What is MerKaBa Stone?

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Many adults have a negative recollection of their first encounter with the subject of geometry in school. Part of the reason is that geometry is taught as theory, without any practical application to real life. However, by going beyond their present understanding—deep into the symbolism of numbers—individuals can uncover the hidden codes of life. In doing so, they will learn to apply sacred geometry to their manifestation work.

Sacred geometry holds the key to creation in matter. When people carefully examine geometry, they suddenly see that angles and shares are replicated throughout nature and the Universe. It’s then, that they have truly turned geometry into something sacred. Within this concept of sacred geometry people can understand the significance of the MerKaBa stone.

The MerKaBa stone meaning is powerful. Many people say it looks like a three-dimensional version of the Biblical star of David, rooted in Judaism. Essentially, it is a star tetrahedron (a solid triangular pyramid with four triangular faces) with geometric shapes spinning in opposite planes. A star-tetrahedron, then, is two tetrahedrons nested midway to produce a six-pointed three-dimensional figure. The MerKaBa star/stone meaning embodies balance and unity. It can help balance energy fields, which makes it the perfect accompaniment for MerKaBa guided meditations.

MerKaBa stone meaning can be analyzed further by examining the importance of each side of the shape. The top of the tetrahedron, for example, represents the masculine force; the lower side represents the feminine force. They are opposing forces: dark/light, physical/spiritual. They spin in opposing directions but et they come together harmoniously through meditation. Once this balance is achieved, an individual can use this energy, or light, to enter a higher consciousness apart from three-dimensional reality.

Some people ask: What stone should a Merkaba be? There is no correct answer. Depending on your meditation intentions, these spiritual tools range from obsidian to rose quartz and tiger’s eye.

Regardless of the type of stone, MerKaBa meditations link 17 breaths and mudras to specific points of the tetrahedron. For example, the number six is directly related to the six external points of the star-tetrahedron, or Divine Light Body. There are actually eight points of the MerKaBa as individuals work their way around the star-tetrahedrons, but two reside in the axis points and get cleared each time they pulse. It is possible to repeat the same mudras and breaths up to eight, but those numbered one through six are all that is necessary.

Breath 15 is the activation of the star-tetrahedrons (two nested tetrahedrons) around individuals that move in opposite directions at equal speed. Remember, these three star-tetrahedrons are part of the bigger system that is put in place in the earlier parts of the meditation. How much does the speed increase? The rotation automatically jumps to one-third the speed of light. People’s intention to “start the motor” increases the speed to one-third of light speed. Breath 17 activates the relationship to nine-tenths the speed of light.

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