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Living Your Best 5D Life

The new era of Fifth Dimensional consciousness has arrived!


Mastering Your 5D Self

A guide to anchoring yourself in 5D consciousness

Reveals how you no longer need to “heal” emotional wounds to be fifth dimensional and shares practices to transform and transmute emotions instantly

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Waking Up in 5D

Voted #1 best-selling book across America by independent retailers!

This book will guide you through the rapidly changing environment, and awaken you to the phenomenal opportunities the fifth dimensional energies have to offer.


Beyond the Flower of Life

Kickstart your Beyond the Flower of Life journey at a great value!

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Openning Your Akashic Records

Winner of the 2020 COVR Visionary Awards Book of the Year!

A clear and simple manual of precise instructions for accessing the Akashic Records and confirming the accuracy of the information you receive

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Be a Genie

This book is a life-transforming treasure map for Love, Success and Happiness. You’ll learn how to Be A Genie, and follow the easy steps and keys to creating your heart’s desire with your partner, the Universe.


Reweaving the Fabric
of Your Realty

Begin to appreciate forces that can influence your behaviors or thoughts. Reweaving describes what entities are, why they are with you, and how you can clear them. 

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