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Akashic Records Workshops

From Maureen St. Germain,
World-Renowned Akashic Records Teacher

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Are You Looking To….

  • Grow your own spiritual connection?
  • Add an additional service to your toolbox to help your clients?
  • Create a spiritual, service-based business?

Then these workshops are for you!

Upcoming Classes

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Upcoming Akashic Records Workshops

August 2023 Level 1 Aug 15 & 16  |  Level 2 Aug 22 & 23
Taught by Melanie Alderson
All classes will be held 1pm to 5pm Eastern

September 2023 Level 1 Sept 14 & 15 |  Level 2 Sept 18 & 19
Taught by Maureen St Germain
All classes will be held 1pm to 5pm Eastern

December 2023 Level 1 Dec 12 & 13  |  Level 2 Dec 14 & 15
Taught by Maureen St Germain
All classes will be held noon to 4pm Eastern



If you are a seeker choosing to understand the world around you and to make rapid progress in your evolution, you are meant to learn to open your Akashic Records.

Online Classes

Available Workshops

This is series of four 90-minute Zoom meetings with weekly assignments that must be turned in for evaluation. You will have access to recordings of the video-calls in case you aren’t able to join live.

This is a series of four 90-minute classes with weekly assignments.  It is ONLY for students who have already completed Level 1. Includes a one-hour Live Q & A with Maureen.

*Please note, if you are an advanced student and wish to test out of Level 1, you may inquire with Kim at for a personal response.

This is a series of four – four-hour live interactive online video classes with Maureen St. Germain and other certified teachers of Akashic Records International – that will fast-track you through Akashic Records level 1 and level 2 in 4 days!

In Level 1 you will learn to open the Akashic Records for yourself. In Level 2 you will learn to open the Akashic Records for others. Once you complete Akashic Records level 2 you will eligible to become a certified Akashic Records guide.

“Thank you for a wonderful class. You present things in an intelligent and organized way and answered all of our questions. I have been reading both books and am astounded at all of the information given. I’m so happy I joined this workshop. It gave me more than I ever expected.”
~ Isis Cortes

I love this class!I am learning so much, and what I am learning from the class and from the Records is very helpful to me. What you are offering is such a complement to all I have studied for many years.
~ Susan

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What You Will Learn

Level 1 Workshop

Maureen’s Akashic Records Level 1 workshop helps you raise your self-awareness to a better understanding of you, your optimal choices and the world around you. Accessing your Akashic Records leads you to discover your soul’s purpose and gives you a jump start on any spiritual work you may be doing in this lifetime.

When you learn how to open the Akashic Records, you can shed light on who you really are, what you are doing and where you are going. Consult your records to make good business, relationship and personal decisions.

While working with the guides and record librarians you can get completely accurate information. You will feel the love and appreciation the Record Keepers and guides have for you, along with their deep compassion for the human spirit. They know you, who you are and what you can’t see and what you can be!

They have information that can help you with your business, family, relationships and soul’s purpose. They know what you truly desire.

Experience the beauty, symmetry and order of the universe while in the Records. Learning to open your own records is the first step in opening those of your friends and family.

If you are a seeker choosing to understand the world around you and to make rapid progress in your evolution, you are meant to learn to open your Akashic Records.

Level 2 Workshop

In this class you will build on the skills you developed in Akashic Records Level 1. This includes:

  1. Learning how to open the Akashic Records for others, fine tuning your process, recognizing and understanding the markers that come through.
  2. Learning how to interpret the information you channel from the Akashic Records Keepers to insure you are accurate.
  3. Receive several initiations to clearly anchor in your connection to the Akashic Records.*Prerequisite: Akashic Records Level 1

How This Class Works

Akashic Records Level 2 will be a weekly pre-recorded class.  Each Monday morning you will receive a new lesson. As part of the class you are required to meet with two partners each week (we will help coordinate these meetings). Each partner session is 30 minutes in length. You are also required to turn in your homework to prior to receiving the next lesson.  One of the certified instructors may be mentoring you and your homework.

Watch The Akashic Records: Why They’re So Important Right Now

The classes are fantastic! I LOVE THEM and can’t wait for the next one!
~ Jana Carrozzi, New South Wales, Australia

More About the Akashic Records

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The Akashic Records Are:

  • A field of information to help guide your life
  • A recording of your soul’s journey – past, present and future
  • Where you can view the past as well as probably futures….where all versions of your reality are available
  • Known in the Bible as the Book of Life

Akashic Records are a field of information of your life and lives. A trademark of Akashic Records “Readings” is that it is like accessing a library of information. The “reader” may stop, and pause, collecting and centering the information that is provided through them by the guides and channeled through you.

The Akashic Records are known in the Bible as the Book of Life. It is the recording of your soul’s journey, past, present and future. An Akashic Records Reading consists of opening the records of the soul and asking that the information be given. This will give you valuable guidance in moving through the patterns prevalent in your current life. It will offer you opportunities for growth and support your life right now!

This field of energy is known as the Akashic Records, or as American prophet Edgar Cayce sometimes called it, your Book of Life. You can change your future by accessing the information in the “Records” and gaining the wisdom of a bigger picture of any situation.

The Akashic Records are a wonderful way for you to gain clarity, guidance and wisdom about your life. Being armed with the intel provided by your Akashic Records allows you to create a better future. I’m so pleased to be able to offer you the ability to connect with this important information at this vital time!

Some Facts About the Akashic Records

  • The Akashic Records are a living field of liquid light.
  • The Akashic Records are the library of all that is, or all that may be.
  • The Akashic Records are available to all who seek them
  • The Akashic Records are like a film library that allows instant access.
  • One may view the past along with probable futures.
  • All versions of the reality are available.
  • Generally one views a single timeline for one person or group at a time.
  • Probable futures allow for informed decision-making.
  • The Akashic Records are located in an environment outside the 3D world we know.
  • Interest in the Akashic Records is fueled by a dispensation that allows access to this realm from within the 3D reality by Guides.
  • Anyone can learn to access their own records. Our ARI Guides are trained and certified to work with others and open their records.

Watch How I Learned to Read the Akashic Records

About Maureen St. Germain

Maureen has over 25 years of experience in the area of mystical and sacred traditions. Known as the Practical Mystic, Maureen is a prolific teacher and facilitator of spiritual knowledge for contemporary life.

A lifelong interest in the Akashic Records resulted in her being granted access to this dimension that has been off limits to most of humanity for millions of years. Founder of Akashic Records International, Maureen is an extremely accurate Akashic Records Guide and instructor.

She is the author of five books, including Opening the Akashic Records.