Tame the Monkey Mind with Guided Meditations

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In the 21st century, it seems that multi-tasking is a necessity. With the demands of work, home, school, family and community, doing more than one thing at any given time enables people to get more done. Multi-taskers are applauded. But at what price? After a while, this frenetic pace can be exhausting and detrimental to people’s emotional and mental well-being. Moreover, the harried schedule can by physically fatiguing. Distracted, perpetually on the go and frazzled, people pay the price.

Buddhists have long called this unsettled and restless state the “monkey mind.” Coined centuries ago, the term, of course, did not account for the overwhelming distractions that would increase exponentially in modern society. From cell phones to computers, incessant texts, omnichannel platforms and instant messaging, the digital age has ushered in even more ‘chatter’ in people’s minds. In fact, the problem is so common that a recent Forbes Magazine article explored its prevalence in modern society and how it is causing many people to become unnecessarily self-absorbed.

How can people tame this monkey mind? Meditations that are guided are a soothing option.

With gentle coaching through audio, video or live sessions, these daily practices can quiet the frazzled and fragmented parts of your being and open your heart to a calmer, more peaceful self. Spiritual facilitator Maureen St. Germain has composed and voiced dozens of these guided meditations on a multitude of topics that inspire people to live their best lives.

These sessions include: Reality Remix, which helps practitioners release themselves from regret and experience true bliss; Golden Bowl, which enables people to connect to their sixth sense. The newly recreated Open Your Heart to Love Countdown conquers fear and worry by lifting people’s spirits and helping them feel enriched by the presence of their Higher Self. Without even trying, students of this practice have noticed more smoothness in their everyday life, along with sincere kindness, without even trying to be a better person. They have rooted out what are known as the five ‘poisons’ to the soul: anger, greed, lust, envy, jealousy, pride and ignorance. In the process, they are able to control their scattered thoughts and deeply focus beyond what they have ever experienced beforehand.

Along these lines, learning the scientifically geared, logical MerKaBa meditation takes four focused hours in a MerKaBa workshop. Practicing it takes no more than five minutes daily. This is not a big investment for the results that will be achieved: being connected with fifth-dimensional reality and enjoying it for a lifetime.

The next time your brain is leaping wildly from one thought to another, like a monkey swinging through the trees, seek out guided meditations from the professionally trained team at Maureen St. Germain Mystery School to ground your thoughts and achieve a bit of heaven on earth.