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Since ancient times, Egypt and the pyramids have expressed an irresistible spiritual magnetism on the hearts and minds of millions of people.

But the biggest reason to join our Egypt Journey has to do with the rapid spiritual transformation that you will encounter there.

Myths and legends will be explored and, more importantly, experienced! Magnetize yourself with the miraculous power to heal the body, enlighten the mind, increase creativity, discover psychic abilities and awaken the soul to knowing its true purpose in life.

Isn’t it your turn to have this experience?

A Prayer for Egypt

Egypt needs your help! Here’s what you can do. Grids over Egypt are seriously compromised… you can help fix it.

Use this very quick and easy guided meditation for helping the planet move into peace. Like a Trust Fund, it places support where needed. Do it daily. You can learn this and use it anywhere!!!

May you have a million blessings for doing this.

Peace Grid Guided Meditation


After our return from the 2012 Egypt Journey…

Maureen, This was my second fantastic journey with Transformational Enterprises (*My first was the Dolphin Swim in Hawaii).

You said the trip to Egypt would be phenomenal and it certainly was! The experience was one I will remember always. The days flowed beautifully thanks to your planning, the special accommodations, easy travel, first rate Egyptian Scholar-Tour Guide and all-round first rate service.

Thanks for a special journey filled with wonderful experiences. Truly a trip of a Lifetime!

Irene Narissi, Manhattan, NY

Dear Maureen, I am still on cloud 9,000,000. I still cannot believe I was able to be a part of what we experienced! As I explain my adventures to some people they do not seem to get the extreme gist of what it was we were offered as a group. I will continually be able to look back and bask in the awe of what I was invited to experience. I thank you!

Susan, NY

You may view many more participant comments from previous Egypt Journeys here.

If you are thinking about joining us, please ask us to send you our special Egypt Sacred Journey Prayer which will help you and us manifest an amazing trip. We are happy to send it to you – and desire you to use it.

Egypt holds magic and mystery – everyone says that. But the biggest reason to go to Egypt has to do with the rapid spiritual transformation that you will experience here. Of course anytime you travel to another culture you will come back richer in spirit. Egypt is special because it is the location of the roots of civilization, and it carries ancient power and energy.

Spirit arranged my first trip to Egypt. I hadn’t even planned on going, yet everything fell into place for me to make my site inspection and travel to Egypt with special site inspection pricing prior to my first group arriving. This wasn’t the first time I planned to go to Egypt though. A year earlier I had planned to go – but something didn’t feel right. So I cancelled four months prior to my scheduled departure. It was a good thing. No one was traveling much at all in October 2001.

I was in New York City – flying home right before 9/11 that year. In 1998 Guidance directed me to start holding workshops in New York City. I am always guided with specific dates for my workshops. In March of 2001, I was told to schedule classes in NYC the weekend of Sept. 8, 2001. I taught two very large classes just a mile from ground zero. Since I have many friends in NYC, I also decided to take a vacation day and visit friends, museums and shop.

However, as I attempted to purchase my airline ticket, I was given a VERY CLEAR MESSAGE to return home immediately after the workshop. Although I did check in with my Guidance when arranging the dates to give the workshop and also reserving the space at the conference center, I did not ask about my vacation day! Yet here I was getting very clear direction – “go straight home.” So I did. I was asked by my friends with whom I had plans “Why are you going home on Monday?” I didn’t know, perhaps one of my sons would need me or perhaps I would get an important phone call. I would not have been in one of those planes, yet I would have been caught in the fray. I was home Monday night, Sept. 10, 2001.

Finally, I wish to add that for about five years I was the city-wide head of tourism in two different cities. I bring extensive experience in travel and have partnered with only the best. We are most fortunate to work with the best ground operator in Egypt, whose primary job is to escort experts like John Anthony West and other spiritually based journeys. All our clients are satisfied customers. Maureen

Robert G. Bauval, Best Selling Author of
The Orion Mystery & Message of the Sphinx

“I met Maureen in 2001 in Egypt. Having been born in Egypt and lived in that country on-and-off for 30 years, and having written seven books and made dozens of television documentaries on ancient Egypt and its monuments, I think I can say I know ancient Egypt well. Thus I can also say with conviction that in Maureen St. Germain I see an incarnate model of a true priestess of ancient Egypt’s great temple tradition. She is smart, witty, deeply perceptive, a beautiful lady inside and out, has a huge open-heart, and most of all she has acquired a vast wisdom of life and human relationships, as well as a great knowledge of sacred geometry, that is very inspirational to all those who have had the good fortune to read her new book ‘Be A Genie’. We can direct our destiny and dreams, and Maureen has understood how to do it.”

“I could not have imagined going to Egypt any other way then in the special way that we did… I pray for your continued success with these trips for they are of great importance at very many different levels for everyone who rises to the call and fearlessly faces himself. We are powerful creators in a time when Love can make ALL the difference in the world.” – T.J. Butler, South Carolina

“Thanks to you and your first rate team in the US and Egypt for a truly unforgettable experience… The visit to the Great Pyramid was life altering. Other highlights were the exquisite private visits to Philae and Edfu that were very meaningful. I could have spent days at Abydos and Denderah. They were a wonderful crescendo… Mohammed Nazmy was an especial angel in conjunction with you. It is interesting that despite a 40-hour continuous trip back, I have not experienced any jet lag. Nada. Am attributing it to the amazing high from all the Giza and spiritual energy from Egypt. Thank you again for all the hard work and planning that went into this trip.” – Melinda, Netherlands Antilles

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Video from a previous Journey

Watch some of Maureen’s comments during a previous Egypt Journey!

The group is receiving its specific intention instructions for the day and for the very special meditation inside the Great Pyramid. Later that day, the group held a ceremony and chanted for 2 hours in the King’s Chamber.