What is Mindfulness vs Awareness?

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It’s no secret that the pandemic has worn down the state of mental health in society. Anxiety and depression are prevalent and coping with these issues has become a newfound priority. More than ever, people are looking for diverse ways to handle their problems and ultimately improve their lives. Of course, there are many alternatives. Two foundational concepts that deal with state of mind have proved successful in improving mental health; they are mindfulness and awareness. Their beauty is that they both can be achieved through meditation practice and can have calming and healing effects on body and mind.

First, it’s important to compare awareness vs. mindfulness. Awareness deals more with the senses and the realization of thoughts and emotions that arise in the mind. Mindfulness embraces the idea of living in the present moment. When contrasting self-awareness and mindfulness, self-awareness takes into account the exterior, or the world around the person, whereas mindfulness is an ‘interior concept’.

Mindfulness meditation is very popular now. It is the emptying of the mind to make room for nothingness. This is extremely useful, as it prepares people to receive the unlimited recourses of the universe. If a person’s mind is always busy sorting, analyzing, examining, it doesn’t have room for spontaneous knowledge. All the great thinkers know this. Many of the world’s greatest discoveries occurred in the dream or meditative state. This type of meditation plays an important role in helping people to be open to new ideas, creativity and more. The goal is to have complete mental stillness. When people allow themselves to let go of the ego’s stronghold on the messages of their mind, they will be open to receive the messages of the heart. Then they will succeed in becoming fifth dimensional.

A continued look at mindfulness vs. awareness shows that people with a strong sense of awareness can pick out which of their thoughts should be acted on and which are merely distractions. It becomes a filter of sorts. Experts have even created a mindfulness awareness attention scale to measure people’s degree of mindful states over time. However, what is truly important is people’ ability to clear negative feelings, open their hearts and ultimately evolve and grow their own self-awareness to a place that allows true Higher Self to move through them.

At an enhanced level, the 5D MerKaBa meditation connects people to an expanded energy field, grows their pranic tube, and then centers their energy field in such a way that they are reaching higher fields of consciousness as well as connecting to Mother Earth. It also helps people plug in and tune in to their most evolved self.

Mindfulness and self-awareness are powerfully intertwined concepts. You are a special and powerful being. Your role is unique. Explore your internal state of mind and discover your very own degree of self-awareness with the help and tools provided by spiritualist Maureen St. Germain and her trusted team at her Mystery School.