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What is Entity Clearing?

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An entity is something that has a distinct, separate existence, apart from being human. Although it need not be a material existence, it is a living energy. For the purposes of this discussion, there is presumption that an entity is animate without its own corporeal form (i.e. no body). Any energy form that has self-awareness is classed as an entity. There are two major classes of entities: internal and external.

An Internal Entity is an energy that you created when you were younger and needed to know how to handle an “emergency” situation, such as an angry parent. As an adult, you don’t need this “childlike” response anymore, but it still keeps happening.

External Entities are from somewhere else. They could be an emotion cluster, or could be a deceased person looking to have a few more human experiences. This is what Entity Clearing is all about.

Some types of external entities will be drawn to you. They can be energy that has been in the Earth for a while. You can be creating the hook for that type of energy with your emotion unawareness. You’ll use Entity Clearing for that work.

It’s important to know that it might not be all about you when entities come up for clearing. You can be processing for other entities or energies that need your assistance in order for them to ‘move’ forward. You maybe a vehicle for clearing the Earth. There is honor in performing this work. Use Entity Clearing here.

Learn more about doing your own clearing in Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality.

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