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If I’m Such a High Spiritual Teacher How Come I Keep Getting Sick?

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Many spiritual teachers, HIGH spiritual teachers, are encountering serious illness! I had a conversation with a dear friend, high spiritual woman who is a longtime friend. She told me she will be having a double mastectomy in a few days.

She wondered if I could give her any insight. She is a professional in the healing arts. The information that I got was directly related to the fact that this is instant manifestation. YIKES!

We’ve all WANTED instant manifestation – but honestly – did we really expect it like that? And what does this really, really mean? Well, if you think you are on the cutting edge – then you could manifest any emotion that you are struggling with.

Instant Karma

First, let me start by explaining “instant karma.” Some thirty years ago, when my children were little, they observed my being stubborn with their father. Next, they observed me complaining about my neck pain. “Mama,” one of them said to me, “instant Karma.” OMG – he was right! I had been stubborn with their dad and was being “stiff necked,” which is a phrase in the English language that means you are being stubborn!

Louise Hay

Now we all know from the recently departed Louise Hay that we can find the mental thought behind a physical illness. Many are familiar with the delightful book that Louise wrote that helps you find an underlying cause for an illness. I have the app for my phone, so I can have instant access and the quick answer. This is very handy. Everyone can get this for his or her phone!

Instant Illness

Fast forward to the present and I know some very high individuals (including myself) who have had some serious health issues. All of us have had to deal with them in the 3D way! Hmmmm. You may be one who has good diet, and exercise, yet have encountered illness, many unexplained, including mine!

Why were so many high-level teachers getting sick? Maybe they could up their game – we all knew that – but still the secret to what was behind this – wasn’t clear.

The Culprit

When I would be on a plane and get within a hundred miles or so – of San Diego – one of my home cities, I couldn’t figure out what I was physically reacting to. I would have trouble breathing and have shortness of breath to the point I could only walk very slowly! Then I heard J. Marvin Herndon, PhD on Coast to Coast with George Noory. All the symptoms he described for chemtrail poisoning were my symptoms! And then he mentioned he lives in San Diego, and San Diego is the worst city in the US for chemtrail poisoning! I’m sensitive, so, NOW I had a much clearer understanding of why, when I was still in the air on the plane – my symptoms would show up!

The message was that each of us had invited this “energy” of “allowing” this illness to take over. Each of us was “disappointed” about someone or something. Each of us was acting in a loving way in the difficult situation but had unresolved “discontent” in our hearts! Whoa!!!

Initially, I decided to do Ho’opononpono for the person involved. Then, I realized that I was really mad at God for sending me this “imperfect situation.” So, I did another series of three nights of Ho’opononpono, repeating the prayer three times to God! What a concept! That changed everything, and I actually started to get better.

On the sixth night I had a huge breakthrough. I decided to change my expectation, and to love the situation/person anyway. I decided to go back to my most recent book Waking Up in 5D and get some answers. That’s when I discovered the Karma connection!

Here’s what I found.

This is the end of a cycle, the end of an age. Gone are the days where you need another chance to learn how to do something. You can now claim, with certainty, no more Karma. In fact, the sooner you do it the better, because those who would hold you back are hoping you don’t figure this one out! The cycle of reincarnation is ending, thus Karma as we know it is over. No one is bound by the lesser patterns of the past, especially the sins of a past life. In fact, if this is the first time you are hearing this message, consider deciding that this is so for you. Everything will shift for you in an instant. Claim it. “Karma is over for me.” It is part of the new paradigm of becoming fifth-dimensional. This means, that if you are angry with someone for stealing from you, or hurting you, you need to decide it doesn’t matter. Don’t decide to forgive, because forgiving means you are still holding them in a place of judgment. This new paradigm means that you can no longer hold energy against another – because then it is YOU that is holding the Karma in place – not them. Yikes!

I’d like to conclude that we can do a lot to help ourselves with everything we need to do and everything we’d like to do by setting the stage each morning. Here’s a lovely short morning prayer you can repeat after me each morning, adding your own special requests.

You free meditation download for the month of February is Morning Prayer Meditation.

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