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How to Activate the MerKaBa

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Some of the purest thoughts are derived from nature: the ebb and flow of seasons, as well as the simple beauty and necessity of the most basic elements—Earth, air, fire and water. These images are also vital parts of a beautiful invocation that can open your heart to a new reality which could change your life forever…and it all begins with a simple mediation: the MerKaBa.

With 17 breaths, this ancient and classic meditation can help you find your connection to your 5-D self. You will find yourself less judgmental, more open to new ideas and increasingly content with your new outlook on life, relationships, business, family and yourself. World-renowned teacher and spiritual consultant Maureen St. Germain has created a step-by-step workshop to help you master this meditation. With booklet, DVD and a condensed or full version, each portion of the training builds on the next, so you can feel certain that you understand each part before you advance. Afterall, MerKaBa activation is not something that you should take lightly; full comprehension and appreciation are necessary in order to experience all its benefits.

Translated from the Hebrew, ‘merkavah’ means ‘chariot to ride in.’ In the spiritual sense, think of this as a Body of Light activated from a geometric field that exists outside your body. This liquid field of energy revolves around you, as it does each planet in the solar system. It has been there forever, and all you need to do is make it come alive through a rhythmic meditation that has been used for centuries. Once you practice this technique, you will master it and be able to remember it without difficulty. The best MerKaBa activation will ultimately become something like a fifth-dimensional garment that will enable you to change your life and improve every other spiritual practice you follow.

Activating the MerKaBa begins by opening your heart chakra. Our DVD workshop, “MerKaBa Classic – The Original 17-Breath Meditation” offers step-by-step meditation instructions that will help you release yourself to this important beginning. Along the way, you will learn tonings (sound patterns) and chants that will enhance your experience. Most importantly will be your ultimate journey to your Higher Self—the version of yourself most closely aligned to God. It is your internal GPS system. We can help you learn how to communicate daily with your Higher Self—through talking and listening—to make better decisions and live fearlessly. We can also help you find ideal practice times and repetitions to make the most of your meditations. With daily integration, you’ll find yourself ‘seeing’ life in high definition. Imagine the difference in your point of view!

Let go of your judgment of the world and your interaction in it. Realign your thinking. All this and more are possible with this wonderful meditation. Contact Maureen St. Germain to learn how to begin today.

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