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Ascension Institute

The Ascension Institute IX

What would it take for you to know, with certainty, you could achieve your goals – and then some?

The Ascension Institute will transform you and your life in profound ways
that you cannot even imagine from where you are right now.

It’s time. Join a small group of highly motivated individuals
on a year’s journey to discover your own ascension path.

Ascension Institute

Do you have a knowing that your soul has a purpose to serve humanity in a bigger way?
Are you ready to honor your calling?

Isn’t it time? Are you interested, and ready to make the decision to be part of the solution for yourself, your family and the planet? For Ascension Institute VIII we have wonderful experiences and trainings planned for you. You’ll meet with Maureen every other week on Zoom, and have assignments to complete between meetings. Three times during the year, you’ll have in person retreats with Maureen, away from the distractions of daily life, to make room for your spiritual growth as Maureen guides you more deeply into living in 5D.

Some of you are called, and you know you are, but have hesitated. If you want to do this, ask the Universe to open the door wide, to make it easy for you. We’ve done our part — and are making it super easy for you. Now is your chance to do something totally amazing for yourself, bringing a level of mastery, health and wisdom to you — well beyond what you have been achieving on your own!

ascension institute

What will the Ascension Institute
teach you?

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Etheric Focus

-Opening the heart
-Accessing higher self
-Activating the pineal gland

Mental Body scaled 1

Mental Focus

-Clearing of your past blocks
-Methods to clear energy
-Building a balanced self

the emotional body

Emotional Focus

-Growth and evolution
-Finding your authentic Self
-Anchoring your new matrix

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Physical Focus

-Progression into future self
-Developing altruistic systems

Ascension Institute

What participants are saying
about the Ascension Institute

Jerome Martin

Judy McClain

Marcus E Kuypers

Bob Hosea

Shuyun Liu

Leonard Spivey

Alessandra Huffman

Tricia Zemek

Jane Millard

Becoming part of The Ascension Institute was the very best investment I have ever made. Maureen is an awesome teacher and cares for her students deeply. She teaches so many tools that you are certain to find assistance with whatever you are seeking. I have found that being part of a group of like minded people very uplifting. When meditating together I have reached heights I am not able to attain on my own. The group I am with is a group of very sweet individuals and I feel so blessed to have met them and so grateful to Maureen for bringing us all together. Maureen’s connection with the Divine and Lords of Light brings in such amazing teachings. If you are looking for a leap in your evolution this is where you want to be..
Carole K.
I most definitely recommend Maureen St Germain’s Ascension Institute for those wishing to expand their experiences and knowledge in a domain we are taught to scorn. All of a sudden synchronicities are sweeping you along a path you always knew was there but needed to be reminded of. Childhood experiences suddenly make sense in a new way. I particularly like the informal and more “feminine” and practical approach that Maureen has in her writings and lessons. An emphasis on no stress! I discovered Maureen after reading her book “Waking Up in 5D”. That lead me to her website and the lessons she gives online. It has opened the door for more – which is what the Ascension Institute is about. It’s about discovering what’s real and what’s not and having a community to share it with.
Caroline W.

Ascension Institute

You know you belong & are a candidate if:

You will be attracted to this program as part of your soul family work. You may not know the participants, but they are part of your soul family.

Ascension Institute

What does this program includes?

This video will give you a little more information about what
you may expect as part of your training in the Ascension Institute.

Ascension Institute

Application is easy

Just answer a few illuminating questions about yourself and your needs regarding this work. What led you here? What can we help you achieve? Submit your application to confirm your interest. Why do we ask for a deposit? We work with people who are serious, who believe they might want to do this and who are ready to qualify. Are you one of them?

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Learn powerful techniques to handle big emotions and life altering meditations and techniques to expand your consciousness. Maureen is a direct channel to Source and will use her wisdom channel to guide and direct the sessions. You will get personal attention from Maureen, who has devoted her life to helping clients achieve spiritual mastery.
Includes workshops with Maureen in an intimate, interactive format.

Enrollment for the 2023 – 2024 program is now open.
Zoom calls every other week and direct access to Maureen St. Germain.

We also meet at three beautiful locations for in person retreats throughout the year.

Ascension Institute

More Testimonials

Marcus E Kuypers

Terry Reesing

Marla Bace


I have had the pleasure of working with Maureen St. Germain and her mystery school for several years now. It is one of the most interesting, exciting, and challenging things I have done this lifetime! If you are curious about what else may be “out there” in the universe or would like to find a road map to help make more sense of the unseen world around us, find new approaches or resources to help yourself and others, work with other explorers and learn from each other, then Maureen’s Advanced Institute will be a marvelous adventure. Yes, it will be challenging and require time, effort and persistence, but prepare to be amazed and get really excited about what’s ahead ...
Marcus Kuypers
I have been on a lifelong journey as a spiritual seeker, following a path of self-discovery and what my purpose is in this lifetime. I came upon Maureen’s name and the Ascension Institute quite by accident, even though I don’t believe it was an accident at all but that was I divinely guided to her and the Institute. I began reading her books and was intrigued by what I was learning, and I was excited to learn about this thing called the “MerKaBa.” When I joined the Ascension Institute, I discovered there were other like- minded individuals seeking a higher expression of themselves and how they could serve the world. I have learned so much during my many years at the Institute. I have learned to connect with my Higher Self, the 5D MerKaBa. and the 8D MerKaBa. which will blow your socks off. Quite Powerful!! It has been a wonderful growth experience and a very transformative experience. I highly recommend the Ascension Institute. It has been a life-changing experience for me with the bonus of connecting with many, many lovely individuals that are on their spiritual journey in their unique ways. Thank you, Maureen & the Institute, for the courage to present this information as well as the knowledge and gifts that you so willingly and lovingly shared with me, others in the Ascension Institute, and the world. Together we are making the world a better place for ALL.
Connie Heaps
Licensed Professional Counselor
My Thoughts About Maureen J. St. Germain; The Modern-Day Mystic: I am honored to have the privilege to share some of my thoughts, experiences and appreciation for Maureen J. St. Germain and Her St. Germain Institute. Her Spiritual Gifts: Her Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding of Spirituality and the Spirit World and how they relate and inter-relate to Humanity are extremely profound, astounding, impressive, vast, and dare I say unlimited. Having many Spiritual Gifts, one in which she creates a Permanent Full-Proof Foundation; guiding you to create and establish a Personal Relationship with your High Self. This is your Inner Personal Guide, Guru, and Inner Compass for Life. Not only is this your Divine Foundation, but It is an Ultimate Goal and is Gold in Its Purest Form and Essence. By creating a Personal Relationship with your High Self; whereby you will receive unlimited blessings and benefits including consciously awakening to who you are as a Soul and having a more Enlightened Sense of Self. Both of which divinely inspire you to become more Self Actualized. Maureen’s Genuine Desire & Ability to Communicate: Every class, meeting, and retreat, Maureen shares information that divinely resonates with your true self. The information She imparts is so “Profound and on Point” that it touches, speaks to, and nourishes your Soul, (even if you are not aware that your Soul needs nourishing). Maureen’s down-to-earth and ease of communicating with you; you feel the Light and Love she shares resonating and transforming you from within. Protocol & Self Work: From the Lessons She shares, through class training and participation, questions answered, one-on-one counseling, self-reflection, and continued practice in your personal life i.e. “Self-Work,” all of which help you to know and better understand yourself. You will be divinely inspired and guided towards Soul Healing, Self-Growth, Self-Transformation, Self-Evolution, and Ascension to Living in 5D. How I Met Maureen J. St. Germain: I met Maureen through her books and online classes before I met her in person and became a student at the Ascension Institute. I have been on my Spiritual Path and Journey for over thirty years. And for most of those years, I’ve been an independent student. For a long time, I felt and knew something was missing, but didn’t know what. At the end of 2022, I purchased several of Maureen’s books. Have you ever read or heard something that touched you so strongly and deeply that you felt and thought it was said and written for you? Well, this is what happened to me as I read, studied, and listened to Maureen’s work. I began to hear and see the missing pieces and saw how to integrate them into my life for the better. I begin to learn a new way of thinking and being. Learning To Activate My MerKaba: In April of 2023, I learned to activate my MerKaba. Learning to activate my MerKaba has been and still is life-transforming for me. As I look back at my life from April 2023 to the present of April 2024, I am not the same person. I consciously know and experience myself as a different person as I continue my Soul’s Path of Self-Healing, Self-Growth, Self-Evolution, and Service to Humanity. Becoming A Student of Ascension Institute: I joined the Ascension Institute Class VIII, in August 2023. It is one of the most important and profound actions I’ve taken and one of the Greatest Blessings I’ve received since being on my Spiritual Path and Journey. I have grown by leaps and bounds and in ways I could not imagine. I have a better understanding and a greater sense of self. I have more and greater knowledge and perspective of who I am as a Soul and my Soul’s Divine Purpose, Path, and Journey here on Planet Earth, which I am working to fulfill and being of Service to Humanity. I have received Blessings that are too numerous to share in this writing. I can write a book about the Progressions of my Spiritual Path, Journey, and Evolution since becoming a Student at Maureen J. St. Germain Ascension Institute. Finally, I want to share that I have grown more in the last year than I have grown in the more than thirty years I have been on my Spiritual Path and Journey. This is due to me being a student at Maureen J. St. Germain Institute. A Choice & Decision of Great Importance: I believe choosing to become a student at Maureen J. St. Germain Institute is one of the greatest blessings and investments that anyone can make towards their Spiritual Path and Journey of Divine self-discovery, leading to Self-actualization and Self Ascension to living in 5D.
Nelijah Cox
Student, Ascension Institute VIII
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