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Why is Maureen St. Germain’s MerKaBa Meditation training top-notch?

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To obtain the closest training to the authentic MerKaBa meditation, you will want to consult one of the world’s most respected metaphysical teachers, Maureen St. Germain, a classically trained facilitator who brings her personal work with this powerful energy to the next level.

Years and years of study usually result in mastery of a subject. From a teaching standpoint, this ensures that students will receive adequate and accurate information. However, imparting information to others—although comprehensive—can only go so far. To pass down knowledge with meaning and depth requires a personal understanding of the material and a true zest for the teaching that permeates the message. It is this passion that spiritual teacher Maureen St. Germain brings to her MerKaBa meditation training—making it stand head and shoulders above the crowd. 

What sets Maureen St. Germain apart from her contemporaries is her familiarity and thoroughness acquired from her own meditation on this material. She has learned how to hold space for individuals to activate their own MerKaBa and has embraced the importance of shifting and evolving her teaching methods. As a result, this have given her the opportunity to give students the understanding that represents years of study and mastery and the vast body of knowledge that has emerged around it, as well as her personal connectedness.

Without a doubt, Maureen St. Germain has a joy for teaching. Her heart is in her work, and she has cultivated her skills for more than 25 years—traveling enthusiastically throughout the world (into 24 countries) and in almost every major city throughout the U.S.—she unconditionally offered her training to students. Her sincerity and devotion to her work are evident in her reliance on her own personal MerKaBa activation and how she has used the MerKaBa meditation to persevere through very difficult times in her own life. She would never offer a student a spiritual tool that she did not use herself.

Maureen St. Germain has been personally trained by the original facilitator of this ancient classic 17-breath MerKaBa meditation. With a firm foundation and a deep connection to this spiritual tool, she began to experience a direct flow of information from Spirit. Many synchronicities developed, enabling her to enhance and improve the training. She received more Higher Self Connection that expanded the the program that could also help others transcend their 3-dimensional realities and experience fifth dimension or 5D for the first time.

As Maureen St. Germain spent more time in the light-energy field known as the MerKaBa, the flow of information became part of her course material. These newfound improvements made her classes stand out from the rest: uniquely different yet grounded in the original material.
The changes in mudras and other elements synched with students in programs across the nation and, ultimately, across the world. Students were hungering for more from Maureen St. Germain, and she continued to deliver directly from Spirit and her own personal understanding of the knowledge that is needed to live life in 5D, where knowing your Higher Self intimately guides you and your decisions. You’ll find that your 5th dimensional self is ready to serve you, heal you and help you.
There are many ‘ways to connect;’ however, Maureen St. Germain’s training is unparalleled. Explore the power of your very own light-energy field and start this unique journey today. You can download a copy of the classic 17 breadth MerkaBa Meditation training at

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