CD Reviews

Maureen’s CDs have received rave reviews. They sell all over the world in hard copy in stores such as Barnes & Noble and Borders, through online websites such as CD Baby, and for digital download online at iTunes.

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Maureen St. Germain’s CD on the Meditation to the Archangels leads one straight into their wings. Maureen understands the energies of the Angelic Realms.
Drunvalo Melchizedek

Maureen was featured in Aura Magazine, a trade publication distributed to New Age stores and retailers worldwide.

Aura Magazine

Download or view this full page review: Press Material – CD Reviews (PDF)

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Book Reviews

Maureen has written three books: Beyond the Flower of Life, Be a Genie and Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality.

Download selected book reviews and endorsements: Press Material – Book Reviews (PDF)

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Maureen St. Germain’s ‘You are the Genie in the Bottle’ is a wonderful modern-day manifesting manual derived through her life own experience, which – through combining an organic understanding with the ‘scientific explanation’ of quantum physics, sacred geometry and chaos theory,- shows how to maximize results through synchronizing one’s efforts with the underlying Universal Laws and rhythms of creation’s physical unfoldment.
Yuk Yee Li-Downs