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Spiral Chakra Meditation


In this marvelous meditation you will learn the ancient hidden activation of your chakras that is based on how the Universe works… in Spirals!

I was shown that the heart “would eventually” be the“lowest” chakra of the chakra system. It took a while for me to understand it. This is your wake-up call to what your chakra system could look like. The old system of moving through the chakras in a linear system is based on the linear 3D matrix, starting with the lowest chakra.

A golden mean spiral produced by the phi ratio. The evolved path of activating your chakras is in a spiral, which allows each chakra to be elevated by the one above it, in a spiral just like every other part of Creation! The spiral breaks through the barriers to higher consciousness, allowing you to open and elevate each chakra’s full potential.

6 minute introduction and 20 minute meditation


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