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Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity

This full length guided meditation channeled directly from the Akashic Records, this is a ‘must have’ for anyone using the Be A Genie method ! Tap into the river of unlimited opportunity to manifest all your desires. Learn to create, not from want but joy, not demand but desire, bringing forth new ideas, opportunities and solutions. This River of Golden Opportunity is a tangible, fluid, refreshing and reviving energy from outside our three dimensional reality. We receive it when we call it in.

Plus a Prelude…

I’ve got a lovely little “shortcut” to elevate and amp up the Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity meditation – a prelude if you will.  This recording will help you get even more from the meditation – whether you do it on a daily basis or not.  Boost your meditation and use this as a shortcut when you don’t have time for the full meditation.
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An endorsement from somebody who has used the Be A Genie method:

Dear Maureen,

I feel as though I have just been handed my life’s dream on a silver patter. As a practicing Certified Hypnotherapist in Alberta, I was struggling with getting my practice started and trying to release old poverty consciousness beliefs. It was frustrating. Then the teacher of the Full Circle Hypnosis College I attended called me just after Christmas and said she had updated and upgraded the course curriculum so that all the students could become Clinical Hypnotherapists and meet International standards, ensuring that when hypnosis as a form of therapy becomes as widely recognized here in Canada, as it is in the rest of the world, we would already have the best training out there.

As a past student she offered me a very generous opportunity to re-attend the 3 courses I had previously taken and all the other mandatory specialty courses that would give me my Clinical Hypnotherapist diploma. With this offer, my partner and I did everything in our power to create the financing for me to do this. Then her hours at work got cut and the only thing we could manage is me to retake the three foundation courses and put the rest on the wish list. I was having an internal fit. Several people said to me that maybe “this just isn’t the right time”

I sat with that and asked my Higher Self if I was just being stubborn and not waiting for the right time. Higher Self said, “The time is now!!”

I started to diligently use Maureen’s River of Golden Opportunity CD every morning for the past 3weeks. During my Basic Hypnosis Class, in group hypnosis Arch Angel Raphael came to me and told me to do 6 self hypnosis sessions on myself and call on him everyday for 30 days. I incorporated this with my daily River of Golden Opportunity meditation.

So at a Meeting with the trainer of the college, she says to me “You have been coming to me all week. I had such a hard time seeing you in class as only a ‘past student’ because you are so much more. Then yesterday while the other trainers and I were having a business meeting I felt you should be there, and then said to my self, ‘Why would Sandra want to be here it’s a business meeting?'”

She then asked me to explain a Wealth Consciousness for Healers, package I was putting together. As I was explaining it to her she said, “OH my god that has to be part of our curriculum. You need to be one of our trainers for the Advanced Specialty Courses.”

I replied that I was overwhelmed and honored, and now I would be able to save money from teaching the program and attend the courses. She then put both hands on my shoulders and whispered in my ear “The course trainers get all 27 classes complimentary, there is your abundance!!” That is over $15,000.00 in education for free. And I am a part of the college too!

Thank you Maureen and the River of Golden Opportunity.

Sandra Richardson CHt./Reiki Master/Artist/Instructor