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MerKaBa Crystal Uses

Crystals have long been associated with “magical” powers. From films to fairytales, they held visions of the future or shone as points of light on the crown of royalty. However, in the spiritual world, these harbingers of light have more profound properties. The MerKaBa crystal is an ideal example.

First, it’s important to note that MerKaBa is synonymous with the body of light that surrounds people’s bodies. This crystalline shield holds enormous energy, accessed through meditation. Traveling with the MerKaBa does not mean moving from one planet to another, but much more. It is moving within a global energy field that does not belong to time and space but works as a kind of geometric reference for outer manifestation. Once understood, it allows complete freedom to move about in consciousness.

This means the MerKaBa puts you perfectly in touch with the third-dimensional and fifth-dimensional reality in such a way that you always know what you need to know when you need to know it. And it supports you to manifest easily.

Spiritual facilitator, teacher and best-selling author Maureen St. Germain has traveled the world exploring, studying and speaking on the subject of how to use MerKaBa crystal to enhance and elevate meditation experiences. These stones are typically tetrahedrons—the geometric symbol of creation and unity (sometimes call the flower of life).

Geometry is often difficult to understand because it is rarely connected to anything personal in people’s lives. To better imagine these symbols, begin by extending a line from the edges of each of the tetrahedrons into the air. The easiest way to see this is to tape skewer sticks to the edge of a cardboard MerKaBa and then spin it—imagining that there is one spinning around you to the right (emotional body star-tetrahedron) and one to the left (mental body star-tetrahedron) around a stationary one. It produced cones that appear to be slightly off-center. Upon closer examination you will see that they are secondary rotational fields created from the edge of the star-tetrahedron field. A car’s four-cylinder engine will create a secondary counter-rotating field within the engine’s cradle, called the engine’s harmonics. Anyone who has worked on an older car uses a strobe timing light to balance this and keep it in harmonic resonance. Likewise, the MerKaBa’s secondary field is creating harmonic resonance that stabilizes and harmonizes everything within it.

The meaning of MerKaBa crystal stems from its representation of one’s inner flame or light of life. This association with the Divine can help people gain greater awareness.

MerKaBa crystal healing has been used to create greater focus, establish boundaries around a meditation space, release fear that blocks energy and balance chakras. Their power as spiritual tools during meditation are embraced by many participants. Different crystals are used for different purposes. For example, black tourmaline and clear quartz are energy cleansers, and crown chakra crystals promote balance. Other crystals, such as ruby, topaz and sapphire, are used to augment meditations, as well.

Contact Maureen St. Germain and her professional team to learn more about how crystals can be an ideal accompaniment to your guided meditations.

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