Please follow the steps below to access Imagine You and the Akashic Records – a four-part Masterclass recording presented by Maureen St. Germain and Lumari. You will learn what it takes to open the Akashic Records, and what can be known about the vast, loving beings who embody them.
Blessings, and may you have a “Day of Heaven on Earth” !

teal cosmos with Lumari and Maureen St. Germain

About the Akashic Records

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These sessions were wonderful and filled me with such joy.
– J.Cole

Welcome & About this Course from Maureen & Lumari


Maureen St. Germain and Lumari have teamed up to present a four-part course on the Akashic Records. You will learn what it takes to open the Akashic Records, and what can be known about the vast, loving beings who embody them.

You will receive a new connection, a deeper understanding, and opportunities to connect with the Akashic Records from two masters!
Opportunities you would not receive otherwise.

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Maureen St. Germain has traveled worldwide since 1995 teaching through wisdom teachings and sacred practices. Labeled a modern-day mystic in Famous Wisconsin Mystics, she has taught in 24 countries, including China, Japan, Australia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, England, Scotland, Canada, Mexico and the US. She has taught at the prestigious American centers Kripalu and Omega Institute. As a transformational teacher, author and intuitive her books have been translated into Russian, Italian and Chinese. She has been featured on National Geographic Specials, Gai TV and hundreds of radio shows worldwide including Coast to Coast with George Noory and Fade to Black with Jimmy Church.

Maureen’s latest book, Waking Up in 5D, was named 2018’s best-selling book of the year by Independent Booksellers across America. Her interest in the Akashic Records resulted in her being granted access to this dimension that has been off limits to most of humanity for millions of years. Maureen’s new book, Opening the Akashic Records, will be released on April 5 and is available on Amazon for pre-sale.  Known as “The Practical Mystic,” Maureen’s passion is supporting individuals in their personal expansion and spiritual awakening.

Lumari is a gifted, internationally acclaimed intuitive life coach, spiritual teacher, transformational healer and best-selling author. For over 25 years, she has shown thousands of clients all over the world how to discover and celebrate their soul purpose and calling, connect to their highest path of destiny, move into greater spiritual awakening and fulfill their dreams.

A celebrated psychic, intuitive and channel, Lumari brings a joyful vortex of vibrational energy, spiritual clarity, guidance, wisdom and healing to help you shift to higher levels of your soul’s expression in your personal, creative, spiritual and business life.

Inspired by the wonders of the Universe, Lumari has always communicated with the Divine Ones, including the Akashic Records and Alawashka, the original consciousness of creation.

Her vision and focus is bringing the highest vibrations and wisdom teachings to support and guide you in your spiritual awakening and soul’s expression and to uplift our world. Lumari is the author of several bestselling and award-winning books including, AKASHIC RECORDS: Collective Keepers Of Divine Expression and ALAWASHKA: The Original Language of Creation, many guided meditations, her line of GEMSTONE MYSTIC Jewelry for Modern Mystics and the host of her podcast, Cosmic Coffee Break on iTunes.

The Akashic Records are a field of information of your life and lives. A trademark of Akashic Records “Readings” is that it is like accessing a library of information. The “reader” may stop, and pause, collecting and centering the information that is provided through them by the guides and channeled through you.

The Akashic Records are known in the Bible as the Book of Life. It is the recording of your soul’s journey, past, present and future. An Akashic Records Reading consists of opening the records of the soul and asking that the information be given. This will give you valuable guidance in moving through the patterns prevalent in your current life. It will offer you opportunities for growth and support your life right now!

This field of energy is known as the Akashic Records, or as American prophet Edgar Cayce sometimes called it, your Book of Life. You can change your future by accessing the information in the “Records” and gaining the wisdom of a bigger picture of any situation.

Eight Facts about the Akashic Records

  • The Akashic Records are a living field of liquid light.
  • The Akashic Records are the library of all that is, or all that may be.
  • The Akashic Records are available to all who seek them.
  • The Akashic Records are like a film library that allows instant access.
  • One may view the past along with probable futures.
  • All versions of the reality are available.
  • Generally one views a single timeline for one person or group at a time.
  • Probable futures allow for informed decision-making.
  • The Akashic Records are located in an environment outside the 3D world we know.
  • Interest in the Akashic Records is fueled by a dispensation that allows access to this realm from within the 3D reality by Guides.
  • Anyone can learn to access their own records. Our ARI Guides are trained and certified to work with others and open their records.