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12 Points of Light


I was given this idea by one of the members of my Ascension Institute who was told in a meditation that she must ask me to create a meditation around the 12 points of light that we can access and anchor highly focused light into your body, for you to spread around wherever you are.

I believe that a group of ET’s (extra terrestrials) found a way to anchor Highly Focused Light into the planet for Humans to use, transport and share.  Because of free will, we must proactively get it, and distribute it. This light will help humanity by supplying enough light that the highest and best solution in any given situation percolates up for all to see, and choose!

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The planet needs your love and light. Humanity needs your help!  An amazing thing happened to me on my walk while working on this meditation – two birds were walking on the fence next to me! The little starling and the much bigger pigeon were vying for my attention! At first I ignored it, but they were keeping up with me, on the fence next to where I was walking and not flying away. I wondered if the pigeon was injured. So I stopped and looked at the pigeon, are you trying to tell me something? I felt the thought of the bird, we are so grateful for what you are doing to “clean” up the energy! I said this out loud, is that what you are trying to say? With that the bird flew off! It was remarkable, as wild birds do avoid humans, especially if we are moving around like I was! I had a similar interaction with a squirrel in the park. I asked him was he expressing gratitude? “Yes.” And he darts off! Why was this happening?

12 points of Light Locations:

  1. Mt. Edith – Jasper National Park in Canada
  2. Mariana Trench – near Japan
  3. Athens area, Greek Island,Monastery of the Holy Trinity near Athens,
  4. Alaska – Tracy Arm Fjord
  5. Brazil – Rio de Janeiro – Corcovado mountain, Christ the Redemer Statue
  6. Switzerland, the Matterhorn
  7. Queensland, Australia, Great Barrier Reef.
  8. Madagascar –  Tsingy de Bemaraha Stone Forest — world’s largest stone forest. “stone cathedrals.
  9. Cuba – Jovellanos, Catedral de San Carlos Borromeo,
  10. Egypt- Hall of Records – Chamber below the Great Pyramid
  11. Galapagos Islands, off San Cristobal.
  12. Argentina,close to Chile (Bariloche area/Chubut-Santa Cruz region, including the Border part to Chile, (this forms a circle if you look at the map).

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