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Life is Not Linear


We are looking at the reality in two limiting ways. This reality has two limiting factors. The first one is that we are looking at the reality as if it is linear, yet it is not. There are quantum physicists who tell us it is NOT. Every one of us has had experiences that tell us our experience of life is not linear. Linear is based on cause and effect being in direct proportion. Think of driving down the highway, at 60 miles per hour. Drive half that speed and it takes twice as long. Only of course there is no such thing as driving down the highway without interruption every time. And there are plenty of things that happen in the universe that cause us to question the reality – but then we forget them. We fail to notice, or fail to mark these non-linear events as non-linear and dismiss them.

Second every one of us is evaluating our reality through our brains’ cells, through consciousness. When self-limiting beliefs or thoughts enter into your belief system, the reality produces that outcome! Bruce Lipton, author and scientist tells us beliefs “control” biology! Beliefs not only control our physiology, they also directly impact the expression of our genes. So the impact of our beliefs affects us at every level of life.

Studies of students in the classroom tell us that students whose teachers held high beliefs and expectations of students actually perform better in studies and tests. Then when we look at the reality from the quantum view again, then everything is energy in motion, not matter in motion.

Take for example the movement of a tsunami. We think of it as a wall of water, but truly it is more like “the wave” at a stadium event. The people in the stands stand up and wave their arms in sequence. Your eyes follow the movement of their arms, and it looks like energy is moving through them. In the Tsunami the energy moves through the water, causing it to “stand up” and then the energy moves on to the water molecules next to it. The stadium wave is not moving, the people are. The tsunami is not moving water, its energy is creating a wall of water. Energy is full potential, matter is solidified potential.

Studying tsunamis can actually help you begin to understand pure energy. So, unlike normal waves that are caused by wind forces, the driving energy of a tsunami moves through the water, not on top of it. Therefore, as the tsunami travels through deep water — at up to 500 or 600 miles per hour — it’s barely evident above water. A tsunami is typically no more than 3 feet (1 meter) high. Of course, all that changes as the tsunami nears the coastline. It is then that it attains frightening height and achieves its more recognizable and disastrous form, because of the resistance of the shallow depth.

Now how does that relate to the reality? I have found that nature mimics what is really going on – energetically, which allows us to decode our environment and more. After “decoding” one can re-direct awareness. Everything radiates from a single point, each time energy shifts and moves. Each “pebble in the pond moment” produces its own effect, and interacts with all the other pebbles waves.

Original humans were multidimensional beings who could manage multiple awareness and multiple timelines. Humans could take “the road less traveled” and the travelled one! Imagine being able to watch multiple shows on a TV. It is called “picture in picture.” This is a TV you can own now. This helps you begin to appreciate multiple realities simultaneously. You don’t have to be locked into 3D all the time. We are anchoring in awareness of what it is like to be fifth dimensional. First you notice the similarities, then the differences.

A man was using hemi-sync (left brain right brain synergy training) cd in his meditations. He was driving down the highway when he suddenly had an image of a gold SUV in his mind’s eye. He slammed on the brakes. Then a gold SUV appeared pulling out right in front of him, and cutting him off. His braking early prevented the collision.

Another man tells of a story where he starts his day with a “prayer of protection.” He begins by saying, “The car next to me was totaled. It was a big pileup and the original car that went out of control actually landed just inches away from me.” He says, “I KNEW that it was a cosmic event.”

Maybe as we become 5th dimensional we are recovering our lost tools, and our lost codes that will permit us to break through these so called barriers of linear time. As we begin to understand that timelessness or simultaneous time is the norm in the universe, then we will be free to use this awareness to get even more out of life. Then we will have the time, time codes and multidimensionality to expand our experiences, and heal ourselves and the planet.

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