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Sacred Journeys

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Whale Swim in Mo’orea (Tahiti)

Swim with the whales who migrate from magical Antarctica for birthing!

We take a limited number of participants. Are you being called?

Spend one or two weeks on the sacred, heart-shaped island of Mo’orea with us swimming with Humpback whales from Antarctica – some of the most advanced beings on the planet! 

Mo’orea is the mystical place that is said to be the navel of the earth with ley lines to the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. We will connect with this ascension energy during the retreat.

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As lovers to the Kingdom of Tonga I joined for the first Mo’orea swim in 2020 (I swam with the whales in Tonga in 2010).  I had such amazing swims in this most beautiful sacred land, we are going again in 2022.

It is the most magical and uplifting experience to swim up close with whales and gather together in the late afternoons to share our experiences and be in deep meditation with the whales, listening to their channeled messages for us about our spiritual expansion.

We hope you can make your paradise dream come true!

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Experience the mystical, magical and divine energy of the love of God that made these sacred journeys so very special. All the locations on these journeys resonate a very special frequency that vibrates strongly with the history of sacred ceremony, space and activations!

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