Learning the Language of Non-Judgment

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If you have ever used a wheelbarrow to garden, you know that wheeling the load back and forth often causes ruts to form in the soil. It’s much easier to go over these ruts in the ground than to look for other pathways. This makes sense in these simple situations; however, we often slip into ‘ruts’ of behavior, as well. These habits can be detrimental and hard to break.

For example, perhaps when you were younger you used slang words and now you don’t because they do not give you the results you now want. You learned that falling into the trap of using this language was not beneficial so you ceased.

Likewise, you can learn the language of non-judgment to release old negative habits and useless expressions. How do you learn this language? Ask your Higher Self to work with you in achieving this awareness. Although it is not natural by normal standards of mass consciousness, you can acquire it with practice. Approach it like any change of habits. It is a bit like that.

If you have been in a class with me, you know we practice reframing judgmental statements. For example, if you ask your daughter to stop being mean to your house guests, you are actually locking her into that behavior by asking her not to do that. Instead you might ask her to be kind to everyone who visits because, “That is how we do things in our house.” Notice that this statement does not state your daughter’s behavior is good or bad, yet clearly conveys a different behavior is required.

Reframing is an effective technique to broaden your awareness and develop a stronger connection to your Higher Self. I have used this myself. When my children were young they were required to fold their own clothes after washing and drying them. From about age eight onward, my children wore wrinkled clothes! This was uncomfortable for me. I wanted them to look their best because I like to look my best. But I felt that if they were content to pull wrinkled clothes out of the clean laundry basket, then I should let them be. I kept hoping that peer pressure would kick in and they would decide to either fold their clothes in a timely manner or iron them. What happened instead was completely innovative. They came home with a laundry product, a spray that allowed them to smooth out the wrinkles almost instantly. Nonjudgment, or nonpolarity, will open the way to all kinds of new solutions.

We’ve taught our children that an apology is due or a debt is owed when a mistake is made. In 3D when something goes wrong we have an injury and then expect an apology. If something is broken, restitution is made. We have right and wrong; we have a victim and a perpetrator. In 5D we can have injury and acknowledgment, acceptance and comfort; the absence of judgment produces expansion of love in both.

Getting to know your Higher Self communication leads to all kinds of information you did not expect. Find a way to unhook from your need to know, or any other need. Be open and consciously work at nonjudgmental review and reaction to your Higher Self information. Choose to step away from the habit of interpreting everything from a polarity vantage point. Instead of saying, “I am not getting anything”—especially if you usually do—consider that vagueness has its own message.

Allow yourself to slide into “non-polarity” or nonjudgment when you feel yourself becoming emotional. Feel the feelings and then pull back just a little to move into your heart space, and voila—you’ll be in 5D instantly! How do you know you are in fifth? You will act and feel as if you are in love—with everyone and everything! Nothing can touch you. You feel only love, joy, and compassion by learning the language of nonjudgment.