Imagine creating your heart’s desire
and living the life you dream about!

How? Awaken the Genie!

Maureen St. Germain provides you with a treasure map and the keys to creating the life you desire. Each lesson is designed to help you get closer to unlocking the treasure chest of materialization that awaits you.

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You’ll get opportunities to participate, learning from each other — and discovering common mistakes that everyone makes and how to avoid them.

The Genie System is based on solid science using quantum physics and sacred geometry, along with practical tools to help you clarify and realize your life dreams and goals.

Maureen’s innovative step-by-step practices are straightforward, and easy to understand and apply. Once you learn the techniques and start to apply them to your goals and desires, you will begin co-creating in harmony with your partner, the Universe. Your life will appear to be magical because you will be in synchronicity with the natural rhythms of the Universe.

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  • Do’s and Don’ts for Manifestation
  • Making your Movie of the Mind
  • Sacred Geometry and the Phoenix Factor that PROVES how the Genie System works!
  • Putting it all together

Maureen’s evaluations are filled with customer comments like these:

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Having now attended several of your workshops, including the Flower of Life, I have to tell you that Be A Genie is the best one so far; it is much broader in scope than the FOL, it looks at life from a high perspective… but more importantly it works and it is so easy to put in practice! Thank you for such an effective workshop
Bernard Martin / Marbella, Spain
I have already had success with Be A Genie. We have a condo in Vancouver that we have been trying to sell since September and no real interest except one last minute lost sale. I did the movie (workshop exercise) of celebrating it being sold to a lovely person and within days we had a flurry of viewings, followed by two offers and a third very interested person who couldn’t make it due to snow. We did the final papers yesterday! It has to be the Genie, I can’t imagine any other explanation! I’m on to the next wish on my list. Thank you so much for sharing this treasure with us.
Tonia Finbow
Just hearing Maureen speak was an awakening of my own power. The class shifted my energy, and I began to immediately be open to seeing my own miracles. Maureen helps you see how easy miracles are when you are open to accepting them.
Diane Giammarino
Don’t attend this mind altering seminar with the impression that Maureen St. Germain’s ‘Be A Genie’ is simply another goal setting or positive thinking how to motivate yourself with rah, rah rah affirmations. At it’s very essence, Maureen unravels our universe and our thought patterns to discover and define who we are, what we become and where we can go with the “rub” or understand the quantum dynamic.
Drew Peterson / Realtor, Greenwich, CT
Maureen St Germain is a most wonderful Soul! She is the Queen of Manifestation! I have learned so many wondrous techniques from her teachings from the Be A Genie Workshop and the loving guidance that Maureen has freely shared, based on her own personal work and life experience. Maureen’s amazing positivity and work with the Higher Self resonates with truth. I have found this to be the greatest way to move through life, it is Heaven On Earth!
Deborah Werner / Founder, Creator: Earth, Wind and Flowers
Thanks to the Be A Genie Course I have become a national speaker and will be speaking at 2 large conferences. Boston, and NYC… and so on. It definitely works! There are four pharmaceutical companies ‘courting’ me right now
Karen Mueller / Seminole, FL
Chuck has gotten several jobs since the Be A Genie workshop. He says his voice has also gotten looser and easier to use, (he is a singer) and we have both noticed definite changes in our professional lives as a result of the workshop. All in all, we have to say that our lives have definitely changed for the better. It feels rather like we’ve been given a new map to make this trip, and the route we’ve chosen as a result is certainly a lot easier to travel.
Chuck & Chris / NYC
Things have been going GREAT since Cathy & I took the workshops. We had 150% more business in the last four days of this week than in the month up to then… Then on Tuesday morning (the day after the class), business just took off and never stopped!
Steve / Coeur d'Alene, ID
I recommend to everyone that they take Maureen’s classes. As a mystery school student, I was extremely pleased to discover Maureen as a teacher of manifestation. Maureen captivates her students with her expert communication skills, extensive knowledge of metaphysics, her advanced intuitive abilities, and with her fun, humor, and love. The manifestation workshops helps its participants to “peel the onion” and discover their life purpose, desired outcomes, and the means to accomplish almost anything they wish. If you are ready for rapid transformation and life-changing results, take this workshop. Since I have taken the class, I have started two new businesses, significantly increased my income, have many new friends and adventures. I would take this workshop again and again. There is no risk… you are worth it. Go for it by taking this workshop. Your life will not be the same
John O'Neal, MA, MSW / Atlanta, Georgia