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It is my deep pleasure at this time to announce the launch of St. Germain Mystery School, based on the teachings that have come through me over the last 30+ years. This is a new opportunity for you to grow and share with others.

This new umbrella organization is meant to encompass all my educational and training programs offered through Transformational Enterprises Inc., Akashic Records International and To celebrate this milestone, we have a new logo, communicating our legacy brands such as the Flower of Life, the MerKaBa and mystery school trainings.

Our mission is to assist in higher consciousness expansion and greater spiritual awareness – through education. It is our hearts’ desire to expand our offering of metaphysical and spiritual workshops, webinars and classes, in person and online.

Since 1995 I have focused on providing you with practical yet spiritual solutions to issues that confront us in our daily lives. Known as the Practical Mystic, my passion is facilitating spiritual knowledge for contemporary life. As founder of St. Germain Mystery School, I am excited to support and encourage you in your personal expansion and spiritual awakening for years to come.

Please watch this video of Maureen’s personal story.

The Ascension Institute, the top-tier immersive program with destination retreats and extensive training in Higher Self and 5D mastery, is now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 program. This year-long intensive with me, Maureen St. Germain, is designed exclusively for you, a serious student of spiritual growth. You will learn powerful techniques to handle big emotions, as well as life altering meditations and techniques to expand your consciousness.

St. Germain Mystery School also has some amazing workshops coming up. Clearing Team member, Dave the Mystic, premiers the workshop series, Understanding Entities and What to Do About Them, on Zoom March 12th and 26th. The next workshop for Akashic Records – Level 1 and 2 Fast-Track, to learn to open one’s personal records (level 1) and the records of others (level 2) is scheduled for March 8-11. I urge you to check our events schedule periodically. We will be offering some exciting workshops and opportunities in the coming months.

My life’s work is to assist you in becoming the highest you can be in any given moment. First and foremost, I consider myself a teacher, and I am I’m honored to have taught in 24 countries. My fool-proof Higher Self Connection method has become the cornerstone of all of my teachings.

As a clear channel to Source, I am continuously developing and introducing new methods that will help you connect with your own wisdom channel, and inspire your spiritual awakening. A lifelong interest in the Akashic Records resulted in my being granted access to this dimension that has been off limits to most of humanity for eons. I am grateful to be a best-selling, award-winning author. My books have been translated into 12 languages worldwide, with more to come. Stay tuned for my newest book, Mastering Your 5D Self: Tools to Create a New Reality, being released in April 2022, and currently available for pre-sale on Amazon.

This Month’s Free Download is:
Multi-Dimensional 5D MerKaBa
5D MerKaBa cropped 280x280 1
The 5D MerKaBa is an extension of the original MerKaBa
If you have been doing the Original 17-Breath MerKaBa, this is a real extension of that activity.
If you haven’t done that – and want to do this one – be forewarned that it may cause you to go
into a healing crisis of a spiritual nature. Please do get help, or guidance if you encounter any
difficulties. For sure, consider moving slowly!
You can learn about and purchase the Original 17-Breath MerKaBa here: The Original MerKaBa
On Sale for $49 $29 for the month of March!
What’s in the 5D MerKaBa recording?
The actual meditation consists of a brief introduction and then guided instructional meditation
by me, (Maureen) and then a voice activation by Janiece. Each of those parts are about 15
minutes each. Many of our early testers have been giving us wonderful feedback on how it is
affecting them, their experiences and their work with it.
Some of the reports included the increased ablility to see, know and hear what they needed
to hear. In all cases, the “gifts of spirit” are activated and flowing. You may want to turn off your
wireless router at home – if you’ve got one – because for some it became painful while it was on.
At our house – we put our router on a timer – so it’s not even on – during our sleep time! That
helped a lot.
You’ll also be able to see the thinning of the veils of manifestation – and laugh more. Remember,
this is one of the many tools brought forward by spirit.

Love and Friendship at the Deepest Level

Helping Hand

Recently I was on an airplane flight to Los Angeles, with all of us wearing masks. Yet the plane was surprisingly noisy, like a bar or a tin-roofed restaurant. I listened to the conversations of the people around me. One man was sharing his exploits as a scuba diver and surfer (the more you surf, the poorer you get, he says.) His seat mate revealed she had 9 children.

Across the aisle and behind me was another woman on her 4th flight today, trying to get somewhere amidst canceled or changed flights. I was amazed at the detail I was hearing! I wondered to myself if I suddenly had Wonder Woman hearing! Meditating on this I asked what was going on? Connection!

Everyone being isolated, subconsciously is seeking connection with strangers in a big way. It seemed like everyone was talking to someone, or multiple people, not just their travel mates, but strangers. I found it quite endearing.

What is it about connection that compels us to reach out to strangers, even while wearing a mask? I think part of it is, the fear has dissipated from so many who were closed down due to all kinds of fear issues being projected on humans. It would seem that people are ready to share their experiences with other human beings.

This feeling of wanting to belong falls right in with Maslow’s 3rd and 4th hierarchy of needs, love and belonging, and esteem.  The telling of our stories to a willing listener takes us into self-actualization. It’s so much easier to self-actualize as you tell your story to another interested human.

Sometimes though, we have residue of unresolved feelings. Disappointments that didn’t deliver our heart’s desire. What if we are still carrying some “rejection” baggage? This may limit your ability to connect at the deepest levels. We create filters of negativity or bitterness that can be dissolved by healing those traumas. This month’s free guided meditation will take you through that long-lost love that didn’t work out, creating a space for that special someone! The one that “got away.” And the feeling of being left behind, even if you were the person who broke away!

While I was in Los Angeles, I ran into a lovely friend and her new sweetheart. She had been in Egypt with me earlier this year. She had become a good friend, and I was eager to hear her news, because the day after returning from Egypt her boyfriend (who had been planning to move in with her) dumped her, over the phone!

She was also expecting a big promotion, that she had interviewed for – with the company she‘d been with for 3 years. Upon her return, she learned she was passed over for the promotion! However, the next day, she received an offer from another company, and it was a much better offer. Her old company made a counter offer, which took a few days, but it wasn’t very special, so she turned it down. A day later a third company’s CEO called her, with a fabulous offer, that she didn’t even interview for! She accepted it. A week later, she met her now boyfriend. They didn’t start dating until a few months later. She was eager to tell me about her secret that she had around our trip to Egypt!

When we went into each temple in Egypt, I instructed everyone to make a clear intention about what they wanted, explaining the purpose of each of the initiations in each temple. In her case she asked for the same thing, at every single temple. What did she ask for? Remember, she wasn’t unhappy at all, with a good job, and promotion in sight, along with a boyfriend who was moving towards commitment! She asked for Love and friendship at the deepest level. And now you can too!

Let’s clear out any old lost loves that may stand in the way of your true happiness, and claim “love and friendship at the deepest level. Now and forever.” If you think you might benefit from clearing out an old lost love, this guided meditation, Letting Go of a Beloved, will make a difference. If you are NOT sure if it’s over, do this meditation. It will either strengthen what you have or dissolve it. The waiting is over.

This Month’s Featured Download is:
This Month’s Featured Download is:

Excerpted from the Bring in Your Beloved package, this meditation and introduction will help
you in a time of transition and change of a relationship.
Sometimes letting go of one thing is needed in order to bring in the next thing.
It’s easy to KNOW you want a happy relationship. But the HOW? Well, that’s what we are here for! In fact, you have come to know us for our ability to help you achieve your heart’s desire! Together, we can achieve it.

Hathor Help to Open Your Heart

Hathor 2

Who are the Hathors? They are magnificent beings of Love and Light. Their evolution on the planet Venus interacted with our evolution when Sanat Kumara invited them to come to Earth, when earth was at its darkest hour. You may have seen their image on Egyptian pillars. It is also the Cover of the CD Mantras for Ascension.

There was a time, when the devolution of humanity was so great, the Great Karmic Board determined that it was best to eliminate this experiment. It had gone too far into darkness. Sanat Kumara stepped forth to intercede for this beautiful planet, and to assist humanity in returning to the light. He invited his followers from Venus to join him, and 144,000 stepped forward to come to Earth. They all incarnated on the Earth, with clear intention to restore the light of Source on Earth.

Some of you resonate with the number 144,000 which implies you are one of the souls of light from Venus who have been returning to Earth, over and over again, to assist humanity in choosing the highest possible choice. At some point, during Sanat Kumara’s extended stay overseeing Earth’s progress, he invited the Hathors to come to assist humanity in leveling up.

The Hathors are fourth dimensional beings of Love and Light. They reside on Venus and can come into your world with great wisdom and Light. They will assist you in holding the space of unconditional love towards all of life. When you invite them to overshadow you… you actually find yourself speaking with sweetness and love, even when your emotions are reacting to a perceived attack!

Many of you are swayed by the darkness not realizing how much choice you have. How many times do you catch yourself saying, “I have to…” It is our intent that you recognize you have far more choice than you realize. This is because so often, your decisions are based on habit and not choice. Habit includes behaviors that you have taken on – where you use a belief system, or a crutch of some sort, to be the salve on a perceived wound!

Everyone has been wounded in some way. How do you pull yourself out of perceiving yourself as a victim? Let the choices you make come from your will, and not memory/habit. We invite you to do the Hathor Chant as it will fill your vessel with the unconditional love of the Hathors, allowing you to receive any “incoming energies” as loving and supportive.

This Month’s Featured Audio is:
Mantras for Ascension
(which includes the Hathor Chant)
Special instructions for using the Hathor Chant: When you do this chant be prepared for some surprises! Ideally you will do the whole 256 repetitions. At the minimum do cycles of 4. Why 256 repetitions? It is four squared. (44) Doing this in a group, is very powerful and by yourself is totally ok. If you can do this chant out of doors, then do that, as the elementals love this – as you are chanting their names, Earth, Fire, Water and Air in the Hathor tongue. You may feel the Hathors presence as they touch your head or hair. You may be feeling like you cannot move physically, that you are “frozen”; that means your pranic tube is getting a clearing, and your body’s “stillness” is allowing them to work with you.

You will want to have a glass of water ready, because most people do not have experience singing for 20 minutes straight. You should take a sip of water, as your voice tires, and resume the chant quickly.  After you have completed the 20 minutes of chanting, sit for 10 minutes in complete silence, with your palms open upwards on your lap or a pillow on your lap because you may receive a gift. (end instructions.)

Recently, through many wonderful blessings a client had multiple readings with me and another Akashic Records Guide. She followed the instructions in the readings, which included her doing the Hathor Chant from Mantras for Ascension. For the first time, a family gathering (with in-laws) turned into a peaceful joyful experience. She was thrilled. So are we. Please use your tools. You’ll thank us later!

Caution – the “Busy Time of Year” is Upon Us!

Bending Time

Once again, as the end of the year approaches, we wonder where all the time went this year! We wonder how did it get to be November already! Our experiences of time indeed are changing. It is a way to “control time” of the masses. Really? Yes!

You are not alone feeling this way. Aside from the obvious manipulation there is so much more to do with your available time! How do you use your time? So many choices, so little time!

Recreational time is super important because it recharges your “batteries,” and helps you bring more creativity, light and joy into your life. Some clients in the Akashic Records are told – their job is to recreate – to have fun, and help others to do the same! Certainly, this part of life is essential, just like sleep. For workaholics like me, it’s even more important.

What about how we use time when no one is looking? Do we goof off? Yes, sometimes, but can you remind yourself of your promises to your family, friends, co-workers about project deadlines and opportunities to share. As much as you may wish for more “free time,” you may have missed an opportunity if you allow time to always loom strongly in your awareness.

Time isn’t stagnant like we’ve come to believe, but fluid, like a river. It can flow fast or slow, it can push you and pull you along. However, I have found that it is possible to manipulate time, to work with time, bend it, stretch it, to accomplish what I’ve set out to do by “not resisting,” and instead, insisting that I do have control over my time, and I CAN manipulate time – for my benefit. After all, we are co-creators of this universe. Someone or something may control the “rules” but once we know how to operate within them, then we are free to manipulate, change, accept and reject the reality we’ve co-created. Remember, you DO have the power!

More than ever, I’ve learned that some individuals have a bigger connection to time than others. Some individuals let time control them, others control time. Which are you? Do you want to change roles and control time instead of having it control you?

Some basic things that I like to recommend to help you move into a zone of “controlling time” are, letting go of wearing a watch, looking at the clock on your phone, and worrying about “not having enough time.” Another way we can adversely manipulate time is through our fear and worry. Fear is about the future, worry is about the past. This is important to understand because both are perversions of “time” and are based on our ability to remember or to project and have nothing to do with being in the present moment.

How would you know you are doing this? When you tell your sad story more than three times, you are giving more weight to the experience of the past time, instead of participating in the now time. How do you spend your present? It’s really all we have anyway. Yes we have our memories, but even those fade with the passage of time!

We keep trying to find our new normal, and get out of the phase we’ve been in for the past 2 years. Having more time due to doing practically everything from home has given you a fresh look at what you care about, and how you manage your time. Make sure you grow and benefit from this knowledge, as you step into your new present.

This Month’s Featured Audio
The Golden Time Meditation
The Golden Time Meditation is an amazing opportunity for you to elevate yourself and your family members to the most evolved expression.
This Month’s Featured Audio The Golden Time Meditation The Golden Time Meditation is an amazing opportunity for you to elevate yourself and your family members to the most evolved expression. I’d like to share with you our experiences as I developed this meditation, and received feedback from the beta testers of this meditation, to help you know and understand what was given. A few people found the mention of the “luciferian energies” uncomfortable. We took their feedback into the Akashic Records and were advised, that all who felt uncomfortable, or felt that it was a “downer” while they were in this golden place, may still be in judgment. The record keepers encouraged us to stay out of judgment of darkness, and simply see it as a false expression. This is because when you are without judgment you would simply look at those energies to be avoided not as a negative charge.
We also want to emphasize the Golden Seeds, that you will be procuring from your home galaxy or home planet are extremely important. The seeds of light you are being asked to plant on the earth are to be planted by you, in your mind’s eye. You may plant them wherever you wish. Some people are planting them in their hometowns, some people are planting them in strategic places, or important cities that they care about. Each time you do this – the gift of the golden seeds is to be planted, to help bring more light to the earth. It matters not where you plant your golden seeds of light. You may plant new seeds each time you do this meditation. The important thing to realize is that we are building an incredible grid of light that connects mother earth to the Christ consciousness grid that surrounds the earth stabilizing the earth with the galactic family mastery.
Many people have found that they are very attracted to all of the golden meditations and they are doing these in a cycle, where they might do one or two of them each day moving through them which anchors more light into each of them as a network. I hope you will enjoy this meditation!
A Recent Review of Golden Time Meditation
Maureen, thank you so much for the Golden Time Meditation. It has become my ‘go to’ tool for immediate stress relief, centering, ‘going quiet’ in the 5D, staying above duality and polarity and surrendering to my soul, higher self and God Within. I have recommended it to many of my clients who also benefit from using it.

Fear of Fear and Soul Retrieval

Lost Parts

There is a network of fear which is like a hair net around the earth. When we have fear about anything, our fear is like a magnet. We build a thread of our fear, and we connect to the fear grid. That causes our fear to expand—much bigger than what is normal. That’s why so many people have something little trigger them into a big melt-down of fear. It’s because their little fear created a link to the big fear that is around the earth.

Now, that fear grid has been dissolved a bunch of times. One of my earlier groups did a lot of grid work to clear it. We actually dissolved that fear grid. But it still wants to come back a little bit. It’s a little bit like a habit that humans have. When we get rid of an addiction, for example, there’s still the habit that underlies that addiction. So, clearing the addiction might be handled, sometimes hard, sometimes easy, but clearing the habit is a lot harder. We’re creatures of habit. That habit looks for the grid that used to be there, and feeds its growth.

When we have any kind of fear, it causes us to go into that grid. The grid looks like a shadow to me. It almost looks like an unstable internet connection. You know when you’re watching a video, it blinks out and then comes back in? It’s a little bit like that. It’s not stable. That means it could go away again, which would be great—if we didn’t have so much fear. Fear has tended to rule humanity.

We’ve all been told lies about what to be afraid of, “Wait till your father comes home…” used to be a popular phrase, when fathers worked away from home. Some have been told lies by people they trusted, and the resulting betrayal makes one feel like they should be afraid of similar situations!

Think of the fear we’ve had to live with these past two years. Many times people don’t know what they are afraid of, but they feel the fear. If you are dealing with unresolved fear, or unknown fear you might try our essential oil blend, “Voyage,” to release the fear. We like to say it helps with “letting go of fear, stepping into your power by letting go of limiting beliefs and moving to new ground.” Used with the Vibranz Intention disc makes the clearing more powerful.

What trauma do you keep hidden, in the hopes no one discovers it? It might even be that you can’t think of anything that you fear right now. If that occurs, you simply say, “Whatever I don’t know that I don’t know . . . ” Maybe there’s a little speck of something within you. If not, then just expand the light to absorb the darkness of those around you, whatever it is. Allow that to be okay, and love it anyway.

When you have a trauma of any kind, you may break off a part of your soul, to move forward. That lost part will be left behind in the time and space where it occurred. This is important to understand, because your Soul is still looking for that lost part, and will substitute the “energy of fear” that can be broadcast over the airwaves such as cell phone towers, tv antennae’s, and radio waves. When you become more fully connected with who you really are, you are stronger, more able to be in integrity, more able to resist falling into the abyss of difficult emotions, and are able to process your traumas and dramas.

Soul retrieval is very useful for reclaiming lost parts of yourself, so you are more fully present. You will be able to use this to bring back lost parts.

Some areas where you may be experiencing this are:

  1. retrieving an emotion that you are very aware that you are holding onto . . . You had a trauma, or big emotional wound;
  2. a car accident;
  3. someone important passed away unexpectedly;
  4. a job loss—or business partnership breaking up or failing;
  5. something not so challenging in the physical, but it may be a big emotional hit;
  6. clean-up work. That is anything that I haven’t addressed.

For example, when someone dies, it’s a big hit, physically and emotionally. And if you really loved that person, you very likely broke off a piece of yourself to cope. If someone really close to you passed away, you might have an energetic attachment. If it’s a relative—like a grandma or an aunt to whom you were close, someone like that—it might hit you hard that she is gone.

When you get the instructions for the soul retrieval, make sure you follow the instructions carefully. Then ask your Higher Self: do I want to do a general soul retrieval, or do I need to do a specific one, based on a specific event? I believe that the specific ones are the most important. They are the ones that hold the biggest missing pieces. That’s why you can notice how upset you were.

For the middle-of-the-road kind of events, which you know happened, but which don’t
carry a big charge, you could find yourself clearing those as well. Finally, you might actually do what I call clean-up work.

Here’s some feedback from a medical doctor who reported on this work.

I wanted to report that I did the soul-retrieval exercise and had some great
cognitions, just from studying the material and going through the instructions and
explanations for the exercise. In fact, the best part for me was actually getting in
touch with my higher self and guides, and going out to retrieve these pieces of
myself that were out there, following several episodes of great fear/upset. The
harder part was going after the pieces and retrieving them into my field overnight.
Most interesting: I noticed that many of these errant pieces were from other
lives—past and simultaneous—in which I had undergone similar types of great
fear and upset. Not only had I split off pieces of myself, but in each of these
pieces, part of the whole . . . I’m capable of recreating the whole event and time
line. It becomes a vast subject.

This Month’s Featured Audio is:

Unify! A Soul Retrieval Meditation

Unify! is a series of guided meditations to guide you through retrieving and remembering all of your lost parts. Now is the time to put yourself all back together! This meditation contains Soul Retrieval Introduction, Soul Integration Ceremony, Unity Breath and Soul Retrieval Meditation.
Why is it important to “get back together?” When you Unify you, it becomes possible to accomplish more, to meditate better, to achieve spiritual goals and be yourself more. It is easier to step back and unhook from mass consciousness programming and be your authentic self. Everything’s better when you Unify!

Time to Choose


What is going on … LOTS!

The Cosmic Law of Non-interference means our space brothers and sisters may not interfere with our evolution. They may, however, assist us when we ask for their help. Humanity needs this assistance now, more than ever. Light workers (like you) need to increase your light quotient to support those who are not yet participating in the conscious evolution of humanity. It’s a little like donating to a cause you believe in, you do this, because you believe in it, and because you can!

How can you increase your light to be more functorial, centered and to be more loving and generous to yourself and others? It may seem like a daunting task. We have so many barriers to achieving what we want. There are so many shifts and changes we’ve had to make over the past year. Will normal ever return?

Energetically, we are now in the cycle of change where the brakes are off, your “braces” are gone and you are safe. You may be so used to those braces or safety net, you do not realize you are safe, but you are. Your safety net, was so you would know you are making the ‘right’ choices, is gone. You are now riding that bike on your own, without the “training wheels” of someone else telling you what to do, or how to do it. However, you are not riding alone! You have angels on either side of you, ascended beings of light and love, ready to steady you on this course! They will help you, but you must invite their help. This way, during this, is the time you get to exercise free will. This is the time to get your Higher Self Connection going if you have not yet done this! This is why so many teachers are telling you it’s time to choose the light daily, every day. Announce it for yourself! I choose Light, I choose to accept the assistance of all the beings of Light available to assist me now!

Distractions abound. You can hold your vibe at 5D, until something happens that triggers you. It always is about “not enough.” What does not enough mean? It means that there’s not enough time, or money, or love. Hard to understand at first, but you may say to yourself, I know I live in an abundant universe. Yet, when you react to a situation that bounces you out of your natural 5D high and you flip-flop back into 3D, you are reflecting the paradigm that keeps you from having exactly what you have always wanted! Some of these barriers are here to push you higher in your 5D expression. It’s easy when there’s no drama. Ask for help dealing with the drama, the button pushers or whatever else may be taking you out of your harmonious place.

Remember, you can hear about things that happen and don’t please you, without reacting … it take a purpose and a will and often help from “on high.”

Last month we asked you to be aware of your biases and rise above them. Now you are being asked to help others do the same, without preaching, without commenting, simply bringing them so much love, so much light, that they feel the abundance you feel.

Remember, we have the benefit of the Magnanimous Dimension which is the blending of the three dimensions of 3rd, 4th and 5th so that humanity can move around in these easily. It makes 5D much more accessible to everyone, and also makes it far easier for you to slide back into 5D after an upset. Remember that the Council of Nine, channeled through me this message, and I found it so significant that it’s on the top of my home page. You can read that here.

The Magnanimous Dimension:
I am now asking for a most magnanimous outcome!
(Channeled by Maureen from the Council of Nine) We will talk about the Magnanimous Dimension. As indicated by us, we have urged you to bring in the energy of the combined integration of three dimensions. We know you are quite familiar with the energy of the 3rd dimension, it’s polarity, it’s divisiveness, it’s goodness, and yes there is goodness in 3rd dimension. Fourth dimension is integrating now within each of you. You are beginning to tap into the depths of joy, presence and love. Fourth dimension is the portal through which you magnify, and transport yourself into fifth dimension. Because your world has been slow to catch up, we now are offering to you this combined quality of this nexus into the 5th dimension to reach each and every one of you, and we name it the “Magnanimous Dimension” an energy of great integration. It consists of knowing and understanding the perils and of 3rd, the passion of 4th, the ecstasy of 5th and distilling it into an exquisite elixir of Magnanimousness.

It’s tiring to keep your mood, energy and attitude up all the time. I am NOT an advocate of pushing unresolved emotions into a box to only explode later. Give your emotions a brief voice, and tell your sad story three times. When you count, you can have fun with it. I remember being asked “how are you” and responding with “pretty good,” because I was saving my last “tell” for my sister, who always gives me the most sympathy!

You’ve heard me say this before, to keep your emotions and behaviors at optimum, you can announce out loud, before retiring for the night, “I’m waking up in 5D.” You set the matrix, you get to bless yourself this way each day. Anyone may choose this “matrix” that you wake up in 5D. I do it every evening and so can you. I also ask every morning for a day of Heaven on Earth!

We are now at the precipice of some very big changes that will impact everyone on the planet. We need to stay strong and supportive to ourselves and one another. To that end I was told to release the final version of 12 Points of Light to you now. (Originally release last August, a full year ago, in beta form.) This is a powerful meditation that you can do alone, or in your groups. Each time you do this meditation you will be able to claim a gift for yourself as your exchange with the light being for being the messenger of great love for humanity. What is your message? It is one of very high, pure loving energy that you will spread where ever you go, where ever you live.

You will spread it in your home, your parks, the places you visit. This light is so incredible, so amazing that you are now becoming part of the solution, bringing the light of Source into reality.

Please be my guest. Please use this often, daily if you can. Share it with friends and like-minded individuals. It will help you make a difference. This makes you part of the solution. Our free will must be engaged. This is a way to do this.

You may choose whatever location you wish, to visit, and receive the incredible light and gift for yourself. Please know that the Ascended Masters have created this gift to insure your success. Think of it as an opportunity to withdraw from the universal bank account, something for yourself, as long as you are willing to carry light to others.

A group of ET’s (extra terrestrials) found a way to anchor Highly Focused Light into the planet for Humans to use, transport and share. Most everyone on the planet is aware that we need more light to put an end to the destruction, health issues and more that surround us. The emphasis here is NOT to work on a specific solution, but to supply enough light that the highest and best solution in any given situation percolates up for all to see, and choose!

Remember, in 5D and higher dimensions, there is no polarity. “We do not see good or bad, right or wrong, like it is seen on earth,” they tell us. On earth, humans were granted full access to choose the dark. Mankind was allowed to mingle with dark energies and to challenge and create new solutions. This was part of the free-will experiment. You still have free will, but are encouraged to choose light solutions. That old polarity game has been “called out.” Humanity is in the middle of transforming the reality to only choices that will enhance life on this planet. Much of what this is about is found in my book, Waking Up in 5D.

Our Galactic family’s desire to support humans is strong. Many of you have asked for the great awakening to occur. This can happen with your help. We are not asking you to proselytize and lose your friends and family. What we ARE asking is that you pray for everyone in this unique way. This lovely “free” guided meditation will take you (energetically) to one of the 12 points of light that have been anchored on this planet for the purpose of uplifting humanity. You will not be given this light automatically. You must agree to access it. And then agree to be the vessel of this amazing focused light, to “illuminate the environment” around you, plants, animals, people and parks! It will be fun, and there’s a great reward in the process.

Your investment is 30 minutes of time. Follow the instructions, and bring the amazing light back with you. Enjoy the journey.

Note that you will be granted any wish you want in this process. You will be permitted only ONE wish, and may return to the same or any other of the 12 locations for another wish, and another re-fill of your human vessel to later disperse into your world. Think of the airplanes that carry water to douse fires in the Pacific Northwest. This action may be similar – you will be helping to change the reality, and helping all of nature as well. Fortunately, you won’t have to think about dispersing this energy, it will be released automatically wherever you go. I know and feel confident that you are an important part of this transformation. I know and believe the elementals; the birds and squirrels have convinced me this is so!

Once you have understood the introduction, you will not need to listen to it every time, perhaps only for a refresher. If you can, please do this daily. I am so grateful for your help and support! We are healing this planet together.

This Month’s Free Download is:
12 Points of Light
I hope to record the actual names of each and every location in the near future, but the urgency to get this to you is the driving force. Please read through all the names and pick what jumps out at you!
Some of the 12 points of light were unknown to us. If you did this meditation when it was first released, you may notice that some locations didn’t make the cut, and other areas were given definition. Many of you submitted your ideas and suggestions. Special thanks go to Rain Gu who was given the original information by Ashtar, Commander of the space force division of the Great White Brotherhood and to Cristiane Cole, whose connection to these beings directed her to locations that I was able to confirm. Finally I wish to thank all of you, who participated with the “location finding” over the last year. NOW we need this light more than ever! Pick the location that you are attracted to and proceed!!!
12 points of Light Locations:
1. Mt. Edith – Jasper National Park in Canada
2. Mariana Trench – near Japan
3. Athens area, Greek Island,Monastery of the Holy Trinity near Athens,
4. Alaska – Tracy Arm Fjord
5. Brazil – Rio de Janeiro – Corcovado mountain, Christ the Redemer Statue
6. Switzerland, the Matterhorn
7. Queensland, Australia, Great Barrier Reef.
8. Madagascar – Tsingy de Bemaraha Stone Forest — world’s largest stone forest. “stone cathedrals.
9. Cuba – Jovellanos, Catedral de San Carlos Borromeo,
10. Egypt- Hall of Records – Chamber below the Great Pyramid
11. Galapagos Islands, off San Cristobal.
12. Argentina,close to Chile (Bariloche area/Chubut-Santa Cruz region, including the Border part to Chile, (this forms a circle if you look at the map).

Tough Times Call for “Safety”

Hammock Effect Photo

What do you need to do to be safe? We need to know these things! Of course you will make sure that you have a little extra food and water, and that your car is full of gas, should you need to run an errand.

However, sometimes chaotic times around us are a reminder to expand our light, and be the resource for everyone else. We just posted on Facebook, that if you are not emanating love and light you may be receiving others’ junk! How can we be more? We can be the fountain of love and light for others. This month’s freebie is a short meditation, and a reminder to use this frequently enough, so that you could mentally create it where ever you are! It’s called the Golden Glow.

A few years ago, I was asked to sit in on a healing session being done on my husband. My husband wasn’t asking for this; I was surprised they wanted me there. But I sat in, wondering what I should do, or what I could do to assist. Then I remembered the Golden Glow Meditation. I began to create the beautiful golden fountain, and the healing session went very well.

Afterwards, the healer approached me and said, “You were doing something in there, and it was very big. I could feel it. When we do this healing work, sometimes the room fills with the chaotic energy of the issue at hand, and we need to clear it. Yet, when your husband’s session ended, the entire room was golden!”

Some of you know that I took a bad fall, in my new home in Arizona, on to the very hard tiled floors. Many times before I fell, I said to my husband, “Can I go home now…?” (I was so overwhelmed with all the responsibility of setting up my home and office! Poor me! He always comforted me, finally saying, “You ARE home.”

Certainly, in my New York home, in a tiny apartment, everything had a place and I had order!” The emptied boxes, and the disarray of moving, made me want to abandon ship! Since a person’s legs are directly connected to the earth, my fall was my “fear of moving forward!” There were other factors as well, as I will share with you.

After that, I had a dream about losing a tooth, and also about silver… Keep in mind many times tooth issues, root canal and losing a tooth are all about changing your belief systems! I woke up knowing I’d better “change my belief” quickly…. and started to “like my new home…” That turned into “I love my new home” and my new city, state etc.

Right now, chaos is all around us, and will be with us for another few months. Astrologer Madeline Gerwick says that “warlike chaos” is with us right up until a few days before the American Thanksgiving! The number one message is to live with uncertainty… and to be ok in “uncharted waters.” That part came through in my meditations BEFORE I opened the Akashic Records…I am not an astrologer, but I do believe that the world is affected by astrology, as it is a template to guide the action. BUT you and I can opt out any time we are aware of the energies that don’t suit us. You must use your God-given power to overcome these energies, and part of that comes from the belief that you do have the power to opt out of whatever is coming your way.

I opened the Akashic Records and this is what they had to offer. Please let your readers know the set up – that I’m in good physical health, do Qi Gong morning and evening and walk a mile and half every morning. I “shouldn’t have fallen!” or tripped in a way that I couldn’t stop or save myself from the injury.

They said, “You were trying too hard to finish the “order” in the bedroom as the chaos was causing your irritation. You wanted to feel as if at least one corner of your world was safe. After the fall you recognized that “safety is relative” since you sacrificed safety over the creation of safety.

The MAIN message is that during this time of great upheaval on the planet, and for each one personally, as you settle into a new environment you must be willing to “take it on the chin,”  to take it slow and to exercise MORE patience with yourself.

Was I ignoring a message that told me to rest? The Record Keepers said, “Sort of. You knew you were getting tired and thought you’d just finish up that one last box before calling it a night.” They reminded me of the one time I had pushed myself to finish driving home after an all-night flight and “‘you actually dozed off at the wheel. You woke up and realized that you needed to stop and let the sleep take over!” This was a “horrifying experience” to know how close I was to completely losing it!

I asked why did my right leg, left ankle, left chin and center of my face get caught in the fray? They responded, “You have always known the benefit of meditation. You allowed your meditation practice to “fall off” while you tried to create order. Meditation will give you the inner peace, that you were seeking from the outside. This will assist you in making the outer chaos tolerable.”

This is an important message for all of us, as we reach for “peace and tranquility.” It reminds me of the poem by Rudyard Kipling, “If”

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

“Patiently work through the workload of the transformation of your new home. Continue to be ruthless in letting go of things you no longer require, and love yourself to also be ok with recognizing that you need to find your de-stressors like the homeopathic remedy you use for stress.” (Ignatia Amara)

What may be known about the chin and top of the nose, near the third eye where I hit? “Taking it on the chin is knowing there is chaos, and accepting and trying to do something about it. You hit hard and bounced, causing you to land even harder on your third eye. This is where your power lies. This is where you must keep your focus. Nothing else matters. Keep your body functioning with grace and ease, and use the swimming pool to heal and gain relaxation.

I asked what is the big message to pass on to others? “Take it slow. You are on rough seas. It may seem important to “rush to the shore” but important work is done “at sea.” (Transportation of people and things) You may think you are safer at shore but that too could be an illusion. Experienced ocean goers go further out to sea when a tsunami is coming, and go to anchor when there is a storm. Know where you are and what you need to do. Don’t push to get things done. Instead, move slowly in a clockwise motion, and be sure to keep asking your dragons and angels for assistance and direction!”

Finally, I invite you to ask yourself what makes you feel “safe.” Many of the people in the Ascension Institute today said, curling up in a blanket with a good book. Others offered a simpler answer “being in my home.” One person said, “working out.” What ever it is, do a self scan, asking yourself this important question. Then make sure you use your ability to imagine that scenario every single day, even if just for a short while, so that you can remain centered, and “safe” no matter what is going on around you!

This month’s freebie is a favorite among many. If you have it, keep doing it! If you have never done this meditation, you’ll find it refreshing and uplifting! Do the Golden Glow, wherever you go, to help uplift humanity. This way you are part of the “solution” no matter what life brings!!!

This Month’s Featured Audio is:

Bring In the Golden Glow

The purpose of this meditation is to help you stay in 5D. The Golden Glow will help you heal your wounds, help you manifest, help you stay in your heart in difficult situations. It will help you hold the frequency of Divine Love in your physical body for at least 24 hours. Do this meditation daily and you may even learn how to turn it on instantly. Although it’s a short meditation, it is extraordinarily powerful and you will benefit greatly from using it.

The Vesica Proof & Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day

Mary with female chile

I have studied geometry since my teens, and sacred geometry for almost as long. Some of what you see on the web, by other authors is not accurate, and some inspiring and enlightening.

I wish to address a number of subjects. Being a purist, my aim is not to criticize, I want to improve the narrative so we may have a better understanding.

Mary Magdalene’s feast day is July 22. I had my first aha about this many years ago, while working in Europe, and was told by my student there, they learned the fraction that represents phi was 22/7. This fraction represents an irrational number Pi. (3.14…). I have often compared the ideas of rational numbers and fractions with maleness and irrational with femaleness. And yes, Pi IS a relationship that is never resolved.

You can do the math yourself, and see, 3 x 7 = 21. So if you divided 22 by 3 you would have “1” left over. If you carry the division out further… 3.14285714. Use your phone calculator to check!

Mathematicians call the expression Pi, irrational, because the true expression of this relationship means that it never resolves. This Greek name, describes the relationship between a circle and its radius or area. We use pi to determine these measurements by using the radius (the length of string, drawn around a center stake) in relationship to pi. Both the radius and pi are used to produce this data. No matter what size the circle is, if you know the radius, you can know the circle’s circumference or area.

But why is this important to Mary Magdalene’s feast day?
It’s important because someone among the Church fathers KNEW the meaning of 22/7, the typical way Europeans write dates!

How is this related to the circle?
The Circle as seen above is created by having a known radius (purple line) When two circles of the same radius share a center as in the shaded center in the diagram above, we end up with a Vesica Piscis (turquoise in the middle). The Vesica (shorthand for Vesica Piscis) is considered the seed shape or womb, or mandora in art. It is found in many places, like this one: Note the dotted line in the center is related to the √3.
chapel 598x800 1

The Vesica came to represent the sacred feminine.

How did it get related to Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene’s name in the ancient code of Gematria produces the number 153. Gematria, unlike numerology, was based upon mathematical principles that were known. “The 153” was the common shorthand for 256/153. Mathematicians use the common √3 to represent this fraction that is multiplied by the radius to produce the height of the Vesica. The system of Gematria allowed for a colel, (+1 or -1) to be added or subtracted to a name to create deeper meaning to insure it is understood for posterity. The name of Mary ads up to 152. Yet when you add the allowed colel to be added; all “Marys” become the Divine feminine! I believe that’s the reason nuns took this as a first name, to imply they were “married to Christ.” Only one name in the new testament ads up to 153, Mary Magdalene. Although some scholars will tell you that she was from Magdala, there is no proof that she was from there, nor is there any proof that she was not born there. I maintain, that she was given the name Mary Magdalene as an honorific, a title! Where does that lead us? If you look at the Gematria of her name, representing the Vesica, and then you add to it the “secret” of her feast day, the code related to the height of the Vesica, it leads me to the conclusion that she indeed is at the center of the Vesica, and thus the true mother of the world. As we look into the deeper meanings of the sacred geometry, we can know that even the church fathers, knew, and somehow left these secrets to be discovered by a later generation. That generation is now! Celebrate Mary Magdalene’s Feast day this month, July 22. May the blessings of Mary Magdalene bless us all.

AroMandalas – Orion Series Blends™

Our AroMandalas-Orion Series™ blends were formulated by Mary Magdalene, and delivered to our staff member, an aromatherapist, in the dream time! They carry incredible healing properties, that could only have come from the “divine.” Check them out! This month we are featuring the Magdalene trilogy group, now renamed to Wizdom, Compaszion and Balanzed. The Balanzed Blend (formerly Bethany) was used in the private initiation ceremony in the Cave of Bethany outside a small village in French Pyrenees that Maureen has written about in Waking Up in 5D. With this anointing in a very sacred space, the initiates found themselves connecting more fully to the universal Oneness of all creation. This included seven sacraments: obedience, sacrifice, fidelity, consecration, sanctification, purification and oneness.The ritual for an initiation was created around a traditional prayer reflecting on the Christ.
This Month’s Featured Download is:
Divine Feminine Prayer
Divine Feminine Prayer
Since this prayer is brief, we have printed it below, along with the visual of the winged disc, alternately called the winged sun.
You may freely distribute this – along with the attribution.
Thank you.
I ask that the Divine Feminine speak through me this day. I ask permission for the Divine Feminine to reside here, in the physical, in my body. Let all aspects of the Divine Feminine be anchored here in my body so that I am expressing the fullness of the Divine Feminine through me this day.
Do this prayer daily. Do it three times in a row, spoken out loud. Conclude with:
I ask this for myself and for all of humanity.

The Dentist Syndrome

Small space 2

Years ago, when I worked for a group of dentists, one of them pulled me aside. She said, “We are trained to look in tiny spaces for what’s wrong. That’s how we think!” She was giving me words of encouragement after a particularly difficult meeting!

Some people are habitually defining their world based upon what they do not like. They say nothing when an object of beauty or admiration shows up. Others may define their world by describing their dissatisfaction about a behavior or situation. Science understands it. It’s a habit, and it’s a hard habit to break, but there is a way to change your habit. But before I tell you that, I want to talk about why it is so important to change your habit of describing what you do not like!

When you focus on what you do not want, or what you do not like, you may find you can get stuck in 3rd dimension. This is because when we focus on what’s not working, it locks us into 3rd dimension. Every one of us, is transforming ourselves into a higher vibrational being. This translates into moving from third dimension to fifth dimension.  While we transition from 3rd dimension into 5th dimension, we can fall back into 3rd simply by stepping into the polarity puddle. Like a mud puddle we almost always didn’t see it, before we stepped into it!

So how do we avoid them when we don’t see them? Well, you don’t. What you do is change the population of “thoughts” in your head, by creating a little game of noticing your habit, and then following it with a new habit of finding two or more things on the positive side. This negates it. There is research that establishes clearly that three or more things change the energy field. However, I’ve been using the “two or more” replacement thoughts since 1970. I also talked about it in my book, Be A Genie, long before the research of Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph.D., a pioneer in the study of positivity who has studied and written extensively on this subject.

Ongoing scientific study of this phenomenon (positive thoughts to replace negative ones), sometimes called the Losada ratio (3:1) established that three positives completely eliminate any negativity and reframe the reality significantly. However, as long as the positivity outnumbers your negative thoughts (by 2:1) you will shift and change!

Today I did a healthy body type test, that said I had both too much cortisol and too little! Interestingly, dopamine, the chemical that’s released in the body of anyone experiencing positive feedback triggers that warm feeling of being cherished, just like the mother when she breastfeeds, her baby gets a dose of dopamine. The competition in your body is with cortisol, the stress hormone, that does all kinds of things to get you ready for difficulty! (Traffic, arguments etc.)

According to researchers, our brain loves cortisol and we often “reward ourselves” by repeating negative thoughts and ideas. Cortisol is a chemical in your brain that tends to flow more freely and spurs negative thoughts, hence it does take a little more work to take on the new habit of two or more positives right after a negative thought. Yet, we have free will, and can choose to balance all of the darkness and the light around us!

Just remember, the job of the dentist is to look closely, into a small environment, to see what’s wrong. She is getting paid for this behavior, you are not!

1 A 2013, a study conducted by Nicholas J. L. Brown, Alan D. Sokal, and Harris L. Friedman challenged the validity of the Losada ratio. Their concerns stemmed from an empirical viewpoint. They did not find issue with the idea that positive emotion is more likely to build resilience or that a higher positivity ratio is more beneficial than a lower one. They found issue in assigning applications of mathematics to pinpoint the “ideal” emotional ratio. (Brown, et al 2013).

This Month’s Featured Download is:
Merging Light with Dark
At the Healing Temple of Kom Ombo
Merging Light with Dark
This meditation is based on the guided meditation that was channeled to the participants of the Egypt Sacred Journey. It’s been re-created for your benefit, and to help you find balance, find appreciation for your darkness and your light, bringing peace, contentment and harmony to you! Titled “Merging your Light and Dark at the Healing Temple of Kom Ombo” or “Merging Light with Dark.”

Birthdays and Karma

people with spiral

The flow of life is not linear; it’s spiral. Like a circle, the curve moves into a new position directly above its starting point, as it reaches around each starting point. Like your birthday, that circles around your date of birth, annually, there are changes and aspects of you that allow you to renew and revisit old ideas and events in a new, and more evolved way.
Your birthday is a very special time, and you may wish to ask for your gifts from the Ascended Masters. This is a very special allowance that will give you the added boost you may need to elevate up! And I’ve been told, by my guides, many times, don’t work so hard! Get help, by asking the Ascended Masters and your angels for help daily! See my blog post on Birthdays.

One thing that amazes me, is this cyclic nature of the universe. We can elevate up faster, when we allow it. Every state of brokenness will ultimately evolve to a state of wholeness. Many people tend to perceive unfolding events of their life as a series of isolated, disconnected freeze-frames. You may have believed that whatever was to happen would just happen unto itself, without any sequential connection to what happened before it. BUT now, if you will look, you will see many connections that have led you to this point in time!

Remember, the flow of life is not linear; it’s a spiral, even though you may think of it as circular. Therefore, every state of incoherence will ultimately evolve to a state of coherence! We have tools to aid this, (the Intention Disc). Don’t let the dysfunction of yesterday, or last year hold you back!

It’s time to step up, into 5D. It’s time to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. If you have been following me, you know that I’ve been saying since 1995 that there is no more Karma. You’ve heard me repeat the words of Sanat Kumara from a few years ago, The game is over. The game will end when there are no more players. Will you be the first to leave or the last?

What could this possibly mean? It means that the 5D world is ready and waiting for us. It means we are using choice instead of blame. It means we are transferring power back to individuals, ourselves in particular, so we don’t play victim any more. Remember every time you say, “I have to…” you reinforce your lack of power.

Decide, today, to own your choices, and to use your words powerfully, I choose, It makes me happy when, I want to… The “have to” language surrenders your power to whomever will readily take it! There seems to be plenty of inappropriate use of power today.

Sometimes I get questions… like, If there’s no more Karma, and people can do (bad things), what difference does it make? Why can’t I do those things? Well you can, but then you are stuck in 3D! So, the reason to release your own Karma, and give up score keeping is that it allows you to step into 5D where there is an abundance of everything you need. If you are watching everyone around you (score keeping) you are not focused on your own evolution into higher planes of existence.

If they can do that, why can’t I?  Well you can, but then you’re still playing in 3D, which binds you to the rules of the 3D game. If your neighbor – behaves badly, will you return in kind? What will you do when faced with obnoxious behavior? Keeping score knocks you back into 3D… the only 5D choice is to “leave the game.” You literally choose to walk away from the “game.” Making this choice, a free will choice, allows you to step into the richness of 5D.

One final question comes from one of my followers: What can you share about those whom have recently departed the physical body within the last few years – Is reincarnation still going on or not since 3D is ending?  There is a “trap” of seeing a façade of family members calling you to them. It’s easy to go to the light they seem to be coming from. However, choosing to go back to God will pull you out of that cycle of reincarnation. That’s a choice you get, after you die!

Remember the words of Sanat Kumara said, “The game (of 3D) is over. It will end when there are no more players. Will you be the first to leave or the last?”

Many more adventures await us in many dimensions and many worlds!

This Month’s Featured Download is:
This Month’s Featured Download is:
and The Birthday Prayer
Birthdays with Ascended Masters
Is your birthday or the birthday of a loved one coming up? Listen to this meditation to find out how to access the gifts your angels and guides have to offer you in celebration of your birthday. Learn how to ask for what you truly desire and in return receive the most priceless gift of all.
The Birthday Prayer
This is a three-minute prayer to do frequently as your birthday approaches.