Click Here to Download Your Free MP3 - Divine Government Meditation

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You may download the transcript of this meditation as PDF here.

Update: We are being called to repeat this a minimum of three times, each time you repeat it three times it will set the field permanently into the matrix. Initially I thought I was being ambitious when I asked you to use it this over and over. Groups responding to this were intuitive called to repeat it. Now I realize what a powerful matrix it is! Since it is only 7 minutes, I hope you will tell your friends about it, and that they tell their friends. It’s entirely free. You will be giving me your email, so you can receive other important support materials and announcements. And you can listen to it without giving me your email – on YouTube.

Come be inspired by the Divine Government Meditation, and enjoy your free meditation, while heading our humanity in the God-Direction.

I love you.