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What Is the Fifth Dimension ǀ Modern-day Mysticism

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The question, what is the fifth dimension, can be answered confidently by spiritual expert and best-selling author Maureen St. Germain. Using ancient techniques inspired by Tibetan monks, including classic 17-breath meditation, practitioners can reach a state of profound inner awareness that allows them to enter the MerKaBa. This rotating crystal-like shield of energy is kinetic and surrounds the three-dimensional body in a span of 55 feet. It is the portal to a light body of 5-D existence. Knowing how to operate this electromagnetic gateway enables individuals to achieve unparalleled spiritual awakening. In this new space-time continuum, people can gain clarity, deep inner peace and a transformation of mind, body and soul. Ascension teachers consider label it a shift in reality, whereby a higher self-connection can be achieved.
As people seek to deepen their sense of understanding of themselves and the world around them, they may wonder, as theosophists have pondered, how they can ascend from their everyday three-dimensional body. They may ask, what is the fifth dimension? Modern-day mystic and prolific spiritual teacher, trainer and coach Maureen St. Germain can answer and interpret this timeless question. By learning to operate their MerKaBa, people can achieve sharper clarity of the soul. Consequently, with St. Germain and her experienced readers, online, through tele-classes, at conferences or one-on-one, individuals can learn to access their personal Akashic Records. This endless storehouse of one’s dreams and thoughts may help guide decisions and predict probable futures. Additional services include negative energy clearing, intensive retreats (available through The Ascension Institute) and high-quality essential oils. St. Germain also offers several best-selling companion books, including Waking Up in 5D. By asking Maureen St. Germain What is the fifth dimension, individuals will receive a spiritual toolbox so they can realize the power of the MerKaBa, meditation and reawakening. For 25 years, St. Germain has enjoyed her reputation as a worldwide leader in the new-age community. She is a highly respected and sought-after speaker and prides herself on professionalism and ethical services. Learn more about how St. Germain can help you achieve new spiritual awareness.
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