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Melanie Alderson



Meet Melanie

When we experience abuse or difficult situations, or trauma of any kind (a sudden death of a close relationship, firing, car accident etc.) we break off parts of our soul (true self) leaving a smaller percentage of the self in the body to cope with the situation. Once the body is safe, more of the soul can return to the body. However, those separate pieces are not always integrated back into the soul, leaving them without a clear path to evolution. Often, they remain as they were when the situation occurred, physically, as in a location, or on the body.

Quantum Matrix Healing (QMH) works to identify displaced pieces, evolve them, and then integrate them as part of returning you to a Light Being. With this insight, she was able to address the issues and work to heal them.

QMH is a special healing process that allows you (the client) to go into the Quantum Zone of all possibilities and experience an aspect of “you” from a neutral setting. You are dealing with a recalcitrant behavior – you may not even know what the source or event was! Even if you do know what the “cause” was you will not be required to reveal anything about it. With guidance from Melanie and the help of your Higher Self, you will evolve the energy to its highest form, and then re-integrate that aspect of you into your physical form. The net result is that instantly you are different, and your reactions are coming from a state of mastery instead of a state of brokenness. These transformations are huge!

This is a two-person process. The client is in control – the one working on inner issues or emotions. Melanie’s role is to direct the process using her skills as a QMH guide. She also draws on her skills as an Akashic Records Guide and as a powerful intuitive to facilitate the process – maintaining an awareness of the client’s energy field and what the client is experiencing.

Sessions are done via Zoom. Booking a QMH with Melanie includes a 30-minute prep-session in which you discuss your needs and intention, and receive information on what to expect and how to prepare. You will then schedule the actual QMH which can take 20 minute or up to 90 minutes. In all cases, the price is the same. You are not paying by the hour, but for the wisdom and service.

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