AroMandalas-Orion Series®

Essential Oil Blends

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Additional Testimonials

I have been using the “Elation” oil blend for a little over a year now. I have been using this to help me find all my lost parts from all different areas of my life. So did I get all my parts back? Yes, would be an understatement….It is an indescribable feeling when you have a part of your personality come back to you that you forgot was lost (buried) for so long. And with it comes a rush of that fruitful feeling in your stomach and mind that makes you giggle from ear to ear. And it is hardly ever over. I still am retrieving all the different aspects of my soul from times long, and not so long ago, and it gets better each time I integrate another piece.

~ Brandon Tijolo Russ

The most memorable way that the wisdom oil helped was the healing effect it had on one of my clients who’s leg had started turning blue/black over a period of weeks; the client had seen his doctor who could not give him any answers as to why this had happened. I used the wisdom oil once a week during a couple of treatments, then after two weeks all the blackness in his leg had just dissolved / disappeared. He has not experienced any symptoms since. I always use a couple of drops of the oil on the palms of my hands before a treatment, whether the person is present or I am working remotely.

~ Christine Williams

I have been using a combination of the Orion essential oils Balanzed and Voyage for a week now. They have assisted me in processing energetic healing sessions where the right and left sides of my physical body were out of balance-especially in aligning my spine and resolving positional head movement dizziness.

~ Khadro