Are the Akashic Records Like a Memory?

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How many times have you misplaced your keys? Or have you ever rummaged through drawers in search of your eyeglasses, only to find them propped on your head? We all forget things; it’s human nature. Fortunately, a lot of what we lose is superficial—they’re merely items that can be replaced. However, wouldn’t it be nice if we could keep track of the deeper moments of life so we could collect, pause and interpret them for use in our present and future?

By accessing a living field of light, you can tap into your own soul’s personal library of past, present and possible futures. With the Certified Guides of the Ascension Institute, founded and led by world-renowned author and lecturer Maureen St. Germain, you can use your own internal recordings to gain insight and wisdom for daily life. Are the Akashic Records like a memory? The good news is that they are even more powerful.

To be clear, a person’s Akashic memory runs deep. However, without trained Guides who are experienced in illuminating this information, you may never realize its potential. Most people are unaware that they have access to the storehouse of knowledge that exists in the Keepers of Divine Wisdom. This powerhouse of personal data exists in a liquid field of energy outside of the 3-D world we are used to living in. Anyone can be taught to open this library. You need only ask our trained Lightkeepers and your surrounding Angels for help. They are always ready to serve you.

You may wonder if you need hypnosis memory for akashic records to be opened. All that is required is an openness to receive the unconditional love and nonjudgmental wisdom of our Recordkeepers as they gently coach you in an ancient 17-breath meditation to help activate the energy that surrounds you. You may be surprised to find that the past, present and future intersect.

What does this mean for you? Do the Akashic Records hold memories? Yes, but you will be delighted to learn that there is no more karma. You have a choice. Your present and your future are not held back by your past. You can revisit and learn more about the child-like behaviors that have been bringing you down or the people that may contribute to your negativity, but you no longer have to bear the weight of this spiritual baggage. These remembrances can be conquered and cleared with the help of our Certified Guides. With practice, you may also find that you will be able to live successfully in multiple dimensions, which ultimately will help you exist in 100% pure Light.

From meditation coaching to quantum matrix healing and entity clearing, our professional team of Guides can help you understand your past, present and future. Contact Maureen St. Germain and her team today for an unforgettable journey.