New YEAR, NEW Forgiveness

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It says in A Course in Miracles… that forgiveness is no longer necessary. This book was written long before 5D was ever mentioned or written about. Yet, the message is clearly 5D.

This is because we no longer need to keep score. No more karma means that you and I are not keeping score on each other or ourselves. This is a monumental leap from how we have interpreted this reality. It’s a game-changer for sure. How do we navigate this? We do this one small step at a time.

You might start with teaching yourself and your children, “Are you ok?” instead of “I’m sorry.” I have seen plenty of parents in public places, demanding their children say to someone else, “Say you are sorry!” and the child digs in, and won’t do it!

Far more appropriate to the times we are moving into is that we recognize that we all are doing the best we can, we are all becoming ascended (whether we want to or not) and that saying you’re sorry to anyone creates an unequal relationship.

Trust plays an important part. Initially, you will need to trust others, even when you suspect their intentions are not of the highest order. It’s ok to trust, but verify, and as we become 5th dimensional, we choose to “not judge” what others are doing. This is positive progress! It does not mean we allow others to hurt or take.

How do we do this – when we have had many affronts towards us, and our reactions may be the $100 response for the 10-cent problem? For sure we can enlist the help of the Angels. The AroMandala-Orion Series blends (essential oils) will greatly assist us in self-examination, growth and change. The thirty-minute Angels meditations (either of these two: Rainbow Angel Meditation or The Seven Archangels on the Wheel will take you through a dozen human foibles. The Five Dhyani Buddhas will help you with the five human poisons such as envy, greed and lust and replace them with the highest expression of them.

With these tools you can claim, “I love forgiving.” And pretty soon, forgiving won’t even be a necessary step. “I love…” becomes the operative thought.

Many people forget that there are multiple versions of you and me.  These multiple versions are role-playing all the choices that we didn’t take. You don’t need to fantasize about what you would have done if you had known some important detail that another person was doing, as some version of you, (that is falling away) has probably already done that! Instead know that your “highest and best choice” will serve you in the long run, taking you closer to your 5D self, even when you cannot imagine what that might be. The age of retaliation is over.

Score keeping is not the same as tracking progress. Score keeping implies that there are winners and losers, or good and bad. Tracking progress means you are self-accepting when you self-analyze your own choices! If you know you could do better and wish you had, we have a guided meditation for that, Reality Remix. It is a very powerful guided meditation that provides the opportunity for a “do-over” and that you can transpose that new “more ideal” choice into THIS reality it changes your memory, your past and then produces a domino effect on the present!

I remember ruminating… “When will he learn to appreciate me?” about a son I was putting through college. So, let me ask you, “When will you learn to forgive and appreciate blessed YOU?” As you review your past choices remember to add a little bit of forgiveness to each of the memories that you replace, it will serve to lessen that memory for the new one!

Happy New Year!

Love, Maureen

This Month’s Free Gift is:
Reality Remix
Screen Shot 2022 12 31 at 2.30.34 PM 804x800 1
This month’s free gift is Reality Remix. The basis for this Reality Remix meditation is to use the quantum field to help you release regret, and balance out an old experience that were less than satisfactory.
Essentially you are clearing old experiences, old creations, old patterns, and old intentions.
These are versions of the past that no longer serve us. At the end, you will create a program for abundance, prosperity, love, and light. This will produce a sensation that is pure bliss. Then I will
guide you to create your own programs. We will be mindful to ensure that the new versions we
are creating are from a 5D plane, where no polarity exists.
Just like a movie re-make that has better graphics and better effects, you can do the same with
your own history. This simple technique I share with you in the Reality Remix Meditation is
extremely powerful. Do it once, and experience the results. Then do it every time an “old issue”
surfaces and watch the magic.

The Tide Has Gone Out

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The tide has gone out … your karmic entanglements can no longer pull you out to the sea of drama, misinformation and mistakes. You are now free from the “ocean of permission,” where your power was taken away or you gave it away, maybe it was an inadvertent surrender.

That ‘sea of drama’ can tug and pull on you like a freshly opened snack (think of your favorite crunchy snack). Say to yourself, “I’m done with the game and I’m eager to move into the role of personal responsibility, humility and love.” Let each us find our way through this amazing transition.

I have a friend whose house burned to the ground on Christmas Day. Her father, a psychiatrist, thought it was ok to burn Christmas wrapping paper in the fireplace. The creosote caught first and escaped out the chimney, then landed on the roof, and the house was gone in less than 30 minutes. My friend commanded her dad to leave now, as he had no idea of the danger they were in! They managed to get out of their house… barely.

Have you got a friend that is telling you your situation is dire, and you are still living with it thinking you can fix it? Pay attention. If you do not act when your guidance talks to you, or your like-minded friends do, you may have a setback! You may sustain losses, yet those losses may be necessary.

Our world is filled with so many material possessions that some families will have a special “gifting day” with their children to let the child choose what to keep and what to give away. They call it “make room for new toys.” In this way, letting go becomes a joyful celebration!

Not all letting go will be a celebration, but any letting go will make an improvement in your life. As you look at your own life, your beliefs, policies and attitudes may need a makeover. Choose to “let go” of your need to be right. Choose to let go of your old ways of doing things. Even when there’s a new and better way, you may resist the change because it requires you to learn new things.

When you get a new car, you must learn how to operate it, and familiarize yourself with the updated features. Some of your knowledge will be transferable, some of it won’t. However, enjoying the ability to go places without worry of the break downs your old car had, you can really relax into it.

During this time of renewal and breakthrough, please give yourself time to relax, to regroup, and to re-think your priorities. Your life is important. You are important. You will want to stick around for the upleveling of humanity. Remember someone has to uplevel first – it may as well be you! Remember the tide has gone out. Be ready for the incoming!

This Month’s Free Gift is:
Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity
This month’s free meditation is Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity. Channeled directly
from the Akashic Records, this meditation is a ‘must have’ for anyone! Tap into the river of
unlimited opportunity to manifest all you desire. Learn to create, not from want but joy, not
demand but desire, bringing forth new ideas, opportunities and solutions. The River of Golden
Opportunity replaces the energy of limitation with unlimited awareness, unlimited abundance,
unlimited love. Dance in the River and fill your heart every day with wealth from beyond our
universe. It is always available to you. We receive it when we call it in

You Are Magical

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There is only one you, magical you. This month I am so very grateful for your interest in this work, and your willingness to grow and learn with me. Everyone of us is “aging.” Not into “old age” – instead we are growing into the NEW age, and we are doing this together! A wonderful quote from one of the people I admire, Steven Gundry says, “Die young at a ripe old age.” I like it! What’s even more delightful for me, is I am attracting friends that have announced, as I have, that they intend to live to age 160 – or more! I am talking about a HEALTHY young 150. Sounds preposterous? Well, friends are telling me I’m seriously looking younger. And I feel younger too! So can you.
Even though the physical traditions will tell you, “You cannot take it with you.” The spiritual teaching that I believe says that you CAN take your spiritual mastery with you, and each of us does! That’s why emotional clearing is so good for us, as it removes the barriers to achieving our spiritual goals and mastery.
Each and every one of us is irreplaceable. I love interacting with you and supporting your spiritual growth. Each year I create a special event where we do our annual “Youthing” event. I’m a big fan of walking – and it turns out that researchers at the University of Georgia found a relationship between walking and cognitive function, even after a short walk of 6 minutes! We need to walk to exercise our brains! We also need to walk to get connected with mother nature, who is one of our biggest fans! This will improve our meditations, our attitude and our brains.
So, in this month, as we focus on our gratitude and we move our awareness toward the holidays and thanksgiving, I first want to join hands with my marvelous staff, and say thank you, to you, for allowing us to serve you. We have been reinventing ourselves for the past year, and are hoping to continue to serve you better.  We are growing and changing and evolving right along with you. We hope our offerings will serve you even better in the future! We are creating and hibernating as we move through this Mars retrograde.
What’s Mars retrograde good for? It’s good for all sorts of re-thinking and re-inventing. It impacts us for six weeks every two years. It is a “template” to set the stage for improving our direction, getting out of habits that no longer serve us, and choosing what to keep doing and what to change.
Mars retrograde invites major change. Change is hard for some. I considered myself pretty flexible, until I realized recently that I was stuck doing things the “old way” because it felt safe! Then I realized that I was holding myself too tightly in old patterns and it would be ok to let go! Additionally, as I was “deciding” on something, I actually was shown by one of the members of my annual program, The Ascension Institute, Nicole, that “deciding” was killing something off, and I didn’t need to kill anything (think pesticide) and I could choose! So can you.
Mars retrograde will end soon enough. (Oct 30-Jan 12) Until then, be ok with “not knowing” what’s really going to be happening next, and keep yourself in wonder. I wonder how that will work, or work out! Remember, you can choose to go with the flow – because you are one of humanity that is dealing with this also!
Every work day I write a to-do list for myself that includes who or what I am grateful for. I like to fold my letter size paper the long way, and write to-do on one side and Gratitude on the other. I make sure I have the same number of things on the grateful side as my action steps. My friend Peg Donahue taught me this trick. When I questioned why her to-do list form had only seven numbers on it … she said, “Usually a person can only get seven things done in a day.” However, I learned from my classes at the Vesica Institute that seven is a “carrier of highly beneficial information.” What this means is that when you power something up by seven (like my to do list and gratitude list) it enters the field with a momentum I otherwise would not have!
This keeps me focused and moving forward. I’ve also learned recently from a Ted Talk by Dr. Amit Sood, that he names five people he’s grateful for before leaving his bed in the morning! AND he says humorously, if you find yourself already in the bathroom, go back to bed and don’t get out until you make your list!
I’m so very grateful for you dear reader! Thank you for your loyalty and love. I appreciate you!
This Month’s Free Gift is:

Divine Transfusion

This guided meditation provides the tools to heal from any physical, mental or emotional issue.
As I was creating it, I was told that we could ask for this transfusion for our family members and
the world. This is why the meditation is set up to invite your participation at each level,
reminding you to call in the Divine Transfusion for others and the world, as well as yourself.
In the case of difficult circumstances of any kind, one can ask for a divine transfusion. This
transfusion from God is possible by direct dispensation. A simple request may be all that is required.

Learning the Language of Non-Judgment

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If you have ever used a wheelbarrow to garden, you know that wheeling the load back and forth often causes ruts to form in the soil. It’s much easier to go over these ruts in the ground than to look for other pathways. This makes sense in these simple situations; however, we often slip into ‘ruts’ of behavior, as well. These habits can be detrimental and hard to break.

For example, perhaps when you were younger you used slang words and now you don’t because they do not give you the results you now want. You learned that falling into the trap of using this language was not beneficial so you ceased.

Likewise, you can learn the language of non-judgment to release old negative habits and useless expressions. How do you learn this language? Ask your Higher Self to work with you in achieving this awareness. Although it is not natural by normal standards of mass consciousness, you can acquire it with practice. Approach it like any change of habits. It is a bit like that.

If you have been in a class with me, you know we practice reframing judgmental statements. For example, if you ask your daughter to stop being mean to your house guests, you are actually locking her into that behavior by asking her not to do that. Instead you might ask her to be kind to everyone who visits because, “That is how we do things in our house.” Notice that this statement does not state your daughter’s behavior is good or bad, yet clearly conveys a different behavior is required.

Reframing is an effective technique to broaden your awareness and develop a stronger connection to your Higher Self. I have used this myself. When my children were young they were required to fold their own clothes after washing and drying them. From about age eight onward, my children wore wrinkled clothes! This was uncomfortable for me. I wanted them to look their best because I like to look my best. But I felt that if they were content to pull wrinkled clothes out of the clean laundry basket, then I should let them be. I kept hoping that peer pressure would kick in and they would decide to either fold their clothes in a timely manner or iron them. What happened instead was completely innovative. They came home with a laundry product, a spray that allowed them to smooth out the wrinkles almost instantly. Nonjudgment, or nonpolarity, will open the way to all kinds of new solutions.

We’ve taught our children that an apology is due or a debt is owed when a mistake is made. In 3D when something goes wrong we have an injury and then expect an apology. If something is broken, restitution is made. We have right and wrong; we have a victim and a perpetrator. In 5D we can have injury and acknowledgment, acceptance and comfort; the absence of judgment produces expansion of love in both.

Getting to know your Higher Self communication leads to all kinds of information you did not expect. Find a way to unhook from your need to know, or any other need. Be open and consciously work at nonjudgmental review and reaction to your Higher Self information. Choose to step away from the habit of interpreting everything from a polarity vantage point. Instead of saying, “I am not getting anything”—especially if you usually do—consider that vagueness has its own message.

Allow yourself to slide into “non-polarity” or nonjudgment when you feel yourself becoming emotional. Feel the feelings and then pull back just a little to move into your heart space, and voila—you’ll be in 5D instantly! How do you know you are in fifth? You will act and feel as if you are in love—with everyone and everything! Nothing can touch you. You feel only love, joy, and compassion by learning the language of nonjudgment.

How to Stay 5th Dimensional Through Guided Meditations!

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It’s time. It’s time to move into your place of unconditional love. My free meditation this month is all about how to get into the place of unconditional love. Life on this planet can be strange and unpredictable. There may be many crazy events that you will face in the next few months or years. This meditation will help you hold your own and stay connected to your heart.

I created a simple countdown, at the beginning of the lockdown so we would stay out of fear. Since then, I’ve re-recorded it, so it’s even easier to move into a heart space, and I do the counting for you! Sometimes all you need is for someone to talk you off the ledge.

This is a good time to be reminded of the value of two of my favorite tools to help you stay in 5th dimension. The first one is “I am asking for a day of heaven on earth, for me and everyone I’m in contact with and everyone I am in contract with!” This key phrase will change everything for you, and will improve all your communications with everyone you talk to! My other favorite tool is to ask when going to sleep, “I am waking up in 5D.” This announcement to yourself and your angels and guides sets the intention for the day to come.

Years ago, I asked my angels and guides, why I couldn’t just announce, “I’m in.” for the rest of my life. Why did I have to go to all the trouble of inviting them in every day, and asking for their help every day! They replied, “Well, Honey, when we got married 10 years ago, I told you I love you, nothing has changed.”  I burst out laughing! I KNEW when in relationship, you tell your beloved “I love you” every day. When this doesn’t occur, you know that you are in the doghouse (in trouble) or you or your partner is sick or isn’t feeling well.

I began to understand that deciding every day was an important part of living! They showed me the sunrise through sunset and indicated that EVERY DAY we get a clean slate. Each day we must choose. We get to decide who we love, what we will do, how we will change, when we will do it, and where. We get to find the resources, the tools, the opportunities, to make the magic happen, and we get to ask for help.

We often forget how much we are loved by Source. We might be going through a rough patch and need extra support! Maybe that’s how you started your habit of connecting with the Angels or the Ascended Masters. It may be that you’ve never asked for help, because you don’t believe in them.

My experience has shown me otherwise. My students have filled my journals with their stories of how they have almost nonchalantly asked for help, because they liked me, or they thought maybe there was something to this… and voila, magic happens.

Take for example the man, Brandon, a member of my monthly group, St. Germain’s Ascension Portal, who is a juggler of deals, and needed a number of different players to agree to make his latest project a go. Things were falling apart, and he saw my post about the Golden Sheets (July 2022) and decided, what the heck, “Let me read her post and see what all the fuss is about.” He couldn’t WAIT to report this to the members of the Ascension Portal. The whole deal fell into place like a puzzle, and then some. There were bonuses, or side deals that also added to the total outcome of his project!

I too have seen miracles after miracles with the use of the guided meditations. Our latest release, in addition to this month’s free meditation, Open Your Heart to Love Countdown, is The Five Dhyani Buddhas. The activation in the meditation to the Five Dhyani Buddhas allows you to personally activate your own Secret Ray Chakras. They allow you to connect with the five Secret Ray Buddhas and Elohim, rooting out the difficulties of the five poisons, which include anger, greed, lust, envy, jealousy, pride and ignorance. I have heard from the students that these energies will bring more smoothness in their everyday interactions and general life, and sincere kindness – all without “trying” to be a better person. If you have entities that you are dealing with, it will help to drive them out as well. The Five Dhyani Buddhas literally clear you of your personality blocks that keep you from being your 5D self. This is another important shortcut, and only takes 6 minutes from start to finish.

All our guided meditations will uplift you and help you heal certain issues you may be encountering. My basics, aside from the MerKaBa and 5D MerKaBa, are the Angel Meditations and the Crystal Elohim Meditation. And I must remember to invite you to do the Golden Bowl Meditation and amp up your connection to Source. We work so hard to become fifth dimensional, and with these tools you are able to be your fifth dimensional self effortlessly.

This month’s free download is Open Your Heart to Love Countdown. This meditation was recreated to make it easier to get into your heart and to exercise your heart muscle. Sometimes we are so filled with fear and worry that it is hard to concentrate on anything else. This meditation will lift your spirits and leave you feeling enriched by the presence of your Higher Self firmly anchored in your heart. Some people have said this is their very favorite meditation.

If you have ever felt like your Higher Self Connection needed a boost, this meditation, used on a regular basis will assist you in creating that space and awareness of your Higher Self. I hope you enjoy it!

This Month’s Recommended Audio Companion is:
Open Your Heart to Love Countdown
This month’s recommended audio companion is Open Your Heart to Love Countdown. This
meditation was recreated this month to make it easier to get into your heart and to exercise
your heart muscle. Sometimes we are so filled with fear and worry that it is hard to
concentrate on anything else. This meditation will lift your spirits and leave you feeling
enriched by the presence of your Higher Self firmly anchored in your heart. Some people have
said this is their very favorite meditation.
If you have ever felt like your Higher Self Connection needed a boost, this meditation, used on
a a regular basis will assist you in creating that space and awareness of your Higher Self. I hope
you enjoy it!

Taking Care of You!

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This summer has been quite a doozy! We have all been getting hit with an amazing elevated spiritual energy to ramp up our own spiritual energy. I’m sure that for some of you it was like standing in the ocean, briefly turning your face to the shore, then getting hit unexpectedly with a big wave!

We are most fortunate to have these opportunities to push us even higher. How will you manage your energies? Will you fight them, or elevate with them?

Your physical body is your highest priority right now. No matter what you believe or know, taking good care of your physical body will give you the strength to face all kinds of challenges! Originally, the human body was designed to be self-healing. It was designed to live for hundreds of earth years. Some will tell you aging is because you’ve misused your free will, and that you must deal with aging. However, I’ve been shown that our “Self-healing DNA” was disconnected from our DNA spiral. You can reclaim this, by knowing that they were in a lower dimension and you can ask for them to wake up and phase up to where you are now, and to reconnect to your DNA structure to expand and grow. This will greatly change how you age! Also check out our Annual Youthing event, Sept. 9.

At our school, St. Germain Mystery School, we have so many tools to help you manage your- self, your traumas and dramas. As we come out of lockdown for the umpteenth time, know that you can and will emerge wiser, happier and more self-aware than before. Claim this.

We’ve been doing a lot of Quantum Matrix Healing work here, where we are using this tool to elevate recalcitrant behaviors, and patterns and leveling them up to their most evolved expression (as defined by the Higher Self.) This practice has created some amazing outcomes. Yet, some who have attempted to do this work on their own, have fallen prey to dark energies. We will be offering a class on this tool soon. Please know that there is help if anything like that happens to you.

Because there seems to be a lot more dark energies surfacing as the veils become thinner, you may not realize you’ve opened yourself to unwanted attacks. One student, a man actually, began channeling an entity, that after a year or so, demanded that he return home to his “home” planet to save their planet. The whole thing climaxed when he claimed that he must leave this earth that night. His father rushed home and saw he had a very low pulse and was pale white – like he was dying. His father urged him not to believe in all of this as he is an atheist.

Finally, the man agreed to stay on earth and the whole thing backlashed. The kingdom said he is a traitor and attacked him. Since then, he was under constant attack and was waving knives nonstop.  When the man pulled himself out of the death spiral, the entities he was channeling called him a traitor and he was fighting off their attack for days, when he reached out to me.

We asked this man to call in K-17 head of the Cosmic Secret Service along with Archangel Michael and to do clearing work. For those of you who want to know how to do this, you can watch and learn as you check out our YouTube channel for do-it yourself instructions. If you feel your issue is so big you cannot clear yourself, you can also call on our clearing team to help.

Additionally, you may clear family members without their permission. This is because these energies are not allowed to be here on the Earth at this time. Even though they were part of this reality at one time, they must take their exit. These entities and energies will take advantage of you or family member by creating havoc, and then living off your emotional energy, called loosh. To learn more about loosh, search in my blog posts about this!

I recommend that you NOT clear children, as they will copy you, and try to clear their friends… Can you imagine the conversation you will have in the Principal’s office? Children may be cleared remotely while they are out of the house, or sound asleep. Be prepared as they can wake up – while you are doing this, which I why I suggest waiting until they are out of the house. They will be different after a clearing – and it will be a good thing! I have a story of one family who cleared a troublesome six-year-old at their daughter’s pre-school. The parent and children at their pre-school were all afraid of this child’s behavior! The clearing ceremony was done, and the child reverted to his true sweet self! The drama stopped.

This month’s free gift is the Fountain of Youth Guided Meditation. This comes just in time – for our annual Youthing event. There are many cultures that have traditions to reverse aging. The one I use is from Africa, where they use the Full Harvest Moon to reverse the clock 2 years at a time! I’ve been doing this practice for over 12 years. (let’s see, maybe that’s why some people have noticed I’m getting younger!) My favorite movie around this issue is “The Age of Adeline.” Quite the concept!

Fountain of Youth meditation can be done as a couple or by yourself. I urge you to give yourself the time and energy to clear yourself with this powerful tool. And pick up the blend, Fountain of Youth – Orion Series oil to amplify the effect. The blend helps to clear irritation which reduces aging! Fountain of Youth will be on sale in the next few days.

If you get these now, you’ll have them in time for the Annual Youthing Ceremony on Sept. 9. You are invited to join us, live in-person in Clarkdale, AZ or on Zoom. It will be great fun, and you’ll gain some powerful tips not to stop aging, but to help you reverse aging. There is a small fee, $33.

We are excited about all the opportunities that are presenting. We are growing with many potential teachers who have offered to teach classes. We are excited about new offerings that are coming your way.


P.S. Remember, Order Fountain of Youth blend now – to have it in time for the Youthing event, Sept. 9.

This Month’s Recommended Audio Companion is:
Fountain of Youth Guided Meditation
This month’s recommended audio companion is the Fountain of Youth Guided Meditation.
This comes just in time – for our annual Youthing event. There are many cultures that have
traditions to reverse aging. The one I use is from Africa, where they use the Full Harvest Moon
to reverse the clock 2 years at a time! I’ve been doing this practice for over 12 years. (let’s see,
maybe that’s why some people have noticed I’m getting younger!) My favorite movie around
this issue is “The Age of Adeline.” Quite the concept!
Fountain of Youth meditation can be done as a couple or by yourself. I urge you to give
yourself the time and energy to clear yourself with this powerful tool. And pick up the blend,
Fountain of Youth – Orion Series oil to amplify the effect. The blend helps to clear irritation
which reduces aging!

The Golden Sheets

blue spheres

Golden Sheets Condoms of Light
Much of this information came through the Lords of Light

When the Golden Sheets appeared in 2018 in a channeling session for the Ascension Institute members, we all were awed at their power, magnificence and beauty. I honestly had forgotten about them in the past year, until a very astute member of this year’s Ascension Institute was listening to a meditation where I had mentioned them. We began to research, and also asked for more information.

The Lords of Light are here to provide more information:

• They can be like wind shears. Wind shears can diffuse a hurricane!
• They are here in replacement of the blue sphere beings (see photo).
• They can take any shape and surround it.
• It is true that this information came in 2018 and it is needed now more than ever.

Some of you may know of the blue sphere beings that were with us for a long time, that left in 2018. I took the above picture in a cave in France years earlier where they were at my side, I was hiking alone in the Pyrenees. The blue sphere beings were a bit like the parent who shows up to a kid’s party … everyone is on their best behavior around them. Bullies won’t succeed while they are around.

From my ASN Inst meeting from 2018:

These beings that replaced the great blue spheres are “Golden Sheets,” and we can call in the Golden Sheets to do various things. I just realized that wind shears defuse hurricanes! This information lets us call in these Golden Sheets to act like wind shears to diffuse all these hurricanes that are upon us.

I looked up wind shear on Wikipedia and found an interesting note from the internet game called World of Warcraft (my kids played this game). Wind Shear: A quick blast of Ancestral Wind conceals the shaman, lowering his or her threat to all enemies. Makes me think sometimes, we are all getting “training” no matter what!

What do they look like?

• They are thin, gold, transparent, and very wide.
• They have the capacity to adapt themselves to whatever shape is needed.
• They are beings of incredible light.
• They are imperceptible by many lower energies and this makes them great supporters (tool for humans) to manage difficult situations where dense vibration prevails.
• As with every other available support, light-workers must ask for their help.
• You may call them in, to create the Golden Sheets condom of Light around you. You visualize them wrapping things, situations and circumstances, including you, with the Golden Sheets.
• They take the shape of our focus and add their vibration to raise the thing/event/situation’s vibration at the etheric level.

In the Akashic Records Oct. 29, 2021:

We the Golden Sheets have moved into your reality for the purpose of insulating you from the lower vibrations. Introduced to you by Maureen in 2018, you “set aside” this knowing until now when it is important for others to know about and use.

How do we use this?

You “call in” the Golden Sheets as a name, then invoke the coverage area so that you see us a bit like shrink wrap around a product or person. Because our energy is thin and filmy, we are not noticed by lower energies, however, we are extremely potent.

What else may be known?

This is a most appropriate time to release this new intel and encourage others to use us. We have gathered in groups all over the world and stand ready to assist.

Where are you from?

We are directly from Source – sent as an answer to your direct request for ways to help others. Put it into the morning prayer and keep asking for our assistance, love and support. That is all.

The Golden Sheets are mighty shields of protection for you and me. This is your first line of defense – and they are available to all. Think of them like bedsheets or plastic wrap. They can wrap around anything very tightly, and take the form or shape of whatever they are surrounding. They raise the vibration and change the experiences of whatever they surround. They also serve to elevate the higher consciousness of any person surrounded by the Golden Sheets, thus making it easier for them to choose their most evolved choice.

The Golden Sheets may also act as a form of a filter. Just like moths are attracted to the light, entities are attracted to our light. So, if there are any black magic or dark energies coming in – the Golden Sheets make your light invisible to those energies that have an agenda contrary to yours.

Have you ever found that your presence agitates some people? In group settings where there may be lots of human interaction going on, people, including family members, may have entities and energies that are intimidated by your light. They don’t necessarily intend to pick on you – their entities are simply looking for their lunch (more about this is available on Maureen’s blog, in her posting on loosh). By wrapping yourself with the Golden Sheets, those individuals will not see or be intimidated by your light. This means that when you go into any situation, for any reason, your light will not agitate others, or make them uncomfortable around you.

There already are stories of the effectiveness. In one case, a family who was facing difficulties were gloved*, if you will, with the Golden Sheets. When the man of the home was working on the hot water radiator and broke a valve and 180-degree water came flooding out. Although he was burned, he didn’t have any skin burned off his hand. Highly unpredictable. Normally that would be a severe burn.

During an Ascension Institute training session, I asked Lords of Light about the release of this information. The following information came through in a channeled message:

This is the most important time to release this information. A person does not even need to understand to benefit. The Golden Sheets have gathered in groups all over the world. You might be asking, where are they from? They are directly from Source. They are sent as a direct answer to your direct request for ways to help others. You may put them on in the morning and keep asking for assistance and we will provide our loving support.

May we put it around other people without other people without them knowing?

Yes, you may. Let’s say it’s you are hosting family … put them around your home, yourself, the Christmas tree, the furnishings, yourself. Put a fresh Golden Sheets dispenser at the door to shrink wrap everyone who comes through the door. It gives them a chance to level up. It changes their vibe at the etheric level for anyone who is not aware. You are aware. It doesn’t change their free will. It simply levels them up at the etheric level. So that their choices they make are more aligned with their divine self.

How does this happen?

They get clarity with their higher connections, even if they haven’t earned it. Enough to make better choices.

Can it help to eliminate fear?

Yes, because fear is often a match for (fear) energy that is being broadcast. Fear is a messenger and fear is in the reality, originally as a messenger to assist people in seeing their lack of integrity between their thoughts and actions. The third kind of fear – that is coming from outside of humans will not be able to affect you.

The Lords of Light want to remind you that all of these things are 24-hour fixes and you must be focused and clear. When you learn the MerKaBa, even the MerKaBa dissipates after about 24 to 48 hours, until it goes permanent. There are energies that will go permanent with your devotion but it takes a while.

The Lords of Light want to be very clear about this. Many dark energies are leaving the planet … and may be causing upset and disruption as they leave, striking as hard as they can as they exit. When you call in the Golden Sheets, their presence initially is to prevent attacks on you, whether intended or accidental, whether reactionary or not. They also “up your game” at the etheric level, which filters down to the physical level.

The Lords of Light provided more information on the Golden Sheets in a channeled message on December 16, 2021:

We are the Lords of Light, here to support your inquiry on the Golden Sheets. The Golden Sheets are magnificent beings of light. They are living plasma fields that can be called forth at your command. Their presence is an emanation of you using your God-spark power to ask for their presence to assign a work project and to achieve an outcome. This means that there were a limited number of Golden Sheets that were sent out into the reality to be programmed and used by humanity. Each time those Golden Sheets are assigned to a project, another one, like a blank piece of paper, takes its place. In this way you will find the ability to have an unlimited resource.

We ask you to not use this resource frivolously, but to use it with sincere purpose, claiming your God-spark and using them for the purpose of embracing or swaddling a situation or a person or a thing, like your home or your property. The purpose of the Golden Sheets, primarily, is to limit the visibility of your great light that would cause you to attract energy that is not of the light. This harboring energy that is not of the light is in the way of the full activation of the planetary plan of love and light.

Calling them forth means you get out of the way, and the energies that are not of the light cannot see you, but it allows Source and those higher beings who are helping to assist those that are of lesser value, to make new choices – to serve the light or to face extinction. The important thing is that you may use them around yourself, you may use them around others, you may use them around a physical object or an idea or concept that you are working on. This way you will cease to attract those who would have you fail. You will cease to attract those who are jealous of you or those who have misunderstandings about what is going on in the reality.

What we mean by this is there are individuals who sincerely believe certain things that a person must do in order to have what they would call eternal life. Those systems are no longer appropriate, even though they are still operational. And we make the metaphor that when Windows 98 went into the archives, they sent notices to everyone who had Windows 98 on their computers saying it will no longer be serviced, there will no longer be answers to the questions you may have, or service bugs that might have cropped up in the software will not be fixed. So, in the same way, those beings who are not willing to serve the light are being retired, and then they are being faced with options to go into service to the light or not – it is their free will choice. You are out of the way, and you are “out of harm’s way.”

How can the Golden Sheets be used on objects and on your home?

So, you might think of them as Saran Wrap that is clear and gives no indication that it is hiding anything, but is more like a one-way mirror, so those that see in don’t see anything unusual, but you will know your light is visible to those who have that capacity. So, you allow it to shrink wrap or envelop the space you have defined, so that it is tightly sealed within the energy of the Golden Sheets. They are extremely malleable and can adapt to any shape and create a crystal-clear shield that primarily serves to make your light invisible to those who would have you fail.

Can it be used as a protective cover as well? For example, from negative influences or harmful effects of weather, such as a tree falling during a windstorm?

We will say to you that it will serve to mitigate harmful effects. So, if you have the Golden Sheets around you and you are caught in a rainstorm without your umbrella you might get wet, but you won’t get soaked like you might have. So, their influence in the 3D realm mitigates whatever it is that might be coming at you in 3D. If you were in a car situation where the car was headed for an accident the Golden Sheets would allow what you would call in your world – a miracle to occur. And either allow the energy to move into that 4th dimensional energy that they are holding for you, and then slide back out. So, you could literally slide through another vehicle instead of hitting it – raising the vibration. Because the vibrational shift that occurs is that they can slide or slide you into what you call 4th dimension in order to not be a participant in a 3D collision. They might also soften the blow, so a major accident might turn into a minor accident.

We would encourage you to use the Golden Sheets on a regular basis without an agenda. In this way, the Golden Sheets can operate at their highest level. Your agenda may actually lower their capacity. You can see the Golden Sheets around your home and your property line every day. You might see a windstorm, and it might trigger you to do the Golden Sheets, but not out of fear, not out of the need for protection, but out of a place of “oh it’s cold outside, I should grab a jacket.”

There are many who will read this information and perhaps ignore it. We say to you, let them, you will benefit. Do not try to convince anyone. Let them try it and let them see what happens.

We encourage you to look upon this as a primary resource to get out of the way of any dark energy that might be around you or aimed at you. And secondarily, it will serve to mitigate physical impacts which will be a blessing as well.

* The first time the Lords of Light came through with information about the Golden Sheets, the word they used to describe the envelopment of the Golden Sheets was condom. But with the connotation of the word, they began using the word gloved.

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Golden Time Guided Meditation
The recommended audio companion this month is the Golden Timeguided meditation. Golden
Time helps you, and in turn, humanity, co-create with Source to produce the Great Golden Age.
We know that the only time there is, is the one we can experience. So, this meditation will take
you through an experience where you will connect viscerally with the Golden Age of humanity,
and plug into that timeline. You then create from an incredibly powerful timeline of peace, joy,
humanity and love.
This 21-minute meditation will guide you through the process, and allow you to invite family and
friends into the Golden Age timeline!

Spiritual Capitalism

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This is what St. Germain always wanted! Freedom to be and do what you please while you work from a spiritual perspective. A definition of capitalism is “an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterized by a free competitive market and motivation by profit.” Add the spiritual component and you have the added motivation that the profit “moves one towards God.”

What on earth??? Yes, it is true. St. Germain told me this himself when I opened up to receive the information that was appropriate for this article.

How does one do this? First, let me give you an allegory. This involves the difference between the “God-only Choice” and the “Not-God Choice.” Imagine someone you greatly admire who is living. It might be the Dali Lama, or a well-respected public figure. Imagine that you receive a phone call from a trusted friend who tells you that this idol is going to be in your town and needs a place to stay. No fuss is required. Can he or she stay with you? What’s your answer? Of course! You will say, “Yes.” The possibility of saying “No.” doesn’t even occur to you. You might follow it with, “When will he come?” or “How long will she stay?” This is the equivalent of the “God-only Choice.” Saying no is unthinkable. When you are fully aligned with your “God-only Choice” spiritual capitalism is easy!

We now live in a transformational time where we have access to greater knowledge and understanding as well as greater light. How do we capitalize on it? We ask for it! The heavens are full of light and love for us. We must supply the creativity. When we feel safe to follow the highest possible expression in any moment, we are inviting all of heaven to participate in the wonderful creative power of humanity fully aligned with God. It is the first time that Fifth Dimensional God connection is able to be retained and expressed in Third Dimension. Have we not been promised the “New Earth?”

It may mean that you dedicate a percentage of your proceeds to a specific charity. It may mean that you respond to specific emergencies with money, expertise or goods. What matters is that you understand that the opportunity to do what you are doing is part of a bigger system. It means you choose to serve your customers and your community at the same time. You use your ability for good to expand and grow good will, as well as pay your wages and build an organization.

It also means that you attract like minded individuals. How do you do that? You create a climate that includes “Serving those who appreciate what we have to offer and are inspired by our products and services.”

And it means putting your staff FIRST! Wow. That’s amazing. Why? Because if you treat your staff well, they will be able to look after your customers the way you would. When you make your staff the most important element of your company you make sure that they feel towards your company the way you want them to feel towards your customer. They claim ownership to your company and voila, you will have happy customers.

It means you are willing to empower your employees to make decisions that support the satisfied customer. It means that you find ways that are sure they KNOW they are first! It means that your employees are MORE important to you than your customers. They know how valuable they are. How do you think they will treat the customers and each other? Promise yourself that you will make this ONE change!

It is an indirect change that changes the playing field for everyone you work with. In my company we are currently a group of 5 empowered women and one man who have the ability to affect the whole. Each person is respected for their opinions and their beliefs. At the same time, we challenge one another to keep pace with our culture, community and clients we serve. You can too.

The recommended audio companion is:
Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity

The recommended guided meditation is Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity. Channeled
directly from the Akashic Records, this meditation is a ‘must have’ for anyone! Tap into the river
of unlimited opportunity to manifest all you desire. Learn to create, not from want but joy, not
demand but desire, bringing forth new ideas, opportunities and solutions. The River of Golden
Opportunity replaces the energy of limitation with unlimited awareness, unlimited abundance,
unlimited love. Dance in the River and fill your heart every day with wealth from beyond our
universe. It is always available to you. We receive it when we call it in.

How Astrology Works for Me!

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As I write this, we begin a period of “blue” communications according to Astrologer, Madeline Gerwick. This means that we are in the “shadow” of the (so-called) reverse energy that is created when Mercury goes retrograde. Retrograde is the energy of a planet that is going slower than earth, we pass it, and thus it appears to go backwards, or retrograde.

This shadow “effect” (before the actual retrograde) causes us to make mistakes that we find later during the retrograde. Now is the time to slow down and be a little more peaceful with yourself, and your urgency to get things done! At the same time, you may have a nagging feeling that there’s something you are supposed to be doing … the simple answer is looking at what Mercury rules, equipment and communications. Now is the time to get you computer backed up, and your car repair handled.

When you have a busy or full life, this slowdown of activities may seem nearly impossible at times. However, I’m going to show you a number of things that you can do, and utilize the “bending of time” to your advantage! I watch the astrological cycles like a fisherman watches the moon phases that govern the surf.

Time is malleable. Did you know?  If that’s so, what’s with all the astrology talk? The purpose of this discussion is to expand your connection and awareness to time, and the templates that govern it! Time is thought to be mechanistic, even though we have plenty of data that suggests that time can be both compressed and expanded. This compression or expansion is solely based on our experiences, the car accident “experience of time slowing down.”  The waiting forever in a customer service line.

Astrology is a template. It is part of the 3D game that is set up for humanity’s highest and best good. Humans are gradually shifting out of time as a mechanistic experience to a more fluid expression. Part of this is to move through the time space continuum with grace and ease, becoming 5th Dimensional.

Because Astrology is a template, it’s like the “set up” for a game of chess (or a video game). All the “men” on the board have certain moves along with limitation of what they can do. It’s up to the player to utilize these moves to his advantage. When I was a teenager, I was guided to memorize all the moves of each piece on the chess board so I could practice with my friends. I taught my children to play chess as an exercise in mastery, and continued to play with them until they beat me regularly! I think it was no longer a challenge for them!

The metaphor of Astrology being a template is important, because it helps you see that you have the advantage – if you will use it! How will you use your “thinking” advantage? First, recognize that this template is part of the “set up” for the game of life. Being aware of the “trends” and movement of the society as a whole doesn’t predict them, but it does provide a strong indicator. That’s why marketers, stock market traders, and presidents have used astrology to ensure success.

Second, work on your sovereignty. This is a little more challenging – since most people do not realize how much power they have given away, or how much they have!  Your power gets taken away in many ways, but always because we may (unknowingly) allow it.

There are many ways to claim your sovereignty. One easy way is to purchase the Orion pendant from It’s hard to claim your sovereignty when you are around narcissist personalities. This pendant helps you hold your ground, and yet be completely loving and supportive. I believe almost half the population has some form of narcissism. You can tell a narcissist because they will “tell” you what to do, instead of sharing what they have experienced. They will “solve” your problems before you have asked them to … instead of listening. Finally, the biggest narcissists have trouble with compromise, and need to feel their ideas and suggestions are the best ones! Dealing with this is another discussion.

Your sovereignty allows you to instinctively know what you need to know, or do, when you need to know it. Each and every one of us is increasing our abilities to tune in and know our best course of action!

I use a simple prayer to align myself with the energies, and then “step out of them” periodically, as needed, for special assignments or special events. It’s important to realize how allowing the template to rule is, and how to recognize when you need to step outside of the template that governs humans. Governing humans is one way to put the game in motion. Your free will has sovereignty over the template. But, just like your GPS will tell you when there is a traffic slow-down, you must manually choose a different route to avoid it. This astrology prayer is like that!

This Month’s Free Gift is:
Morning Prayer and Mercury Retrograde Antidote Prayer

For this month’s freebie, I’ve re-recorded the Morning prayer (with lots of new updates) for you.
You’ll want to paste it into your Reweaving book. I’ve also recorded the Mercury Retrograde
antidote prayer (usually provided in the Akashic Records training). Mercury retrograde is
May 10 – June 3. To maximize this period, you will want to avail yourself of the “slow down” energies
to regroup, reconsider and relax more. Use the antidote retrograde prayer when you have a full
day, and want to make sure all your appointments work out … and that cancellations also
work for everyone’s highest and best good. A special lunar eclipse will occur on May 15, bringing new
responsibility – for your highest and best good. In addition, their presence coincides with
energies that bring in lots of money, but during a retrograde, that abundance of funds may
surprise you – possibly clearing out past debt or debt forgiveness!

In and Out of Time

Mastering Your 5D Self Blog Header 2
I’m delighted to announce that my latest book, Mastering Your 5D Self has arrived! Mastering Your 5D Self is the follow-up to Waking Up in 5D, my award-winning book from 2017. There was some confusion about a premature birth, (some of you had eBook copies weeks ago, thank you) and today I think it an ideal time to invite you to purchase this book if you haven’t, and to learn from its many secrets, because April 6, 2022 was the official launch/birthday of Mastering your 5D Self! The idea that you can control time is a new one. Most of us are so used to controlling time that we don’t even realize the full potential of our power over time! Sure, it’s easier to use our 3D solutions to control our world, an alarm clock instead of an inner alarm. Yet, once we learn how powerful we are and what we are capable of, game over. Back in 2012 we talked about the Harmonic Convergence. I was leading a group with Gregg Braden in Chechen-Itza when the great Mayan teacher, Hunbatz Men led our group into the cave beneath that pyramid! He chose me to be the last one in, and the first one to leave! I knew this was important. He had informed us that this new era we were ushering in, was to be led by women. Even though he didn’t know any of us, he chose me for this part of the ceremony. The action-oriented energy (male) in each of us wants to get things done now. This is exacerbated by our current culture of instant gratification. (Think microwave ovens, downloadable videos and more.) The spoiled part of us doesn’t realize that is not how nature works! Plants go thru seasons, humans gestate! The path of pregnancy teaches us patience. The action of gestation is a process! A human pregnancy is started by one strong action… and then the waiting begins. We have history of what to expect and very little has changed over the centuries with the seasons or gestation. Astrology is like that.  It gives us a path, an opportunity to know when to achieve and when to rest and take a “time-out” of time!   Astrology should NOT be a dictator! It also is a movable force that we can adapt or adjust. I choose to adapt when I don’t have any special needs and I choose to adjust the “time” when I have a special need. Like your GPS on your car or phone, you occasionally deviate, from its instructions. And, if you NEVER deviate, consider doing so! GPS came out not only as a way to help you find your way, but also as a way to get you in the habit of doing what the “voice says.” Finding your way is important. Mastering Your 5D Self will help you find your way into the 5th dimension, where you’ll be smiling all the time. How do you know you’re in 5D? Everything is funny! This book is an important follow-up to Waking Up in 5D. After the release of Waking Up in 5D, I kept a record of all the new information that was emerging, I felt like the information exploded! Your shifts that you embraced led the way. It was almost as if the new information in this book could hardly wait for another opportunity to be expressed. I also think that the many people who have read the Waking Up in 5D book, did their work, which opened the way for this new information.  I’m still collecting even more information about our 5D metamorphosis and I hope you will stay tuned.

What will you learn?

This book reveals how you no longer need to “heal” emotional wounds to be fifth dimensional, and share practices to transform and transmute emotions instantly. You will learn to increase your connection to Source, and deepen your connection to your divine self, and give you everything you need. Because your energy dictates your vibration, keeping your energy high, allows you to be in a place where no one can touch you. It will give you tools to sustain you in times of difficulty, and we’ve all had those times. It teaches you to grow your connection to all of life. This means that your connection at the level of Source will be so powerful and so important that you will remember who you are and where you came from, and that you are a steward of the Earth.

The Spiral Chakra Meditation

Humanity has engaged in spiritual traditions that have been carried out the masculine way. Mastering Your 5D Self shows you the cosmic balanced way of chakra activation, which will be tremendously empowering. It will restore your original programming at the soul level, which is important to your receptivity and power to receive and transmit divine messages. This information can help you remember who you really are. Exit the drift of mass consciousness and stop being distracted by all the changes that are happening in this amazing time. Take the time to learn the ancient secrets to reuniting yourself with your true self. Humanity is shifting into the fifth dimension, whether you want to or not. This transformation from 3D to 5D will not be a linear process. Our evolution follows a sine wave, moving from ideal expressions back to old familiar ones, then on to even higher ideal expressions. My books and tools will help you explore many spiritual tools and transformative shortcuts, sound healing, and crystals, along with channeled wisdom and advanced insights from angels and other higher beings. Special request: This month I’m asking you for a few gifts… first to purchase my book, second to support me by voting for my book, Beyond the Flower of Life, in the COVR book awards. (Spoiler alert: it may take you 20 minutes to vote since there are so many categories…) Beyond the Flower of Life is in the Iconic Books section.

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