Allow Me to Take you on an ascension journey

The Ascension Institute

Do you have a knowing that your soul has a purpose to serve humanity in a bigger way?

Are you ready to honor your calling?

Isn’t it time? Are you interested, and ready to make the decision to be part of the solution for yourself, your family and the planet? For Ascension Institute VII we have wonderful experiences, training, and education planned for you. You’ll spend four weekends in Paradise – (travel permitting) away from the distractions of daily life to make room for your spiritual growth. This year’s participants were treated to weekly zoom calls and were so thrilled with the program!Some of you are called, and you know you are, but have hesitated. If you want to do this, ask the Universe to open the door wide, to make it easy for you. We’ve done our part — and are making it super easy for you. Now is your chance to do something totally amazing for yourself, bringing a level of mastery, health and wisdom to you — well beyond what you have been achieving on your own!



What Will the Ascension Institute Teach You?

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Etheric Focus


  • Opening the heart
  • Accessing higher self
  • Activating the pineal gland
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Mental Focus


  • Clearing of your past blocks
  • Methods to clear energy
  • Building a balanced self


Emotional Focus


  • Growth and evolution
  • Finding your authentic Self
  • Anchoring your new matrix
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Physical Focus


  • Initiations
  • Progression into future self
  • Developing altruistic systems

What Participants are saying about the course

Jerome Martin

Judy McClain

Marcus E Kuypers

3rd year testimonial

Bob Hosea

Shuyun Liu

Leonard Spivey

Alessandra Huffman

Tricia Zemek

Jane Millard

Becoming part of The Ascension Institute was the very best investment I have ever made. Maureen is an awesome teacher and cares for her students deeply. She teaches so many tools that you are certain to find assistance with whatever you are seeking. I have found that being part of a group of like minded people very uplifting. When meditating together I have reached heights I am not able to attain on my own. The group I am with is a group of very sweet individuals and I feel so blessed to have met them and so grateful to Maureen for bringing us all together. Maureen’s connection with the Divine and Lords of Light brings in such amazing teachings. If you are looking for a leap in your evolution this is where you want to be..
~ Carole K.

I most definitely recommend Maureen St Germain’s Ascension Institute for those wishing to expand their experiences and knowledge in a domain we are taught to scorn.  All of a sudden synchronicities are sweeping you along a path you always knew was there but needed to be reminded of. Childhood experiences suddenly make sense in a new way.  I particularly like the informal and more “feminine” and practical approach that Maureen has in her writings and lessons.  An emphasis on no stress! I discovered Maureen after reading her book “Waking Up in 5D”.  That lead me to her website and the lessons she gives online.  It has opened the door for more – which is what the Ascension Institute is about. It’s about discovering what’s real and what’s not and having a community to share it with.
~ Caroline W.

You know you belong and are a candidate if:

  • You care deeply about Mother Earth and your relationship to the earth

  • You want a deeper spirituality in your life

  • You are interested in helping others succeed because YOU have success but haven’t figured out how you make a difference.

  • You are interested in developing deep relationships with significant few others and seeking tools to make that happen

  • You believe in education – and are willing to sustain change through a deeply personal growth process

  • You are intensely interested in spiritual and psychological development

  • You desire equality for men and women

  • You desire meaning in life

  • You are optimistic about life

  • You are already a seeker, yet ready for greater change – and ready to transform yourself and those around you

  • You want your own life to have a greater meaning than you have now

  • You understand the merit of good fiscal management yet aren’t focused on making money

  • You are neither left nor right in politics and intend to be part of the solutions of the future

You will be attracted to this program as part of your soul family work. You may not know the participants, but they are part of your soul family.

What does training include?

This video will give you a little more information about what you may expect as part of your training in the Ascension Institute.

Application is Easy

The spiritual work, initiations, growth, and skills you learn will be profound.

Just answer a few illuminating questions about yourself and your needs regarding this work. What led you here? What can we help you achieve? Submit  your application to confirm your interest. Why do we ask for a deposit? We work with people who are serious, who believe they might want to do this and who are ready to qualify. Are you one of them?

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Learn powerful techniques to handle big emotions and life altering meditations and techniques to expand your consciousness.  Maureen is a direct channel to Source and will use her wisdom channel to guide and direct the sessions. You will get personal attention from a woman who has devoted her life to helping clients achieve spiritual mastery.

Includes workshops with Maureen in an intimate, interactive format.

Enrollment for the 2023 – 2024 program begins in the Spring of 2023. We plan to meet at four beautiful locations – away from any distractions in fall, winter, spring and summer (travel permitting),  Zoom calls every other week and direct access to Maureen St. Germain.

More Testimonials

Marcus Kuypers

Terry Reesing

Marla B.

Melanie Alderson

I could not have done this without you teaching me in the Ascension Institute!Co-founder of the Kindness & Love movement.
~ Jane M.

I was drawn to the Ascension Institute as I felt a need to connect to my higher self and life’s calling.  I was completing a place of brokenness in my life and the Universe guided me toward Maureen and her wonderful insights and teachings.  My intention is to make this last third of my life count and create an impact on humanity.  The Ascension Institute has enabled me to do just that. I’ve gained a deeper connection to my higher self and the Universe as a whole, while taking this course.  My connections have vastly improved through mediation and the discovery of who I am and my purpose in this planet.  My thought processes have shifted from “me” to the “greater good” of society.  I’ve also been able to create a firmer foundation for my writings through my blog, I’m exploring other writing venues as well.My suggestion to a prospective candidate is if you want to “find yourself”, your “life’s calling” and opportunities to enhance the greater good of the planet, the Ascension Institute is a great place to begin.  Prepare to be amazed at what you discover.  You’ll be simply astounded.


I was already a fan of Maureen St. Germain’s books and meditations.  I had planned to be part of her intensive coaching group, Ascension Institute, for several years.  I finally knew the time was right, and I am so happy that I applied to be part of her year-long program. Each week, we’ve been assigned meditation “homework,” which is in-sync with whatever material she teaches that week.  At first, she has us do very short meditations.  Then, she introduces additional meditations gradually.  And she’s smart to have us do them long enough so they become a new habit that we won’t outgrow. I’ll admit that I resisted doing those meditations, and the time required for them, in the beginning.  I didn’t want to change my routine – didn’t have the time, etc.  But I realized that for the big changes I wanted to see in my life, I’d need to make corresponding big changes in my beliefs and actions. I started seeing, and feeling, the results of those meditations within the first couple of weeks.  That motivated me to keep doing homework assignments.  And I continued seeing more and more positive results.  I felt much more power, faith, and confidence.  I saw exponential results, pretty much every week. During my interview, Maureen asked me what I wanted from this program.  I told her I wanted to “master my life — not have it master me.”  I’m on the road to seeing the fruition of that mastery.   I can’t wait to see who I’ve become, as a result of this program.
~ Cristiane C.

Maureen St. Germain first came onto my radar screens in the spring of 2020. I had revived the practice of attending NYC’s semi-annual New Life Expo, and had noticed that Maureen was a regular presenter at the conference. But it had always worked out that her lecture times were opposite someone else’s whom I was already following, or just couldn’t resist. When the CV-19 lockdowns closed down the New Life Expo, though, and I was forced to watch at home, I caught one of Maureen’s lectures. Her approach is logical. She attempts to make some sense of the admittedly often abstract world of the spiritual, or occult, or Other Side—or . . . You get the picture. I had been pursuing spiritual growth for 30+ years, and the field is so vast—so full of umpteen million healers/practitioners, each of whom believes passionately in her method or point of view. Many sound good; many are good salespeople; and—sad to say—some even make it appear to the unsuspecting (or even suspecting!) prospective client that “if you don’t work with me . . . ” Maureen ploughs a pretty darned straight furrow through that forest of wild and woolly spiritual complexity. I thought perhaps she might help me make more coherent sense of it all—get a whole picture, as opposed to fixing this or that. I took a wild stab at the Ascension Institute. I am about halfway through the year-long program, and have garnered a large amount of previously unknown information. No slouch on the knowledge-gathering front, I have still been pleasantly surprised and happy with such an expansion of available resources. There are so many interesting avenues to explore that I have no doubt of their lasting far beyond the program’s one-year term. I have not yet made the hoped-for progress, but I am well aware that this is due to my particular set of hurdles. Maureen is a non-reactive screen against which one can bounce questions and get mostly unbiased, and always well-considered, answers. There are many, many spiritual teachers hanging out their shingles on our planet today. If Maureen’s approach appeals to you, take it from me that it is well worth studying under her. Her commitment to the welfare of those who take this leap never wavers. She has been more than generous with her ideas, her support, her time, and (not least) her long list of products that will be yours gratis! Maureen will do her level best to make sure you make the progress you envision for yourself, whatever your goals might be. For me, the hardest part of doing this was financial. I have spent so much money over so many years, mostly attempting to regain my native energy level, and the spirit side (of PEMS) is just one road I have traveled on that quest. If I can accomplish even one of my wish-list items for this year, I will consider the investment amply rewarded. As Colonel Podhajsky said to Dinah Wilcox, who was petrified of falling off her horse, “Send your heart over first, and then jump after it.” Cheers!
~ Linda M.

I wanted to grow. I wanted to expand my consciousness and continue to grow in these changing times, which demand a new and amendable, agile curriculum. I wanted to update my ascension practices and learn more advanced psycho-technology to meet the world as it is, changing, and to meet the most evolved version of myself who I felt awaited me. The teachings coming through Maureen St. Germain and the Ascension Institute have fulfilled my heart’s desires and have released, awakened new desires within me. Thanks to Maureen’s teachings and guidance, daily I am integrating the experience of infinity, Source, and am able to stabilize myself in the growing process. I feel free. The Institute teaches clearing practices that allow the Light to shine through me more clearly. The Institute teaches the possibility of remaining in contact with Source. The swing of my internal pendulum feels balanced and centered through these practices. … Maureen and the AI and the practices meet each student where she is, no matter the “level,” the history, the depth of consciousness at the entry point. Our cohort is an assembly of souls from various places on earth and various disciplines. These are practices for anyone whose heart’s desire is to merge reliably with Source and to live a happy, free life as she grows and changes. My heart is very full. I recommend this program for anyone who feels ready to engage deeply with herself and with God.

~ Judy McClain.
Director, The Grace School of Yoga.