the anniversary of the embodiment of your lifestream on the planet earth. Each year, as this anniversary of your soul unfolds, your energy withdraws, like a tide going out as you release the patterns, designs and desires of the previous cycle and make room for the incoming flow of the coming year. This is why the individual may feel the lessening of energy and purpose as their birthday approaches.

Those of you who have enlisted the aid and assistance of the Ascended Masters, Angels and Guides will receive gifts from spirit. These gifts are beyond the scope of human gifts, so much so, that you will find that the expression of giving gifts here on earth is but a faint reflection of the practice of all of Heaven who are ready and willing to assist you with providing for the full expansion, exploration and expression of you for the coming year.

Avail yourself of this knowledge and marvelous gift by taking the time to ask for and claim your gifts for the coming year. As you approach this day, know that this is such a time of honor, gifts and thanksgiving to make it the holiest day of the year.

The Practical Mystic – Your 5D Self and Dragons

This month’s “The Practical Mystic” features some information on how you can be accessing your fifth dimensional self with greater frequency. In this discussion, I share insights on typical ways we slip between 3rd and fifth. I also explain how we are not at the bottom of 3rd dimension – but an overtone above it – that allows us to easily slip into 4th dimension and then 5th. Listen and find out why we don’t want to go to 4th dimension – and what 4th dimension is all about. We also talk about the dragons, how they can help you, and how to ask for their help!

Wish you could be ahead of the curve?

Lots of people are noticing their intuition or ability to anticipate something is greatly improving. If this is you – keep reading! We all have this natural ability – but sometimes ignore it and dismiss it. Sometimes we forget about a dream and later – discover the dream came true! Read more about how to grow your awareness of this in my latest article in Awaken.

Ritual and Ceremony!

Do you have enough Ritual in your life?

Maureen discusses the importance of ritual, ceremony and prayer — and how it ties into mass consciousness.

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April’s topics:  You are a multidimensional being, and how to get help from the dragons!

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What to expect in 2015

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Get the movie… How much sugar are you having?

Who has the high IQ?

Get Fed UP for .99 this week only on ITunes

When my thirty-something son was a  three year old, before pre-school was common and he was showing signs of a very high IQ, I had the opportunity to get him tested, thinking that there would be enrichment programs for him once it was known that my toddler had learned to read. (I used the Glenn Dolman method) I was sitting in the next room overhearing the interviewer evaluate him.

The Testing

It is an interesting experience to know that the particular community we lived in at the time had the ability to conduct testing on children like this. In our case there were questions that they asked of our son along this line: “If the ceiling is up then the floor is (Blank). The child is supposed to fill in the blank. This line of questioning went on for a few minutes until they asked the question,

“If lemons are sour then sugar is… ” My son answered “Bad for you.

I smiled to myself realizing that I had made that strong influence on him as a three year old, so many years ago.

My personal sugar cravings…

I have had struggled with sugar all my life. I can turn off that “need” for sugar, yet the “reward” part always seems to creep in. Recently healing myself from leaky gut syndrome, I swore off every kind of sugar for about two years. After my health issues were resolved, I felt that I was entitled to have a little sugar here and there. Unfortunately there is no such thing. It can become a daily “reach for” probably no different to any other addiction for me. Thankfully, I’m not a drinker or smoker! The movie, Fed Up will shed further light on this!

My solution

I’ve been using the Norm Shealy Sacred Rings for close to a year. I love the fact that it helps you create DHEA and help to heal the body. YET, the most beneficial element for me personally has been to discover that the days I SKIP doing this 15 minute acupressure regimine on myself – are the days my sugar craving is high.

This makes for that extra incentive to perform the Sacred Rings. Although I’m certified in this technique, anyone can learn it – from the web, for free, by watching Norm’s videos and or reading about it on his website. He also offeres training in it – and certified practitioners – who can do it for you. I highly recommend the addition of the BLISS oils that can be purchased to elevate their effectiveness.

Willpower isn’t the only answer – but it does help

I think we need to decide individually that sugar is bad for us, and that it should be avoided at all costs. Then when we are given a little bit here and there it’s not the toxic overload that we would have otherwise.

What are the easiest ways to decide to avoid sugar?

How do we enlist willpower?


Having information makes it easier to decide that YOU are loving your self healthy by choosing to avoid sugar.

In this regard I’d like to share with you a movie that is the movie of the week on iTunes, and is available for $.99 on iTunes this week.

It’s called Fed Up. I highly recommend it for the educational value on why you should avoid sugar, And why you should teach your children the same thing.

Happy Solstice and New Year!

Year end Greetings!

Each year I give you a little something to inspire you. We are getting bombarded with negative energies all around. It would take a saint – to keep their head above water here – just do a little better that normal – and you’ll be fine. My astrologer friend, Madelyn Gerwick  says it’s dangerous energy for travel and driving starting Dec. 21. Please be extra careful this year.

Take Charge Tune-up!

In fact that’s what my freebie this time is all about – a four minute tune up – on how to take charge of your life and get more results. I don’t know who wrote it – I believe it was from a talk I heard, but I’m not sure, so if you know the author – let me know so I can give credit.

Finally, we close the year with my all time favorite -(and I hope yours) called, Make Your Year a Good One. Part one is the true story of an iPad that was stolen and recovered. Part two is the true list of antidotes to a list of all the things this young mother was afraid of – including growing old destitute! (She was barely 30 at the time!) I share it with you because it covers so much ground, and it is a great meditation to use daily – to get yourself back on track.

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Please, remember to pray for others. Ask for others what you need for yourself, and pray for both yourself and others. We are creating a win-win world and we are learning new habits, creating new opportunities for ourselves and everyone around us. I love this work, I love you! Happy New Year.

Please be extra careful driving – out there.

Clearing Discordant Energies – Via Time Travel

Check out our latest episode of The Practical Mystic, live, Dec. 8, 2 PM PT

We just finished recording our December radio, the Practical Mystic. If you have or are dealing with anger, (yours or someone else’s, or perhaps it’s the interactions… that leave you both angry) this show is for you. Our featured subject was resolving discordant energy! The show was so high – that there were moments we didn’t know where we were!

During the show I explained how to use gifts and time travel to resolve issues of discordant energy. I then led a guided meditation that takes you through it! Both Kim (my co-host) and I were crying in the end it was so powerful. What a way to heal. We capture what the causes might be, how to fix them, and then how to use time travel to make magic for the circumstances.

You will emerge blessed. Catch it on Mondays live, or replays at specific times.

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