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Maureen J. St. Germain

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Divine Government Meditation

Are you frustrated? Are you hopping mad? Do you feel like you are not in control, and that the “powers that be” are above the law, or above you?  Do you feel like while you hold yourself to your own high standard, leaders can be careless, bend the law and be above the law? Lately it seems that standard is lower for the powerful, not higher like we’d like. But, we can change that. Join me for this 6-minute meditation – to help our leaders be above reproach, where you can finally do something solid about this.

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A Nation of Inspiration

The Nation of Inspiration meditation is an opportunity to join the prayers for Americans, all Americans. We all need to be keeping our hearts open, and our spirits high – so please share this meditation with your friends and family. There is strength in numbers!

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Interview & Podcasts

Listen to our inspiring podcast participations featuring hosts from diverse backgrounds sharing insights and advice for personal growth and success. From entrepreneurs, artists, and activists, gain unique perspectives on navigating opportunities and challenges. Tune in for practical advice and new ideas.

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