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Connecting with your Higher Self

Develop A Deeper Connection To Your Higher Self

higher self connection

Connect and communicate with your Higher Self
in just 45 days!

Integrate your Higher Self presence into your physical body to express the Divine Being that you already are.

Welcome from Maureen!

What Is the Higher Self Connection?

Why is the Higher Self Connection so important?

higher self connection

Are you...

I hear you and let me tell you this

This longing is, in fact, what drove me to create my own Higher Self Connection over 15 years ago! I spent 7 years working with it, before I released it to the public! Since then I have taught this method to thousands of students, and refined it to the point where I feel confident that it will work for anyone who approaches the work with an open heart. It has been the catalyst for so many miracles in my life and the lives of my students.

Want to know what else is great about this connection? It’s easy and FUN! This is meant to be a playful process. You will learn little by little how to not just trust, but KNOW that you are being shown your divine path.

You have untold Angels and Guides just waiting to help guide YOU. This program allows you to crack open the door to that information. Once you’ve opened that door wide enough, for long enough, that guidance will ALWAYS be available to you. What a game changer, am I right?!
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Hi! I’m Maureen St. Germain, and the Higher Self Connection is the cornerstone of all my teachings.

I have over 25 years of experience in the area of mystical and sacred traditions. I’m known as the Practical Mystic because I’m a facilitator of spiritual knowledge for contemporary life.

As a clear channel from Source, I’m continuously researching, developing and introducing new methods that will help you connect with your own wisdom channel, and inspire your spiritual awakening.

How Does the Connection Process Work?

Being Proactive Vs. Reactive

Your Angels & Guides

maureen 03

higher self connection

You’re building a home for your Higher Self within your physical body. Build it and it will come!

Things you CAN DO when you work with the Higher Self Connection
higher self connection

What Will You Get With Your
Higher Self Connection?

The 90-Minute Workshop

This is your chance to “attend” 90 minutes from a live, recorded workshop! This recording of a live “Higher Self Connection” workshop is where Maureen works with the class to achieve their Higher Self Connection.

Guidance on Building Your Connection

Your practice period lasts for 45 days. Our discussion takes you through what that practice is like. It includes your making a contract with your Higher Self, to PRACTICE!

Three Bonus Deep Dive Q&A Recordings

These 3 bonus recordings contain deeper discussion on the Higher Self, and Maureen’s answers to questions from callers.

The Three Agreements

You’ll receive The Three Agreements for Higher Self Connection PDF.

The Higher Self Connection Booklet

You’ll also receive this bonus: Trade Secrets for Your Higher Self Connection (Online Publication).

higher self connection

with BONUS Deep Dive Q&A Discussions for only $88


What People are Saying

Maureen makes this experience feel personal. Following her directions empowers the listener to establish and strengthen the connection with their Higher Self. Following the practice simply deepens the connection and increases confidence in it. Once that is complete. it feels like I have a trusted confidant that I rely on to always have my back in all situations.
Melanie A
Profound teachings! A valuable cornerstone to help anyone navigate daily and life long decisions with the infinite wisdom of Higher Self guidance.
This course is invaluable. The higher self connection gives me so much clarity and confidence in my life. I personally think that it is in everybody's best interest to develop that connection and Maureen does that beautifully. Highly recommended!
If you’re here, you may be one of the Way-Showers, the people meant to help take humanity to the next level.

If so, it is part of your duty to get as connected as possible to the divine so you can assist your loved ones, and all of earth.
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