Heal yourself & Mother Earth!  Join Maureen for an exciting, breakthrough book and workshop that will give you personal tools as a healer or self-evolving individual. Learn ceremonies and invocations for achieving and maintaining clarity.

The NEW completely rewritten Reweaving book is now available as a Paperback & MP3 set! You may order this Self Study Guide for Personal Transformation here: Reweaving Book

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You will learn a number of significant tools to assist you in re-creating your reality. These tools allow you to change in an instant. No more “waiting” for the effects to occur. No more “reminding” yourself to be “better.”

You will learn specific tools for:

  • Removing Entities
  • Clearing Curses
  • Removing and/or Reprogramming Behavior Issues

The Reweaving workshop teaches you what entities are, why they are with you, and how you can clear them.

Maureen has been leading workshops all over the world since 1994. She is a certified Facilitator of Flower of Life Workshops and has developed numerous workshops, ceremonies and guided meditation tapes.

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Maureen’s Reweaving the Fabric of your Reality is a source book for every level, beginners and adepts. Maureen is a wonderful teacher and writer, often presenting difficult material clearly. I have used her various processes with great success. Thank you Maureen for this gift to us!
Marie Andersen-Whitehurst


Maureen has also authored a soon-to-be published book on Manifestation. The book addresses Sacred Geometry and encompasses Quantum Physics and Chaos theory into a dynamic system enabling one to see the logic behind the action. She is a conscious channel of initiations having been to Egypt annually since 2002. Much of this material is coming directly through her Higher Self.

Maureen St. Germain’s focus is in personal development and spiritual awakening. Her workshops and seminars are in demand all over the world. She is insightful, compassionate, intuitive and funny. As a seeker she shares the knowledge she has gained from many years in the study of ancient truths.

Join Maureen for an exciting adventure in developing authentic tools to enhance your experience as a healer and/or self-evolving individual. No pre-requisite.

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