Get the movie… How much sugar are you having?

Who has the high IQ?

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When my thirty-something son was a  three year old, before pre-school was common and he was showing signs of a very high IQ, I had the opportunity to get him tested, thinking that there would be enrichment programs for him once it was known that my toddler had learned to read. (I used the Glenn Dolman method) I was sitting in the next room overhearing the interviewer evaluate him.

The Testing

It is an interesting experience to know that the particular community we lived in at the time had the ability to conduct testing on children like this. In our case there were questions that they asked of our son along this line: “If the ceiling is up then the floor is (Blank). The child is supposed to fill in the blank. This line of questioning went on for a few minutes until they asked the question,

“If lemons are sour then sugar is… ” My son answered “Bad for you.

I smiled to myself realizing that I had made that strong influence on him as a three year old, so many years ago.

My personal sugar cravings…

I have had struggled with sugar all my life. I can turn off that “need” for sugar, yet the “reward” part always seems to creep in. Recently healing myself from leaky gut syndrome, I swore off every kind of sugar for about two years. After my health issues were resolved, I felt that I was entitled to have a little sugar here and there. Unfortunately there is no such thing. It can become a daily “reach for” probably no different to any other addiction for me. Thankfully, I’m not a drinker or smoker! The movie, Fed Up will shed further light on this!

My solution

I’ve been using the Norm Shealy Sacred Rings for close to a year. I love the fact that it helps you create DHEA and help to heal the body. YET, the most beneficial element for me personally has been to discover that the days I SKIP doing this 15 minute acupressure regimine on myself – are the days my sugar craving is high.

This makes for that extra incentive to perform the Sacred Rings. Although I’m certified in this technique, anyone can learn it – from the web, for free, by watching Norm’s videos and or reading about it on his website. He also offeres training in it – and certified practitioners – who can do it for you. I highly recommend the addition of the BLISS oils that can be purchased to elevate their effectiveness.

Willpower isn’t the only answer – but it does help

I think we need to decide individually that sugar is bad for us, and that it should be avoided at all costs. Then when we are given a little bit here and there it’s not the toxic overload that we would have otherwise.

What are the easiest ways to decide to avoid sugar?

How do we enlist willpower?


Having information makes it easier to decide that YOU are loving your self healthy by choosing to avoid sugar.

In this regard I’d like to share with you a movie that is the movie of the week on iTunes, and is available for $.99 on iTunes this week.

It’s called Fed Up. I highly recommend it for the educational value on why you should avoid sugar, And why you should teach your children the same thing.

Clearing Discordant Energies – Via Time Travel

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We just finished recording our December radio, the Practical Mystic. If you have or are dealing with anger, (yours or someone else’s, or perhaps it’s the interactions… that leave you both angry) this show is for you. Our featured subject was resolving discordant energy! The show was so high – that there were moments we didn’t know where we were!

During the show I explained how to use gifts and time travel to resolve issues of discordant energy. I then led a guided meditation that takes you through it! Both Kim (my co-host) and I were crying in the end it was so powerful. What a way to heal. We capture what the causes might be, how to fix them, and then how to use time travel to make magic for the circumstances.

You will emerge blessed. Catch it on Mondays live, or replays at specific times.

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