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Be a Genie

I have already had success with Be A Genie. We have a condo in Vancouver that we have been trying to sell since September and no real interest except one last minute lost sale. I did the movie (workshop exercise) of celebrating it being sold to a lovely person and within days we had a flurry of viewings, followed by two offers and a third very interested person who couldn’t make it due to snow. We did the final papers yesterday! It has to be the Genie, I can’t imagine any other explanation! I’m on to the next wish on my list. Thank you so much for sharing this treasure with us.
Tonia Finbow
Just hearing Maureen speak was an awakening of my own power. The class shifted my energy, and I began to immediately be open to seeing my own miracles. Maureen helps you see how easy miracles are when you are open to accepting them.
Diane Giammarino
Don’t attend this mind altering seminar with the impression that Maureen St. Germain’s ‘Be A Genie’ is simply another goal setting or positive thinking how to motivate yourself with rah, rah rah affirmations. At it’s very essence, Maureen unravels our universe and our thought patterns to discover and define who we are, what we become and where we can go with the “rub” or understand the quantum dynamic.
Drew Peterson
Thanks to the Be A Genie Course I have become a national speaker and will be speaking at 2 large conferences. Boston, and NYC… and so on. It definitely works! There are four pharmaceutical companies ‘courting’ me right now
Karen Mueller 
Maureen St Germain is a most wonderful Soul! She is the Queen of Manifestation! I have learned so many wondrous techniques from her teachings from the Be A Genie Workshop and the loving guidance that Maureen has freely shared, based on her own personal work and life experience. Maureen’s amazing positivity and work with the Higher Self resonates with truth. I have found this to be the greatest way to move through life, it is Heaven On Earth!
Deborah Werner
Chuck has gotten several jobs since the Be A Genie workshop. He says his voice has also gotten looser and easier to use, (he is a singer) and we have both noticed definite changes in our professional lives as a result of the workshop. All in all, we have to say that our lives have definitely changed for the better. It feels rather like we’ve been given a new map to make this trip, and the route we’ve chosen as a result is certainly a lot easier to travel.
Chuck & Chris
Things have been going GREAT since Cathy & I took the workshops. We had 150% more business in the last four days of this week than in the month up to then… Then on Tuesday morning (the day after the class), business just took off and never stopped!
I recommend to everyone that they take Maureen’s classes. As a mystery school student, I was extremely pleased to discover Maureen as a teacher of manifestation. Maureen captivates her students with her expert communication skills, extensive knowledge of metaphysics, her advanced intuitive abilities, and with her fun, humor, and love. The manifestation workshops helps its participants to “peel the onion” and discover their life purpose, desired outcomes, and the means to accomplish almost anything they wish. If you are ready for rapid transformation and life-changing results, take this workshop. Since I have taken the class, I have started two new businesses, significantly increased my income, have many new friends and adventures. I would take this workshop again and again. There is no risk… you are worth it. Go for it by taking this workshop. Your life will not be the same
John O'Neal, MA, MSW


Sacred Journeys

Maureen, This was my second fantastic journey with Transformational Enterprises (*My first was the Dolphin Swim in Hawaii). You said the trip to Egypt would be phenomenal and it certainly was! The experience was one I will remember always. The days flowed beautifully thanks to your planning, the special accommodations, easy travel, first rate Egyptian Scholar-Tour Guide and all-round first rate service. Thanks for a special journey filled with wonderful experiences. Truly a trip of a Lifetime!
Irene Narissi,
Dear Maureen, I am still on cloud 9,000,000. I still cannot believe I was able to be a part of what we experienced! As I explain my adventures to some people they do not seem to get the extreme gist of what it was we were offered as a group. I will continually be able to look back and bask in the awe of what I was invited to experience. I thank you!



Maureen St. Germain’s CD on the Meditation to the Archangels leads one straight into their wings. Maureen understands the energies of the Angelic Realms.
Drunvalo Melchizedek
I did the pyramid meditation. It was absolutely amazing. I could sense going to other dimensions and had all sorts of visions. I love the meditation, and plan on doing it at least once a week, if not more.


Essential Oil Blends

I have been using the “Elation” oil blend for a little over a year now. I have been using this to help me find all my lost parts from all different areas of my life. So did I get all my parts back? Yes, would be an understatement….It is an indescribable feeling when you have a part of your personality come back to you that you forgot was lost (buried) for so long. And with it comes a rush of that fruitful feeling in your stomach and mind that makes you giggle from ear to ear. And it is hardly ever over. I still am retrieving all the different aspects of my soul from times long, and not so long ago, and it gets better each time I integrate another piece.
Brandon Tijolo Russ
The most memorable way that the wisdom oil helped was the healing effect it had on one of my clients who’s leg had started turning blue/black over a period of weeks; the client had seen his doctor who could not give him any answers as to why this had happened. I used the wisdom oil once a week during a couple of treatments, then after two weeks all the blackness in his leg had just dissolved / disappeared. He has not experienced any symptoms since. I always use a couple of drops of the oil on the palms of my hands before a treatment, whether the person is present or I am working remotely.
Christine Williams
I have been using a combination of the Orion essential oils Balanzed and Voyage for a week now. They have assisted me in processing energetic healing sessions where the right and left sides of my physical body were out of balance-especially in aligning my spine and resolving positional head movement dizziness.


Akashic Records

Thank you for a wonderful class. You present things in an intelligent and organized way and answered all of our questions. I have been reading both books and am astounded at all of the information given. I’m so happy I joined this workshop. It gave me more than I ever expected.
Isis Cortes
I love this class!I am learning so much, and what I am learning from the class and from the Records is very helpful to me. What you are offering is such a complement to all I have studied for many years.


Higher Self

Maureen makes this experience feel personal. Following her directions empowers the listener to establish and strengthen the connection with their Higher Self. Following the practice simply deepens the connection and increases confidence in it. Once that is complete, it feels like I have trusted confidant that I rely on to always have my back in all situations.
Melanie A.
Brough tears to my eyes the first 5 minutes of connection.
This course is invaluable. The higher self connection gives me so much clarity and confidence in my life. I personally think that it is in everybody's best interest to develop that connection and Maureen does that beautifully. Highly recommended


Ascension Institute

I have been on a lifelong journey as a spiritual seeker, following a path of self-discovery and what my purpose is in this lifetime. I came upon Maureen’s name and the Ascension Institute quite by accident, even though I don’t believe it was an accident at all but that was I divinely guided to her and the Institute. I began reading her books and was intrigued by what I was learning and I was excited to learn about this thing called the “Mercaba.” When I joined the Ascension Institute, I discovered there were other like- minded individuals seeking a higher expression of themselves and how they could serve in the world. I have learned so much during my many years at the Institute. I have learned to connect with my Higher Self, the 5D Mercaba and the 8D Mercaba which will blow your socks off. Quite Powerful!! It has been a wonderful growth experience and a very transformative experience. I highly recommend the Ascension Institute. It has been a life changing experience for me with the added bonus of connecting with many, many lovely individuals that are on their own spiritual journey in their own unique ways. Thank you Maureen & the Institute for the courage to present this information as well as the knowledge and gifts that you so willingly and lovingly shared with me, others in the Ascension Institute and the world. Together we are making the world a better place for ALL. Connie Heaps Licensed Professional Counselor
Connie Heaps
Licensed Professional Counselor
Becoming part of The Ascension Institute was the very best investment I have ever made. Maureen is an awesome teacher and cares for her students deeply. She teaches so many tools that you are certain to find assistance with whatever you are seeking. I have found that being part of a group of like minded people very uplifting. When meditating together I have reached heights I am not able to attain on my own. The group I am with is a group of very sweet individuals and I feel so blessed to have met them and so grateful to Maureen for bringing us all together. Maureen’s connection with the Divine and Lords of Light brings in such amazing teachings. If you are looking for a leap in your evolution this is where you want to be..

Carole K
I have had the pleasure of working with Maureen St. Germain and her mystery school for several years now. It is one of the most interesting, exciting and challenging things I have done this lifetime! If you are curious about what else may be “out there” in the universe or would like to find a road map to help make more sense of the unseen world around us, find new approaches or resources to help yourself and others, work with other explorers and learn from each other, then Maureen’s Advanced Institute will be a marvelous adventure. Yes, it will be challenging and require time, effort and persistence, but prepare to be amazed and get really excited about what’s ahead...
Marcus Kuypers
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