I’m so very excited about the new energies that are coming in! This year, we have been guided to put together the Mary Magdalene Legacy Sacred Journey. It has been seven years since we last took a group to France and Spain.

Every year we ask if we are to go back and it wasn’t until this year that we were given the direction from Mary Magdalene herself to return to put a capstone on the very special trip.

Experience the mystical, magical and divine energy of the love of God that made these places so very special.

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All the locations on this Sacred Journey resonate a very special frequency that vibrates strongly with the history of the Grail and the “Grail Family” as it is known. These towns are not on the usual Grail tours, but have been personally visited by Maureen in preparation for this journey.

Six years ago, Mary Magdalene came through our own beloved staff member, Mary Ellen Rayner, with the original AroMandalas Essential Oil Blends, the Wisdom, the Way and Bethany. All were used for the first time in ceremonies held in the sites we are returning to. Mary Ellen tried to resist, but Mary Magdalene kept coming through giving more and more information about the essential oils and what was needed to help heal humanity. Today we are proud to say our AroMandalas are used in many countries helping to achieve healing on the planet. Mary Magdalene has informed us that there is a new line coming forward and that we are being given new ascension tools. Keep your eyes on our AroMandalas pages and see what will appear soon.

The interesting thing about these AroMandalas is that the really help us see our “new” role in the processes on the planet. Women are to honor the Way of Men, Men are to honor Women’s Wisdom. Bethany is the name of the cave where many important ceremonies over the years have taken place, and the divine blueprint of the divine Masculine and Feminine. It is also the name of the Cave where our final ceremony culminating in the promotion of the Grail Servants and Friends to Champions and Companions.

If you are thinking about this trip – perhaps you will want to meditate with one or all of the Magdalene Trilogy AroMandalas in preparation of your amazing adventure. You may write us for the Mary Magdalene Legacy Sacred Journey Prayer. And if you know you belong with us on this trip, please let us know and we will add your name to our prayer list as well. You can also ask for the removal of any and all obstacles that may be operating in your life by using our Manifestation Matrix.


I have been teaching the Sacred Geometry that proves Mary’s true place in our history, and talking about traveling to these areas, yet had not felt the time was right.  In 2005, Spirit arranged for me to visit these sites… alone, without direction or guides. My personal experience was quite profound. I was completely alone on this preliminary journey – yet I was so happy and content. My friends were sure I would be meeting someone – a man with a full head of hair and a curly mustache. I saw him in my dreams as did others. My sister saw him standing in front of her when I described him. She said, “Does he have really blue eyes?” He laughed when she asked him for me, “Who ARE you?” and he said to her, “She’ll find out!” Two days later, a picture I had owned of my beloved St. Germain flashed in front of me, and I realized I may have been the only 3D person on this trip, but I certainly wasn’t alone! It was St. Germain himself guiding and directing me!

~ Maureen

Organizer-members of this journey include individuals whose linage and knowledge are quite substantial in these areas. They are extremely familiar with the legends and traditions. Although this will be a fun journey, all Sacred Journeys with Transformational Enterprises Inc. should be considered pilgrimages and contain many opportunities to grow, not only in your personal knowledge, but your spiritual experience as well.

Are you part of the Mary Magdalene Legacy?

If so, you may be on a mission from God to be part of this Sacred Journey.

What’s in it for me?

So many times we hear that we don’t “have to be in that location” to connect with the energy of that place. Yes! That’s true, but this sacred Journey is MORE than just connecting to the energy of this sacred place, it is the healing the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine; and it is the continuation of the previous journey’s work where men graduated from being the servants of the Grail to Champions of the Grail; and women graduated from being friends of the Grail to Companions of the Grail. (Companion is an old English word that means the equal spouse.)

How do I make a difference?

When you show up at a specific location that you are connected to in the past, you open a portal to that past. We have experienced it time and again at these sacred journeys. These openings can allow major shifts to occur. This opening of portals allows for the repairs, reprogramming and repositioning of the circumstances that caused certain rifts in the fabric of the reality in the first place. These represent significant shifts in humanity. Deciding you ought to be there opens the ways for the miracles to occur to make your attendance fun and easy.

Decide today to be on this Sacred Journey. Be part of the solution on planet earth. Use our Manifestation Matrix to help clear any and all obstacles. I love you for your effort and welcoming you to this most amazing and magnificent of journeys.

Will you be there?

Although all our journeys are done with exquisite attention to detail and comfort, they are pilgrimages, and as such, the spiritual quest is the primary purpose. Please keep this in mind when you make this decision to join us. You will be asked to pray daily for the participants of the trip, along with the providers as part of your preparation. We are determined to serve God and you simultaneously.