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Thank you for purchasing a Quantum Matrix Healing with Melanie Alderson!

Prior to scheduling your actual Quantum Matrix Healing (QMH) Session you will first schedule a 30-minute initial consultation. The purpose of this session is to ensure that you understand how a Quantum Matrix Healing session works, along with how to prepare. This will also allow me to answer any questions ahead of time without taking time away from your actual session. To schedule your 30-minute QMH consultation, please use the button below to access Melanie’s calendar.

Please note that Melanie is in the Eastern time zone.

If one of Melanie’s available times does not meet your needs, please email her at to determine another time that works for both of you.

Enjoy Your Reading!

Thanks & Blessings,
Melanie Alderson

(p.s. For your convenience, you’ll be receiving an email in your inbox shortly that repeats this information)

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