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Entity Clearing by Dave the Mystic (Dave Barnett)


The energies of people and the planet have accelerated greatly since 2012.  This is also true of the dark entities and low vibration beings who in their own way are keeping pace with our upward progress.  I discovered in 2008 that I could do remote clearings and have stayed with that system ever since.  I don’t really want to give entities any warning that I’m coming or give them an opportunity to try to attach to me.  Remote clearings enable me to clear any place on the planet and to keep the fees very reasonable.

These clearings can be for people and their houses, people and their businesses, for houses that are not moving on the market, to help with attacks, and to improve the energies and vibrations for those who are on a spiritual growth path.  These clearings may also remove blockages that interfere with other healing systems.

The world really is a spiritual system that tests people in many ways.  There are many new dark entities showing up every day and people need tools to deal with these and clear them.  Everything I clear is moved to the spiritual plane or a safe place in a humane way.

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Dave the Mystic (David Barnett) is an energy medicine practitioner, healer and intuitive with over 35 years of experience in Colorado. He has multiple technical degrees and is truly a rocket scientist. In the early 1980’s, Dave had some turning points in his life that led to a passion in discovering and developing his gifts in multiple forms of energy healing. He embarked on a path of training in many modalities and developing conceptual understanding of how the different systems work, complement each other and support spirituality.  Dave has gifts in healing, reading the Akashic Records, energy and entity clearing, changing core beliefs, Karma burning, and discerning spiritual gifts. Dave continually seeks out new modalities, learns and experiences them from their practitioners and frequently highlights these on his weekly web radio show. Dave is a strong believer in health issues having many potential causes in different energy planes. Dave works with many spiritual guides and communicates with them freely.

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My normal system is a sequence of three phone calls. In the first call, we jointly fill out a clearing worksheet (download here) to identify all entities and energies. During the call, I muscle test to determine the quantities and also explain each category. I include areas that can be an energy drain on the client. These may include ET implants, past lifetime Karmic linkages, etc.  Between the first and second phone calls, I do the clearing and then bring additional information to the second phone call. This call also includes guidance and creating and maintaining protection. I do a recheck two weeks after the second phone call to make sure nothing else has come in. We have a brief phone call to talk about this.

Here is a list of what I look for around people during a clearing: parallel universes that need blocking to prevent entities from hiding and then returning after the clearing, demons, large dark entities, small dark entities, mimics, curses, elementals, other dimensional beings, ET implants, imprints of souls, energy cords, Karmic linkages to people in other lifetimes that need to be severed and portals in the field. Some of the categories that apply to property above and beyond the previous list include objects in the house with dark energy applied, satanic ritual sites, geopathic stress lines (a toxic energy grid) and gravesites with energy protection around them that needs to be moved.

I also make it a point to clear pets and domestic animals. Out of a sense of duty, these friends of ours may take on dark energies to protect us. If they pick up too much, it may overwhelm their system and cause severe illnesses. Our pets are so sensitive they frequently see both good and dark entities in our living spaces.

Can you arrange a clearing for others? Yes and we either know that these folks are agreeable or get permission from their higher selves so we aren’t violating their free will.

I also do a lot of work in my healing practice with updating core beliefs. Occasionally these are a factor in the clearing process and I can help the client move forward in related areas. I do a lot of work with removing the effects of curses and even black magic (which I believe to be a terrible misuse of spiritual gifts).

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“I highly recommend Dave’s work. In addition to being very insightful, Dave works with helping me clear my underlying limiting beliefs and create a stronger, more powerful belief system. He also has an uncanny ability to help me clear myself energetically. He has helped me clear my body, my car, my home and land, my work of energies that do not serve me and to replace them with positive protective energies that have my best interest at heart. I highly recommend his work.”  Dawn Lianna, M.A. NLP, Intuitive trainer and healer.

“Just wanted to say Thanks for the great clearing I received from you today. I appreciate it and found it very helpful as well as increasingly assuring. As if you steered me in the right direction and helped to roll a stone off my shoulders by restoring faith that goodness prevails. The process you used is ingenious. I feel something of a shift in my consciousness already that gives new hope.”  – Daniela


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