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What is the Akashic Plane?

Have you ever tried to tune into a radio station only to encounter static? With perseverance, you eventually find clarity and enjoy the program.

Similarly, many people are trying to find just the right ‘radio frequency’ in their own spiritual lives. They seek a place where they are in perfect tune with themselves and others. The task is challenging, but not impossible. Internationally acclaimed researcher, author and practical mystic Maureen St. Germain has spent more than 25 years helping individuals who want to evolve spiritually, understand the wisdom that their soul houses and apply it in their everyday lives. The marvel of this process is that each person’s unique Records are woven into their very own fabric of existence, which is found in their DNA and in the 11th dimension known as the Akashic plane. Through one-on-one sessions with Certified Guides, you can begin to discover the Ancient Truths and how they personally affect your life each day.

Think of the Akashic Records plane as a non-physical realm. It’s a powerful place! It is a reservoir of emotions and behaviors of your soul, including your past, present and all possible futures. Imagine the amazing opportunities that come with access to this living library. This body of knowledge that has been hidden for centuries is now available to you, with the help of our Certified and expertly trained Guides, who have a special dispensation to tap into this higher dimension within our 3-D world.

How can this be done? A Sacred Prayer is the point of entry. In a prayerful nonjudgmental ceremony, our Guides will lovingly meet with you to help you find answers to some of life’s biggest and smallest matters—from relationships to what to eat! The seemingly trivial issues may turn out to be the most important. You will realize that much more exists beyond our 3-D existence on Earth. Once you open yourself to choice, you can experience a true multidimensional transformation. You are not going through dimensions to get to the Akashic Record Keepers; rather you are tuning into the exact vibration that you are seeking.

Different planes exist in different dimensions. Our trusted Guides can help you discover the wonder that exists in each of these realms. Akashic plane ascension is a process that you are stepping into as you evolve spiritually. All creation is supporting humanity to become like the saints, where everyone will be able to be purely loving and nonjudgmental of themselves and others. On a practical level, this process will not only form a deeper bond to global consciousness, but also enhance your relationships within your intimate circle of family, friends and beyond.

You can also learn to open your soul’s living library for others. Our highly acclaimed workshops—available online each season—offer two levels of instruction: Level 1 for seekers who want to access their own Records, and Level 2 for those who wish to learn to do the same for others. The popular Fast Track course can be completed in only one week.

Contact spiritual luminary Maureen St. Germain today and find lifechanging tools and wisdom that exist in another dimension.

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