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Activate Your Body Elemental


I have developed this meditation to help you get to know, and utilize, your body elemental. You can make tremendous progress in your physical healing and evolution by working with your body elemental.

My first experience with my body elemental was in a dream in the ‘80s. In this dream there was an exact replica of me, only shorter, following me around, doing everything that I was doing. I called my then teacher, Charlotte, and I relayed my dream. Laughing she replied, “Why that’s your body elemental.” No other explanation was offered.

Over time, I got to know my body elemental, and even named her. I discovered that their job is to run all the automatic systems of your body. It is an elemental being that is created for you by Mother Earth to assist you in your existence on this planet. He or she also pulls programs from Mass Consciousness and integrates all of that information into your physical expressions. He/she tunes into the “energy of all the other humans” and harmonizes and connects you with what is happening on Mother Earth, and helps you fit in.


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