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Activating your MerKaBa

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What is Merkaba?

The MerKaBa was used to create this Universe. It is a rotating, geometric, crystalline Light-Energy field that extends around the body approximately 55 feet (16.8 meters). It is both a visualization and breathing meditation that activates your Fifth Dimensional, Light Body.

Practiced over 16,000 years ago, the MerKaBa was known before this civilization existed. By remembering and activating your MerKaBa you will achieve unparalleled awakening – both now and as the planet goes through its upcoming transformation. Learn to operate your MerKaBa and learn to transcend the time-space continuum and dimensional limitations. Learn the MerKaBa correctly and become fifth dimensional in your third dimensional body.


History of the Merkaba

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The origin of Merkaba

The MerKaBa was used to create this Universe. It is a rotating, geometric, crystalline Light-Energy field that extends around the body approximately 55 feet (16.8 meters). It is both a visualization and breathing meditation that activates your Fifth Dimensional, Light Body.

Practiced over 16,000 years ago, the MerKaBa was known before this civilization existed. By remembering and activating your MerKaBa you will achieve unparalleled awakening – both now and as the planet goes through its upcoming transformation. Learn to operate your MerKaBa and learn to transcend the time-space continuum and dimensional limitations. Learn the MerKaBa correctly and become fifth dimensional in your third dimensional body.
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What is Merkaba?

Ultimately the MerKaBa draws its inspiration from Ezekiel 1:10 and is related to the Book of Revelation. It is a vehicle supported and drawn by cherubim which is also the throne and a still small voice that God manifested himself to Elijah. Perhaps this is the Higher Self of today’s language.

The actual throne on its chariot goes back to the first chapter of Ezekiel and this throne of glory is a source of long mystical and visionary traditions. Some versions delete the word Mercavah while referring to the vehicle. But it was most certainly the chariot that Ezekiel saw.
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The Flying Vehicle

According to a later tradition found in the Zohar, written by the Spanish kabbalist Moses de Leon, the “Vision of Ezekiel” was a flying vehicle. Personally, I have always interpreted the MerKaBa as a flying vehicle that you build by yourself for yourself. I believe that all who have had knowledge of this either knew or assumed that it was meant for man at some point. In Ezekiel he is commanded to ingest part of it.

All versions of the Merkavah in the sacred literature contain references to angels. Archangel Michael has been with me all of my life, especially as an instructor of the MerKaBa. He clearly came through during the writing of this and identified himself as the original sponsor of the MerKaBa in the dedication.

Confusing? Yes, this is why it is a vehicle, yet it could be anything! For sure it is a manifestation field, because it truly is a fifth dimensional garment that when remembered and activated enables the wearer to accomplish that which was not possible before.

The MerKaBa & Sacred Geometry

The MerKaBa uses the same numbers that are in sacred geometry and ratios continuously found throughout the body, nature and creation, such as the ratio of your fingers to your hand, and your hand to your arm. This golden ratio (or Phi) is also found in sacred sites, such as the dimensions within the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

The MerKaBa creates an impenetrable field around your body, allowing you to love unconditionally, without fear.

It allows you to keep your heart open in difficult circumstances.

It allows you to know when the truth is being spoken.

It allows you to connect to your Divine Self in a much easier way than you can on your own.


Why Is Activating the MerKaBa Important Today?

Are you busy?
Is your life full?
How are you going to keep up?

With all that’s going on around the planet right now, it’s more important than ever to stand solid within your Higher Self. Not only will practicing the MerKaBa help keep you in an energy field of healing and love, but its effects will ripple out and positively affect others around you to heal as well.


The MerKaBa & 5D (Fifth Dimension)

Everyone is going 5D. How will you know?

5D is the Fifth Dimension, where love is the governing force, and you are at your Higher Self or Heavenly Self. Here the MerKaBa is your 5D uniform. You can use it to gain a mastery of 5D for longer periods of time. It is a tool that will allow you expand your consciousness, and allow you to learn things that you didn’t know…and that you didn’t know you could know!


What People are Saying

Your explanation of irrational numbers was phenomenal. I have a degree in Physics and Biology and, for the first time, the beauty and mystery of a mechanism that drives our reality toward change became clearer to me from a spiritual sense. Great Job!
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V. Mandarine
New York, NY
You have a very unique energy, it’s different to other teachers I have met. It resonates with something deep in me and gives me endorphins! I hope you enjoyed your time in AUS and fulfilled your purpose.
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Robin Kalfat
Melbourne, AS
Maureen is the real deal. Learning the 17 Breath MerKaBa – The Classic is like going to where there is wifi. Your connection to Source is greatly improved!
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Jane Wilcox


Why Learn the Classic 17-Breath Meditation?

The Classic 17-Breath MerKaBa

What I teach is the original 17-Breath MerKaBa (aka the Classic MerKaBa), and teachers for this program are becoming rare – in fact, the only place you can currently learn it is through video.

Although other methods have been introduced over the years, none have been able to demonstrate that their changes have improved the original MerKaBa, nor have they helped individuals with their ascension work. The original formula is too good to give up! Make mine the Classic MerKaBa.

Like Being in the Workshop, but Better

We’ve recorded a full, immersive workshop, but cut out all the breaks and extraneous information, so you have a very compact, concise opportunity to learn the original 17-Breath merKaBa

Ideal Methods

Even though you can find the meditation on the internet and in books, learning it correctly on your own, without a certified instructor, is nearly impossible.

During the original Flower of Life Workshops, I worked with thousands of participants, many of whom openly admitted that they learned the MerKaBa before the class, either from reading a book or through some outside source. Out of all those participants, only three people over the years ever had it right!

Learning the MerKaBa incorrectly will certainly not help you in your ascension work, and may prove to be detrimental to your spiritual growth.
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Students who are called to study with me are a gift to me along with the students who follow after them. It enables me to bring forth material of a highly evolved nature. Your presence enables me transmit the material. The experience provides the opportunity to work with individuals at an advanced level.  Those who choose to attend my courses are there because they are able to receive material of an advanced nature.  The entire planet is getting ready to receive this, and many already have.


Why Learn the MerKaBa from Maureen St. Germain?

Experience & Expertise

I have been teaching the MerKaBa since 1995, and have facilitated thousands of people in activating their own MerKaBa.

As my teaching progressed, a revelation emerged! The MerKaBa itself began teaching me how to teach. While I have never deviated from or changed the original Classic 17-Breath meditation, spending more and more time in the energy of the MerKaBa allowed me to develop my own personal relationship to the flow of the material.

This combination of staying true to the original technique, while expressing the information in an inspired way, given to me by Spirit, is part of what makes this program so special.

Gracious Teaching Style

It is important to know that my work is sponsored by the Goddess, and has a distinctly different approach to the mathematics and sacred geometry involved in the MerKaBa. Although I “do my science well,” it isn’t overly academic.

My presentation style as a whole harmonizes with the overall underlying sensibility of, “just relax, enjoy, pay attention and learn.”

My delivery is conversational, which creates a comfortable quality. Participants often comment that they find my teaching to be spontaneous, friendly, warm and open.

I LOVE this material and I open my heart for you to receive it.

Sacred Environment

One of the things I really like about the MerKaBa is that it is always taught in a sacred environment. My deep Catholic roots, along with my connections to the Angelic Realms and Ascended Masters always drove my passion to do this work.

Rich Material

In response to more and more time meditating and teaching the MerKaBa, more and more information became part of my course material.

It became apparent that there was a need for this supplemental information. Now that dream is a reality in the MerKaBa Classic Video. You can get all the information I teach on this subject.


Contract with the Universe

We strive to make these classes as accessible as possible as part of Maureen’s “Contract with the Universe,” a lifelong commitment to bringing this information to as many people as possible.

I’m so excited – to share, finally, a secret dream I’ve had for many, many years. Many of you may not know my personal story since I’ve not really shared how I got here.  You may know of my work almost exclusively from Waking Up in 5D, or Opening the Akashic Records, and now, the new edition of Beyond the Flower of Life.

Deepening the material found in Beyond the Flower of Life for the second edition occurred over 20 years of research, along with my access into the Akashic Records. This material represents a well-rounded body of knowledge where you will find a greater, balanced understanding of how to evolve yourself, activating your Higher Self Connection, and maximizing the fruits of your MerKaBa. It will supplement any meditation or spiritual practice you may have…

Make no mistake – there is a lot of information around all kinds of spiritual practices, especially the MerKaBa meditation. My understanding of these teachings has evolved over years and years of workshops. Initially, even I didn’t realize how I was bringing forth such profound and life-altering information.  Lots of wonderful experiences and knowledge came through me because so many amazing seekers showed up to ask questions, and these are now shared in this book. You will find plenty of very remarkable and always useful information you can use in Beyond the Flower of Life, whether you are curious about life, about the Flower of Life, MerKaBa, or meditation.

One of the things I really like about the Flower of Life is that it was always taught in a sacred environment. My deep Catholic roots along with my connections to the Angelic Realms and Ascended Masters always drove my passion to do this work. I’ve belonged to numerous organizations, worked with the teachings of the Ascended Masters and A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Edgar Cayce material), and studied the Course in Miracles, for starters. I’ve also had numerous spiritual teachers.

My heart is in this work. I have a deep joy of teaching that permeates the message. My own familiarity and thoroughness acquired from meditating on this material, and holding space for individuals to activate their MerKaBa, to shift and evolve, has given me the opportunity to give you an understanding that represents years and years of study and mastery of the MerKaBa, and the vast body knowledge that has emerged around it.

Teaching almost every single weekend in a different city since 1995 (until Covid) has given me a way to elegantly interconnect all the elements in ways even I would not have imagined. It was the living material, the living, breathing MerKaBa, that gave me the ability to persevere through some very tough times and create Beyond the Flower of Life. This amazing body of knowledge contains the needed supplemental material to the Original 17-Breath MerKaBa meditation.

When I began teaching the MerKaBa in 1995, my friend, Winona, resisted my requests for her to host my first workshop. I begged her, my closest friend, who lived so far away from me. She said, “I’m kind of in the bible belt, ya know? And my little 3-bedroom house doesn’t really have room for too many people. And I’m not sure what to do with the kids and dog…” My response every time was the same, “If you will host me, I know it will work out.”

I remember going to the altar as I checked in with my Higher Self on whether to purchase my airline ticket – since only three people had signed up at that point. I asked for clear direction that this was my path. I was guided then to purchase the ticket, and that everything would follow. It didn’t make much sense financially – I was barely making it, in fact going into the red a hundred dollars or so each month – and I wasn’t exactly in the market for an expensive hobby! Yet, I used the same tools I teach you in this book (in chapters 4 and 5), and my Higher Self knew to say “yes!” As if magically, at the very last minute, I was gifted the use (for the weekend workshop) of a 9-bedroom beach house for all 13 persons who eventually signed up!

I was personally trained by Drunvalo Melchizedek in his original facilitator program. Initially I taught the MerKaBa in the exact method I was trained with. Pretty soon I was getting more and more information to support the understanding of this information. It all worked. One day, I shared with Dru the mudra that I had received for Breath 15 – and voila, he turned to the men and women at this gathering of Flower of Life Facilitators and announced it an alternate mudra! This and many other synchronicities helped me to “check in with Higher Self” and recognize that it was time to start teaching what I was being given by Spirit – not just the core Flower of Life material.

This was the emergence of my own work with this powerful energy.  I have never deviated or changed the original core work, however, now I was also getting information directly. In response to more and more time in the energy of the MerKaBa, the flow of information became part of my course material, making my classes uniquely different while still following the original “Classic 17-Breath” MerKaBa. Much of this knowledge is shared in the book.

One day, years ago, while sharing my discoveries and concepts with Ron Holt, the head of Flower of Life Research (the governing body of this work until 2012), he said to me, “Maureen, this is what Drunvalo always wanted… for the facilitators to take this work to the next level!”

As my work progressed and I facilitated over 12,000 attendees in 24 countries, activating their MerKaBas, a revelation emerged! The MerKaBa itself was teaching me how to teach. I was getting calls from strangers telling me that Drunvalo himself was telling people I was the facilitator to study with!  The requests for me to teach in locations all over the world kept coming and coming!

I’m not one of Drunvalo’s current followers even though I love him and his work. Instead, I follow my Higher Self, and so can you (see chapters 4 & 5). Later, Flower of Life Research took over running the facilitator program at Drunvalo’s request. I joined their emerging Facilitators’ training program (when Drunvalo handed it off) even though I was grandfathered in and wasn’t required to attend their training. I served as a member of their prestigious FOL Council, until it closed in 2012. When Ron and Lyssa Holt stepped in, they shared the need for advanced work, inviting facilitators to fill that gap. I immediately began offering my Advanced Flower of Life, a follow-up to the original training. After they created their own advanced program, I asked them what to do with my program – and they said, “Keep teaching it.” Ron said once, Drunvalo always wanted to find a way for individuals to learn how to connect with the Higher Self.  My courses supported that and we knew the tools coming through amplified each individual’s connection to their Higher Self.

With the success of the first edition of Beyond the Flower of Life in 2009 and the success of my DVD on how to learn the MerKaBa, it became more and more apparent that there was a need for this supplemental information to be updated and revised. This year, that dream has come true! Inner Traditions published a newly updated and revised version of Beyond the Flower of Life!

I’m now so happy to share this magical information with you! I have come to realize that the time for this knowledge to be re-released to the general public has come. This is because there are no follow-up trainings or official MerKaBa classes now, except learning from videos.

Creating an activated MerKaBa opens your heart. The heart connection kicks in as you move from the mind to the heart unifying them. The information in this book has first-hand stories and examples of how that works, and why it works!

I like to call the MerKaBa Classic and the re-release of Beyond the Flower of Life a present. When one cycle ends and another emerges, it is like a graduation and calls for a celebration! It is my hope you will share my deep appreciation of this amazing mediation.

Stepping into my role as a spiritual leader has been important as well as realizing that I’m not interested in being your guru. I’m interested in teaching you to turn on your own Inner Guru! What I can share with you is that I had the same questions as you. I wanted to know WHY there were dimensions and what could be known and understood. I wanted to know HOW to connect with the Higher Self. I wanted to know the logical REASON to always follow your Higher Self, and I wanted consistency and, oh yes, 100% accuracy!

There’s lots of “how to connect” information available out there. Now you can add this body of knowledge to your own library – and learn it on your own.

In choosing to re-release this information, I updated the material that was found in my original Beyond the Flower of Life book and the Flower of Life workshop.  You will find this information useful, regardless of your meditation style or practice and no matter what other teachers you choose to work with!

The MerKaBa is much more than a meditation. It is a way of life. It is an energy that once accessed will allow you to own your future. It gives you information about reality and about your fifth-dimensional self, who is there ready to serve you, heal you, and help you remember who you really are.

So many things have yet to be said. What I can tell you is that in this powerful book you will learn the answers to so many questions you may have had about yourself, the nature of reality, and your purpose.


How Do You Activate the MerKaBa?

A few people activate it by accident, but a majority of people activate it through instruction, a guided meditation with visualization and breathwork.  The benefit of learning through a tool or teacher is that, like with any new learning, you can grow your skills much faster and will find that the results stay in place longer.

Some will tell you it is synthetic. Isn’t anything you do with your mind synthetic? So creating an awakened illuminated heart with your thought is the same as creating a MerKaBa with thought –and voila, the heart connection kicks in and you have moved from the mind to the heart.

Sustaining the MerKaBa over time – is a matter of process. The holding space of the activated MerKaBa is automatic, no matter which form you use.

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(The Core MerKaBa Training)

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(The MerKaBa Training + Related Esoteric Teachings)


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