I’m so excited – to share, finally, a secret dream I’ve had for many many years. Some of you may not know my personal journey since I’ve not really shared how I got here. You may know of my work almost exclusively in Spiritual contact, Sacred Geometry, the MerKaBa and Manifestation all of my adult life.

As my work progressed and I facilitated over 12,000 attendees activating their MerKaBas a revelation emerged! The MerKaBa itself was teaching me how to teach. I was getting calls from strangers telling me that Drunvalo himself was telling people I was the facilitator to study with!

Make no mistake; I’m not one of Drunvalo’s current followers. Drunvalo personally trained me in his original facilitator program. After the Facilitators’ program Flower of Life Research created at Drunvalo’s request, although grandfathered in, I re-certified in that. I sat on their prestigious FOL Council, until it closed.

Yes, but what IS the MerKaBa?

Mer Ka BaThe MerKaBa was used to create this Universe. It is a rotating, geometric, crystalline Light-Energy field that extends around the body approximately 55 feet. It is both a visualization and breathing meditation that activates your Fifth Dimensional, Light Body.

Practiced over 16,000 years ago, the MerKaBa was known before this civilization existed. By remembering and activating your MerKaBa you will achieve unparalleled awakening – both now and as the planet goes through its upcoming transformation. Learn to operate your MerKaBa and learn to transcend the time-space continuum and dimensional limitations. Learn the MerKaBa correctly and become fifth dimensional in your third dimensional body.

I have continuously taught the MerKaBa since 1995. When Ron Holt and Lyssa Royal took over for Dru and created Flower of Life Research, they shared the need for advanced work, inviting facilitators to fill that gap.

I began offering my Advanced FOL (Flower of Life) to answer that call. When they finally created their own advanced program, several years later, I asked what to do with my advanced workshop and was told, “Keep teaching it.” Ron Holt said once, “Drunvalo always wanted to find a way for individuals to learn how to connect with the Higher Self.” We knew the tools coming through me would really support that. And ultimately, the logical, easy, Higher Self connection material came through!

Initially, I was teaching the MerKaBa as Drunvalo taught it to me. Pretty soon I was getting more and more information to support the understanding of this information. It all worked. Yet, I hesitated. I was unwilling to share my understanding at first, until something dramatic happened.

One day, I shared with Dru the mudra, that I was getting for Breath 15 – and voila he turned to the facilitators at this gathering of FOL Facilitators and announced it! This and many other spiritual confirmations helped me to recognize and “check in with Higher Self”, that it was time to start teaching what I was being taught by Spirit – not just the core FOL material.

One of the things I really like about the MerKaBa is that it is always taught in a sacred environment. My deep Catholic roots, along with my connections to the Angelic Realms and Ascended Masters always drove my passion to do this work. I’ve belonged to numerous organizations, teachings of the Ascended Masters, A.R.E., (Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Cayce organization and currently sit on their Board in New York) and studied the Course in Miracles for starters. I’ve had numerous spiritual teachers along the way.

But now I was also getting information directly from Source. In response to more and more time meditating and teaching the MerKaBa, more and more information became part of my course material, making my FOL course uniquely different while still following Dru’s original “Classic        17-Breath” MerKaBa. I have never deviated or changed this core element.

With the success of the Beyond the Flower of Life book, it became more and more apparent that there was a need for this supplemental information. Now that dream is a reality in the MerKaBa Classic Video. You can get all the information I teach on this subject.

Now you can get the full
MerKaBa Classic DVD,
The original 17-Breath MerKaBa
Teaching in video format.

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This is my graduation present to you. This cycle may be complete for many. Many FOL facilitators made the change to Drunvalo’s new work, Living in the Heart (ALITH.) His new program, Awakening the Illumined Heart required one to choose between the original affiliation (17 Breath MerKaBa) or the new one. I have had both the time and money to participate. I checked in with my Higher Self many times and it was not my path to follow Drunvalo’s new work. I champion any of you called to do this work. If you are a teacher or student of it, may you find what you are seeking. I’ve learned the original 17-breath MerKaBa directly from Drunvalo and have attended this course three times when Dru was the only one teaching it. The last time I was there, Dru, smiling, said to me, “Maureen, what are you doing here?” He knew I didn’t need it! I smiled and said, “My Higher Self told me to come.”

Why do I call the MerKaBa Classic Video a graduation present? When one cycle ends and another emerges, it is like a graduation! For some, it may mean an end, but I claim my opportunity to share more intimately, with more of you, my deep appreciation of this amazing meditation.

Some will tell you it is synthetic. Isn’t anything you do with your mind synthetic? So creating an awakened illuminated heart with your thought is the same as creating a MerKaBa with thought – and voila, the heart connection kicks in and you have moved from the mind to the heart.

Additionally, in this body of knowledge you will find a greater, balanced understanding of sacred geometry that came with my natural MerKaBa that emerged from practicing the 17-Breath MerKaBa. It isn’t the only way, but ONE way, to activate the MerKaBa.

Sustaining the MerKaBa over time – is a matter of process. The holding space of the activated MerKaBa is automatic, no matter which form you use. Either way, it will go permanent at some point.

My graduation present to you:
Stepping up to my role as a spiritual teacher in my own right is a result of this parting of the ways. I’m not interested in being your Guru. I’m interested in teaching you to turn into your own Inner Guru! The MerKaBa Meditation can help you do that.

The MerKaBa Meditation will help you become more heart-centered. It will take you out of your head, and focus you into your heart.

“I was convinced to attend because my husband went to one of Maureen’s workshops four months ago and he changed so much. He is more considerate of others, kinder, more at peace and easier to talk to. This is a lot of change compared to what I am used to with him.” (A wife, mother, and PhD. geologist turned healer from Wisconsin.)
“Maureen’s knowledge is very deep and her connections with people very compassionate and fun.”
Those of you who have studied with me know what this is about. If you’ve never had the experience, it is my deep pleasure to share this knowledge with you. It represents almost 20 years of traveling all over the world – and all the lovely wisdom that has evolved, especially after I was given access to the Akashic Records.
“Maureen is a wonderful facilitator because she was able to answer every question of mine, no matter how off topic, AND still remain non-judgmental. She is comfortable to learn from.”
I am grateful for all the amazing feedback I’ve received. I’m even more grateful for the knowledge that I have sought, like you, and it’s emergence. I’ve achieved much in my life and am extremely happy and grateful that I have kept my promises. Integrity is most important to me.
“Maureen conducts her workshop with grace and ease. She listens to her inner guidance to tailor the workshop to her participants’ requirements.”
For years I have been sharing my information in small classes of 15-25 persons, beginning first with my then hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, and then traveling to present to groups worldwide. The real story of how I achieved this is bigger that I can tell here. What I can share with you is that I had the same questions as you: I wanted to know WHY there were dimensions and what could be known and understood. I wanted to know HOW to connect with the Higher Self. I wanted to know the logical REASON to always follow your Higher Self, and I wanted 100% accuracy!

Now you can have the answers to these questions and more…


The calls for me to come teach kept coming and coming – from all over the world! After that very first out of town FOL workshop, where, as if magically, I was gifted a 9 bedroom beach house for the 13 persons attending, I knew I was to pursue this! I remember going to the altar as I prayed on whether to purchase that first airline ticket – since only 3 persons had signed up at that point; asking for clear direction, was this was my path? I was guided then, purchase the ticket, and everything would follow. It didn’t make much sense financially – I was barely making it (with income from my day job and four sons at home), in fact going into the red – a hundred dollars or so each month and wasn’t exactly in the market for an expensive hobby!
Insert a photo – maybe of a sunset instead?

On the surface, my friend, Winona who had agreed to host it, resisted. I begged her, my closeest friend, who lived so far away from me. She said, “I’m kind-of in the Bible Belt, ya know? And my little three-bedroom house doesn’t really have room for too many people. And I’m not sure what to do with the kids and dog.” My response every time was the same, “If you will host me, I know it will work out.”

I’m now ready to share this magical information with you!

I have come to realize that the time for this knowledge to be released to the general public has come. The number of original 17-Breath MerKaBa teachers has diminished. You have to go to the website – to look up the teachers that were still active at the time that facilitators program ended. www.flowerofliferesearch.org

In this MerKaBa Classic video class, you’ll learn about Sacred Geometry in a way that will help you understand it. It will assist you to acquire the knowing that Sacred Geometry is source code for creation.

“I was originally searching for ‘origin of geometry’ and found the FOL website. What I enjoyed most about the workshop is knowing that EVERYTHING fits together for reasons. This was the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had with ‘strangers’; it was very comfortable and I was able to release enough to reach ‘somewhere else’, my ‘heart space’.” (an engineer from Georgia.)

In choosing to release this information I am adding to the follow-up material that is found in my book, Beyond the Flower of Life and the blog, FlowerofLifeBlog.com. By giving myself permission to graduate – it will open me up for new knowledge to share with you, and of course you can use this knowledge with our other coursework, other teachers of the 17-breath Merkaba Teachers, Awakening the Illuminated Heart work or other teachers of your choice!

Yes, you could learn this on your own by reading a few books. But if it were only about “reading” you’d miss the energy transmission and the conversations that occurred in this live training! The individuals who participated in this course agreed to be part of it – part of your training. They agreed they would be recorded. And then they forgot the camera was rolling. The sincere responses, questions and experiences are all there for you to be a part of it. You’ll share with them, experience with them. What a treat! These are real people, just like you, on a journey to self-discovery and happiness. They chose to learn the MerKaBa and advance their spiritual work through this amazing meditation.

My files are filled with endorsement after endorsement about the MerKaBa and the effect it has in their lives. Here’s just a few:
“My workshop with you in Hawaii with the Advanced FOL and Dolphin Swim was the best seven days of my life!” Linda (Atlanta)
“I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude. The workshop was so much more than I expected. You’re absolutely incredible! The energy you brought was terrific. And I have to tell you that I felt such an amazing feeling within our group. My deepest thanks to you, Maureen.” (a participant from Monterey, CA who travelled to NY to take the workshop.)
“It’s very important what you are doing in this dimension, as we must make a continuous effort to bring love, peace and overall light to this planet. I don’t know if you expected a message, a clue or something … I just want to tell you that the love that you give with your presence is just enough … and I can feel a smile somewhere saying “I’m so proud of you” and a “big thank you”. You opened my heart that evening. And though sometimes it hurts to be so open. It’s a pleasure when everything begins to vibrate in my whole body and recognize that I am what I AM. Love Ali, Paris, FR
“This work is incredible. The workshop this past weekend was more powerful than I had hoped in my wildest imagination! I recommend it to everyone who is on a spiritual path, and who is doing healing work. The opportunity for personal and spiritual growth contained in the Mer*Ka*Ba cannot be expressed. It must be experienced. I urge you to mark your calendars for the next workshop in your area and make it a priority to be here.” (A banker who hosted the workshop, Atlanta.)
“Our spiritual paths have definitely accelerated since that weekend. The world of illusion is falling away and we are coming face to face with the reality.” (A mother and daughter from Milwaukee.)
“Maureen is very open and sincere with all the questions. She is very warm and personable and made everything easy to understand and fun.”
“Maureen’s warmth and positive outlook made the experience enjoyable.”
“I would rate Maureen a 10, the highest score for the love, light and passion with which she teaches comes through to our hearts. I connected immediately and felt as if I was home again.”
“In the workshop I made a very powerful connection and more importantly for me, the ability to set aside my ego to listen.”
“Maureen is an artist of the soul!”
Buy Now!

Wouldn’t you like your meditations to improve? Wouldn’t you like to feel like you’ve really connected with Source? The MerKaBa mediation can do that for you. Imagine spending a few hours to learn this – and then only needing to spend five minutes a day – doing it! What a return on your investment of time and money!
I found a few distinct steps that would improve your understanding of the MerKaBa. I discovered the use of programming (available in the Full Version and in the book, Beyond the Flower of Life). I discovered the connection to the Higher Self and the lower self and how anyone can learn this. I learned how to clear entities to improve meditations for participants. It’s all there.
I taught this information for close to twenty years. Even I was amazed that the demand for workshops worldwide, gave me the privilege to teach over 12,000 students worldwide. One of the things that occurred, as a result of my workshops, week after week, is that more and more information was coming through.
Each week, I was aware that the questions and information that came through during the previous class was the building basis for the next class. In each class I would remind them that they were benefiting from all the students that went before them and that the knowledge was cumulative. In each workshop I was surprised at the new information that would come through me! This went on for over 40 workshops per year, for almost 20 years!
“Almost two weeks have passed since I attended your FOL workshop. The MerKaBa meditation IS HUGE!!!! I simply do not have words to express how HUGE, so I won’t attempt. I trust that anyone who reads these words will just ‘know’. The MerKaBa is very powerful…and I believe that anyone who has fully activated this energetic field is completely protected.” (a participant from Seattle)
This process opened me up to be a clear channel for Source. During this period I was given access to a dimension that has been closed to humanity for eons. I was told this would be with me for the rest of my life and that I was given a permanent guide who would work with me.

Now my life was far from perfect, yet I had guidance for every step of the way. I had major situations – that took my breath away, for how I would get through it. Haven’t you? Yet in each step the solutions appeared sometimes magically. The work, the MerKaBa itself, was teaching me how and what to teach! Helping me solve issues and gain knowledge.

Some of my experiences about the dimensions blew me away, yet my Higher Self and guides confirmed they were real. When I shared them in class, students were nodding and agreeing they were having the same experiences! What a relief! For all of us!

Sharing with you that powerful knowledge is my privilege when you purchase this program! How wonderful to discover these experiences were the “new normal!” Whenever I returned to a familiar host who invited me back, I was told how much my material and instruction had evolved – to the point that I began to understand my energy was an integral part of the MerKaBa class I was teaching.

Personally I was the last person in my original class as a student to ‘get it’ when I learned the MerKaBa. Yet, it seems that I was meant to teach it because word spread faster and faster. Requests for my courses kept coming in, from all over the world! Almost twenty years rolled by – in the blink of an eye – with all the mastery and divine instruction coming through me to my students.

And it’s all captured on video for you. I really want you to succeed with this work and reach all of your spiritual goals – so I’m going to give you some wonderful bonuses that will help you along your way!

First bonus: Intentions – downloadable meditation to help you with your daily intentions and help you manifest a magnificent you.

Second Bonus: Crystal Elohim Guided Meditation – This 15-track mediation will guide you through your connection with the creation energy of God. It will help you unlock your Crystal DNA and will assist you to gain mastery over your inner self.

Learning the MerKaBa is one thing – but doing it daily will make all the difference in the world. Think about it – at some point it will go permanent – and then you get to choose if you do it anymore. Most find it useful. Here’ s what one new meditator said:

“When I learned the MerKaBa from Maureen, it is as if everything became a dance. I didn’t really notice it until I went for a few days without activating, … then everything became quite abrupt. It is as if I was STILL learning the steps (stumbling around, as it were) and thinking “what goes next?” With the MerKaBa (up and running), it was as if I had been dancing for an eternity. Joanne Butler Cairo, Egypt

Third Bonus: I’ll be including the guided meditation, MerKaBa II as an additional MP3 download! This is already on the Video but there may be times that you want to have it on your portable music device! Now you can. This guided recording has received rave reviews from all over the world. You’ll actually find TWO complete versions – one for the deep breather – that can breathe eight seconds in and out, and the five-second breath. You’ll use the shorter one as a novice deep breather and then move to the deeper breath (eight seconds) when you are ready.

This is a program that isn’t available anywhere. I was told two years before the teachers all stopped offering the program to record it. It stayed in the can for a year, before I could organize the time and money to create this incredible production. We hired an amazing editor – who outdid himself every step of the way. It was a huge project – bigger than either of us could have imagined. It ran over budget and time, yet we pressed on. We had enough pre-orders to cover the additional expense, and thankfully, all the original persons who purchased it were willing to wait. No one asked for his or her money back because it was so late coming out!

Now it’s time for you to invest in yourself. You deserve it. You deserve to give yourself a chance to learn the most powerful meditation ever offered on this planet. It will take you 5 minutes to do once you learn it. It will transform your life from an average day to a fabulous day, with you understanding and connecting with your Higher Self and your wisdom.

Remember the scene in the first Matrix movie where Neo was dodging bullets that were coming in at him? He was astonished at himself, and you will be too. You’ll find the MerKaBa is like that, where it gives you the ability to perceive your reality in such a way that you will be ahead of the curve instead of behind it. You’ll find that no one can lie to you anymore either.

What’s more, you’ll discover you can program your MerKaBa to antidote anything! Think of toxins, viruses, contrails and more.
What would you antidote? Think of all the things you could program your MerKaBa to do for you.

I created a program once to help me as a fundraiser – the program in my MerKaBa was to help people notice my charity if they were likely to be charitable to us. Simple, effective and powerful. In four years time we had increased the donor base by over 100 fold!

I cannot do this for you – but I can give you the tools for you to progress and succeed. I want you to have this program and I encourage you to give yourself this gift.

How to tell if this program is for you:
You’ve tried to learn the MerKaBa on your own – and didn’t succeed.
You want to have a greater connection with Source.
You want to express at your Fifth Dimensional Self.
You want to be proactive in your life, not reactive.
You want to be able to know what is truth, and what is the truth.
You want to know when you can trust a teacher or friend.
You want to have smoothness in your life.
You want to create and opportunity for your spiritual growth.
You are tired of ‘doing it alone’ and want some guidance.
You’d like to learn while watching others learn.
You’ve heard about the MerKaBa and wonder if this program is for you.

Will you join me?
Come learn how to tap into your Higher Self and activate your MerKaBa, so every day can be a day of Heaven on Earth.
Learn to tap into your own Higher Self for guidance and wisdom and take the training thousands have taken and re-taken just because they wanted to be in the energy again, and learn more – something they paid twice to do!

So I’m making available the entire recording of the only LIVE recording original DVD MerKaBa course available today. This is over 16 hours of video just for $_____.

I’m also giving you the option to pay in easy monthly installments if you’d like. (can this be done in the shopping cart?)

Two nice graphic buttons with two choices

You can download the Video instantly- or you can get a hard copy.

Now, get ready, because I’ve got something else for you too. You will also have many tools that the students paid more to get: the Meditations, and the extra class, the Higher Self Course. And, if you purchase the full version, we’ll include the Beyond the Flower of Life book. Already have it? Well maybe you know someone who you’d like to receive it as a gift?

Yes, I’m going to include my best seller Beyond the Flower of Life – because it is a great follow-up to the class, and you’ll have many questions – that the book answers. This book sells for $19.95 and we will include it – to make sure your experience is a good one.

Now here is everything you get:

@ The MerKaBa DVD Full version 16+ hours of High Quality Video
@ Higher Self Connection Course – 2 – 90 minute classes – MP3
@ Intentions – Meditation – for personal mastery – MP3 download
@ Crystal Elohim Meditation – Full length (30 minutes) MP3
@ Beyond the Flower of Life book
@ MerKaBa II CD – Guided meditation
You see, the biggest difference between you and others is your willingness to learn the MerKaBa and get your spiritual mastery!
Plus — you receive all of the bonuses. You’ve come this far; you know that this will help you.

You’ll also get extra training on the Higher Self, two 90 minute downloads – with full access to the meditations that are included and bound to help you get and keep your Higher Self connection.

What program could we offer for FREE for saying yes? Is this good?

If you say “Yes” we’ll include one more bonus, the Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality – a must have for clearing work.

YES! Bonus button
Bonus Audio Session with Maureen
Higher Self Connection
No powerful program would be complete without the meditations that will help you stay with the program and advance spiritually. That’s why MerKaBa Classic full Version contains powerful meditations that will help you get and keep your connection with fifth dimensional MerKaBa!

1. Crystal Elohim Meditation – MP3 RECORDING (or hard copy?) so you can listen to it over and over on your computer, iPod, or other MP3 player.

2. PDF TRANSCRIPT of the audio, so you can hone in on those areas that you want to review, take notes, etc. Wonder where we can get that done?
My aim is for you to be 100% satisfied with ‘MerKaBa Classic’, and if for some reason you aren’t completely satisfied with this product, I want to make sure you end up happy. If you let my team know within 30 days of your purchase about your situation, we’ll give you an equivalent CREDIT to use on any product in my online Store.

So, are you ready to learn to activate Your MerKaBa?
If you’re ready to step into YOUR own MerKaBa, reclaim your birthright, and your Fifth Dimensional Vehicle and discover my personal secrets for understanding and utilizing the MerKaBa into the new YOU, don’t miss out on this special offer! Let me be your personal mentor in this area and share what I’ve only revealed in classes. Claim your copy of MerKaBa Classic now here and download it INSTANTLY by clicking below

Can we do this?

I’m delighted and honored to be on this journey together.
Love and mastery,

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual experiences or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are real results,  and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any spiritual endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of time  and there is no guarantee that you will achieve mastery.

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