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Living Your Best 5D Life


  • Explores 5D tools and essential skills for transforming the world around you, including practices for thinking in 5D, accelerating your vibrational rate, transforming beliefs, and cleaning your 12 DNA strands
  • Includes meditations to help you upgrade your MerKaBa, anchor in 5D consciousness, and navigate the higher dimensions
  • Shares amazing events the author has witnessed since she expanded her consciousness into the Fifth Dimension

The new era of Fifth Dimensional consciousness has arrived! Yet this transition has confused many people. Some are stuck in 3D, grasping at old paradigms. Others are working hard to raise their frequency but unable to stay anchored fully in 5D. As renowned Ascension teacher Maureen St. Germain reveals, it is possible to undergo dimensional shifts and make spiritual “upgrades” that allow you to shift instantly into 5D.


In this enlightening guide, Maureen shares amazing events she has witnessed since she expanded her consciousness into the Fifth Dimension, both her own personal 5D experiences as well as those from her students who have also made the transition. She details through inspiring examples how to navigate your new 5D reality and resolve dynamic challenges that arise in daily life. She explores how to recognize when you are actively in 5D—those experiences where everything went well, interactions were harmonious and loving, and all felt blissful and happy—and explains how to shift into that vibratory zone and stay there.

Sharing everything you need to know to successfully cross over from 3D to 5D, Maureen details how to acquire the Fifth Dimensional tools and skill set essential for transforming the world around you, such as accelerating your vibrational rate. She discusses how to truly transform beliefs and paradigms, especially those that hold the soul in the denser dimensions. She explores practices for thinking in 5D and shares meditations to help you upgrade your MerKaBa and navigate the higher dimensions. She examines how to clear and clean your 12 DNA strands and your chakras. She also explains how to ensure family and friends can cross over into higher dimensions too. With this enlightening guide, you will be able to attract cooperation and kindness and harness your strength and energy to live your best 5D life, in a reality where love is the governing rule.

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